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Tynsel Parkes is the partner school of Birla High School. In this presentation the activities of the students of Nursery section has been showcased.


  • 1. Tynsel Parkes Nursery class 2012 - 2013 Tynsel Parkes First School School Road Uttoxeter Staffordshire ST14 7HE England
  • 2. Our morning nursery class
  • 3. We learnt all about India.
  • 4. Yum!! We tried different Indian foods.
  • 5. This poppadom is delicious
  • 6. Dressing up in Indian clothes.
  • 7. Our end of year performance: The Litter Muncher.
  • 8. Our performance helped us to learn all about keeping our world clean and tidy.
  • 9. We love learning outside when the sun is shining!!!
  • 10. We love building with logs and sticks.
  • 11. Our end of year picnic We are looking forward to learning lots more in September!!
  • 12. Thank you for your photos. We enjoyed looking at your pictures and seeing what you are learning about, we hope you have enjoyed our photographs too.


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