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This booklet is an ancillary tool to In it you can find information on restaurants listed with GUSTO and details on how one can make the most of the discounts available for members.



  • Congratulations on joining GUSTO, the only club in Malta and Gozo that truly brings you the pleasures of dining... at half the price!

    The aim of GUSTO is to make dining out in Malta and Gozo more affordable thus encouraging more people to dine out more frequently. In fact, we are delighted to present you with more than 100 restaurants where you can now dine out together with your partner or friend and benefit from incredible discounts such as the one-time 50% off-the-food-bill. Such discounts are unheard of in Malta and will save members like you hundreds if not thousands of Euros.

    While we are not responsible in any way for the food or treatment you get when dining at our partner restaurants, at GUSTO we are obsessed with quality. We will not only go out of our way to maintain a high standard but will continuously strive to improve our product and service to you. Therefore, if you have any suggestions or if at any point you are not happy with something, we would love to hear about it so that we can take the necessary action right away.

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our partner restaurants who have not only embraced the idea of GUSTO but also seen the opportunity it indeed is. While you will be saving loads of money, with your help the restaurant industry will benefit too. If you visited a restaurant because its in GUSTO and you were impressed... visit again and talk to your friends about it. That would be a nice way how to say thank you to the restaurateur who gave you your food for half the price! Needless to say, the more you dine out the more money you save and the more you would be helping the restaurateur.

    We hope that you thoroughly enjoy your membership, experience many new restaurants, have more quality time with the ones you love and of course save lots of money along the way!

    Happy Dining! The GUSTO teamWE




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    If lost and found, kindly call me on:

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  • Search for a restaurant on or in this directory. Remember that this booklet is only correct at the time of going to print and it is an ancillary tool to the website. We are a web-based product and the detailed and most up-to-date information will be found online.

    Each restaurant offers a 50% discount on the food bill for GUSTO members and a guest. This offer is a one-time discount i.e. can be redeemed just once at each of the 100+ restaurants. To redeem this offer, you just need to present this booklet and your ID when asking for the bill and the restaurant listing will be signed/stamped for you.

    Some restaurants have restricted the use of the 50% discount during specific sessions. Such exclusions will be depicted by an icon as shown in the key on the right. This applies only when you intend to take the One Time 50% Discount.

    A few restaurants require advance phone reservation. Such restaurants are depicted by an icon as shown on the right. Priorreservation is not required if you intend to claim the Unlimited Discount.

    Most of the restaurants offer an Unlimited Discount apart from the one-time 50% discount.The Unlimited Discount can vary from restaurant to another. In general, restaurants offered a discount for lunch and another discount for dinner. These discounts are depicted by icons as shown in the key on the right. More details regarding the unlimited offers can be found in the restaurant listings on this booklet and more comprehensively on the website. The Unlimited Discount can be redeemed by presenting your GUSTO member card and your ID when requesting the bill.

    Enjoy your meal!


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  • Unlimited discount %

    Advance reservation by phone and mention of GUSTO is required

    Exclusion of a day during lunch.

    Exclusion of a day during dinner.


  • IND


    BY L



    NBugibba Peking Restaurant 21580696 10 Vinnie`s 21572337 10 Floriana Lo Squero Restaurant & Pizzeria 21232700 10 Ghar Lapsi Blue Creek 21462800 10 Gozo, MarsalfornIl-Kartell Restaurant 21556918 11 Beppes Restaurant 27500567 12 Gozo, Mgarr Country Terrace 21550248 12 Gozo, Victoria Patricks Tmun Victoria 21566667 12 Gozo, Xaghra Oleander 21557230 12

    Gozo, Mgarr It-Tmun Mgarr 21566276 13 Gozo, Qala Ta Vestru 21559090 14 Gozo, San Lawrenz Tatitas Restaurannt 79652346 15 Gozo, Xaghra Dvenue 21566542 16 Gozo, Xlendi Bonitos Restaurant 79537270 17 The Boathouse 21569153 17 Luqa Montekristo Pizza & Pasta House 22033000 18 Madliena Madliena Cottage Wine Bar 21580855 18

