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<p>Excellence is a form of deviance</p> <p>Personal Branding </p> <p>Bret L. Simmons, Ph.D. </p> <p>Main Points Today </p> <p>1. Personal branding is a huge </p> <p>opportunity and responsibility </p> <p>2. Being searchable and shareable is </p> <p>good for your business </p> <p>3. Proper operating principles are the </p> <p>key to success </p> <p>Personal Brand </p> <p>If people dont select you, </p> <p>spread the word about </p> <p>you, or pay a premium for </p> <p>your services, its because they </p> <p>dont recognize your value. </p> <p>(Seth Godin) </p> <p>Value </p> <p>What you can do uniquely </p> <p>well to help others address </p> <p>issues or solve problems </p> <p>that matter to them. </p> <p>Personal Brand </p> <p>1. Who are you? </p> <p>2. Who do you want to help? </p> <p>3. How do you want to help </p> <p>them? </p> <p>Why You? </p> <p>Why Now? </p> <p>New business card </p> <p> </p> <p>New business card </p> <p>1. Associate your name and face with </p> <p>your value </p> <p>2. Create content and connections </p> <p>that will get you indexed and </p> <p>ranked for your name and value </p> <p>Social Media You must be personal and conversant </p> <p>Lead with value Wrap the personal around your value </p> <p>Name, Picture, Purpose </p> <p> E-mail, Google Profile </p> <p> Linkedin </p> <p> Blog </p> <p> Twitter </p> <p> Facebook </p> <p> Other (Pinterest) </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p>What most companies think </p> <p>1. When we get started, people will show </p> <p>up </p> <p>2. Well, we gave it a couple months, and </p> <p>no one showed up, so lets quit </p> <p>Falls &amp; Decker, 2001 </p> <p>The Reality </p> <p> It takes at least SIX MONTHS before you will start seeing any demonstrable </p> <p>results and success from your blog </p> <p>Falls &amp; Decker, 2011 </p> <p>The Fundamentals </p> <p> Listen first </p> <p> Be responsive </p> <p> Be honest </p> <p> Provide value </p> <p> Sell last </p> <p>Falls &amp; Decker 2011 </p> <p>Remember </p> <p> Social media marketing is about building relationships, not receipts. The receipts will </p> <p>come, but only if you invest the time and </p> <p>attention it takes to build relationships with </p> <p>your customers. Think lifetime value, not </p> <p>sale value </p> <p>Falls &amp; Decker, 2011, p. 180 </p> <p>Questions? </p> <p>Bret L. Simmons, Ph.D. </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p>(775) 336-9576 </p>