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Excellence is a form of deviance

Personal Branding

Bret L. Simmons, Ph.D.

Main Points Today

1. Personal branding is a huge

opportunity and responsibility

2. Being searchable and shareable is

good for your business

3. Proper operating principles are the

key to success

Personal Brand

If people dont select you,

spread the word about

you, or pay a premium for

your services, its because they

dont recognize your value.

(Seth Godin)


What you can do uniquely

well to help others address

issues or solve problems

that matter to them.

Personal Brand

1. Who are you?

2. Who do you want to help?

3. How do you want to help


Why You?

Why Now?

New business card

New business card

1. Associate your name and face with

your value

2. Create content and connections

that will get you indexed and

ranked for your name and value

Social Media You must be personal and conversant

Lead with value Wrap the personal around your value

Name, Picture, Purpose

E-mail, Google Profile





Other (Pinterest)

What most companies think

1. When we get started, people will show


2. Well, we gave it a couple months, and

no one showed up, so lets quit

Falls & Decker, 2001

The Reality

It takes at least SIX MONTHS before you will start seeing any demonstrable

results and success from your blog

Falls & Decker, 2011

The Fundamentals

Listen first

Be responsive

Be honest

Provide value

Sell last

Falls & Decker 2011


Social media marketing is about building relationships, not receipts. The receipts will

come, but only if you invest the time and

attention it takes to build relationships with

your customers. Think lifetime value, not

sale value

Falls & Decker, 2011, p. 180


Bret L. Simmons, Ph.D.

(775) 336-9576