    Restaurant Name Phone No Page No

  • Marsa Chukkas Bar and Grill 21228476 18

    Marsascala Gold Dragon 21636885 18Cote DAzur 21637367 19 Il-Fanal 21637312 20 L Ingresso 21634179 20 L-Awwista 21632022 20 Marsaxlokk Acqua Pazza 21651190 20Gente di Mare 27468775 21Hunters Tower Rest & Pizzeria 21651792 22 Leonardo 27012600 22Master Wok 21522788 22 Mdina The Medina Restaurant 21454004 22 Mellieha Bellini Restaurant 21522209 23 Tosca Restaurant 21522209 23Bonaventura Restaurant 21523912 24 La Valle Trattoria 21523912 24 Reflections Sports Bar & Grill 21523756 25 Il-Mithna Restaurant 21520404 26Rebekahs Restaurant 21521145 26Ta` Randi 21523343 26 Mosta The Lord Nelson 21432590 26 Ta Marija Restaurant - EST. 1964 21434444 27

    NaxxarMustang American Bistro 21419197 28 Paceville Emperor of India 21374595 28 Hugos Lounge 21382264 29Hugos Tapas 21383634 29 Ristorante Terrazzino 21382660 30 Portomaso Do Brazil 27420000 31 Zeris 21359559 32Buffalo Bill 21389290 33

    Restaurant Name Phone No Page NoIN


    X B

    Y L




  • Qawra Diwan`s Restaurant 21576735 33Il-Garra Trattoria 27825119 33Mistral Wine Dine & Chill 99821805 34 Watercolours Restaurant 27572338 34 Qormi Ir-Razzett L-Antik 21470221 34

    RabatAntica Roma 21452226 34Cosmana Navarra 21450638 35 Rogantinos 21452003 36 Salina Trattoria Fiorino DOro 79477537 37 Sliema La Pappa 27221122 38LAroma 21317633 39 Le Malte 99878699 40 Ta Kris 21337367 40 Vino Veritas 21324273 40 St. Andrews Happy Nights 21370229 40 St. JuliansChains 21375567 41Antonios Restaurant 21378100 42 Biancos 21359865 42 L-Ghonnella Restaurant 21351027 42No1 La Spinola 99013451 42 KuDeTa 23110000 43Scirocco 23110000 43Villa Brasserie 23112273 44 Parapett 21353394 45Rhapsody 21378100 45 Settimo Cielo 21378100 45Terrazza Restaurant & Wine Bar 21384939 45 The Terrace Restaurant 21381000 46 Trattoria All Angolo 27010101 46 Wigis Kitchen 21377504 46 Zeppis Restaurant 21336597 46 St. Pauls Bay Gandhi Tandoori Indian Restaurant 21572260 47 Mezzaluna Pizzeria & Ristorante 27580112 47

    Restaurant Name Phone No Page NoIN


    X B

    Y L




  • Ta Xbiex Flynns Wine & Fondue Lounge 21316000 47 Black Pearl 21343970 48Guze 21320535 49 Valletta Anglo Maltese Bar & Restaurant 77478779 50 Bocconci` 21232505 50 Capistrano 21225329 50Fanelli Restaurant 21232493 50De Robertis 21243677 51 La Cave 21243677 51Guze Valletta 99461918 52Pegasus 22911084 53 Phoenix Restaurant 22911083 54Inspirations 21241224 55 Two Twenty Two 27333222 55

    Valletta Waterfront Bistro 516 21241000 55 China Garden 21227235 55 Heat 21242400 56Pepe Nero 21222220 56

    Vittoriosa Taverna Sugu 27881122 56

    Xemxija Ego Restaurant 21579192 57Ewreka Restaurant 21576367 58 Ganesha 21572202 59Shaukiwan Chinese Bar & Restaurant 21573678 59

    Restaurant Name Phone No Page NoIN


    X B

    Y L




    The publishers have made every effort to ensure that the information contained in this guide is as accurate and up to date as possible. However, the publisher cannot accept any responsibility for errors or changes in or omissions from the information.No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronically or mechanically, including photocopying, recording or any information storage system, without permission in writing from the publishers.

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    Lo Squero Restaurant & Pizzeria

    Haywharf, Floriana Phone: 21232700

    Bugibba | Floriana | Ghar Lapsi

    Peking Restaurant

    Tourist Street, Bugibba Phone: 21580696 - 99827642


    Islets Promenade, Bugibba Phone: 21572337

    Blue Creek

    Ghar Lapsi, L/O Siggiewi Phone: 21462800

    One time 50% Discount Unlimited Discount


    Open 19:00-23:30 everyday from Jul - Sep. 12:00-15:00 & 19:00-23:00 Everyday except Tue from Oct - Jun.



    One time 50% Discount Unlimited Discount


    Open: Mon to Sun 18:00-23:30 every day. From Oct-end May open also for Su