Branding The Corner Stone of Your Business. What is Branding? Branding = a promise delivered Everything you do in your business is a “promise” to your.

Download Branding The Corner Stone of Your Business. What is Branding? Branding = a promise delivered Everything you do in your business is a “promise” to your.

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BrandingThe Corner Stone of Your Business

What is Branding?Branding = a promise delivered Everything you do in your business is a promise to your clients and partners. The colors, badge, names are only a small part of your Brand

Think of the ULTIMATE brand

A simple piece of paper that Branding has made valuableOn the front we find the owner of the brand the Federal Reserve and a testimonial from the first President George WashingtonThere is a simple guide for users: This note is legal tender for debts public and private.To solidify the brand, the owner provides an important emotional message In God we TrustThis world brand confers value globally even though it just a piece of paper

How is marketing different than brandingMarketing is an attempt to Push a consumer to buy a specific product or serviceBranding is an attempt to Pull consumers in based on a feeling of recognition and trustWhere marketing may sell a specific product branding creates loyalty and ambassadors Branding is strategicMarketing is tactical

Marketing can support a brand and help expose the brand to more prospectsBranding is what remains after the marketing efforts happenMarketing may convince you to buy a Camry, but Branding may convince to buy Toyotas from now on

Branding is more important than everThe world is On-LineInformation is available at the click of a mouse or swipe of a fingerMore and more buying decisions are being made based Brand knowledgeNo branding, no differentiation. No differentiation, no long-term profitabilityPeople dont have relationships with products, they are loyal to brands


Have I convinced you yet?For the Mortgage Business you ARE your brandPeople dont do business with you because of the company you work for or your companies brandThey do business with you because they trust YOUthat is your Personal Brand

I would say we all have a personal brand that influences other people's decisions about whether to do business with us or notYour personal brand not only has a powerful effect on those you meet, but others within your network as wellPeople talk about you the same way they talk about products or services and your personal branding has a big influence on those conversationsPersonal Branding is NOT just about you professionallyThe best brands not only tell who you are professionally, but privately tooExample : David Beckam - private branding shows who he is as a son, father and husband while his public brand shows who he is as professional athlete and fashion icon

Example : Paul Baxter my private branding is who I am as a father, husband, Floridian while my professional brand is who I am as a marketing coach, trainer, speaker and teacherYour personal brand creates impact in 3 stages

1. The First Impression This first impression happens even before you open your mouth do you look the part2. The Initial Conversation what you say and how you say it to build rapport3. The Follow Up how you follow through and build the relationship

As a Mortgage Professional your brand MUST conveyExpertise You must be knowledgeable in in what you offer (this is why focusing on niches is so successful)Trust Be honest and ethical in both your personal and professional life to be branded as trust worthyAvailability This bowls down to communication, both partners and consumers want to know they can rely on you for answers when they have questions Keep me in the Loop!!!The Goal today was to change the way you think about your BRAND

It is not just a name or image

Your brand is how people feel when they see or hear your name or imageYour brand is all the things you do in your business and a lot of times personal livesHow to create your Brand Name

Step 1 = Type your first and last name

Step 2 = Feel free to come up with something to follow but it is not essential (The Mortgage Dude, Mortgage Answer man.)Step 3 = DoneTake Google for instance Nothing in that name says search engineHowever it is the most recognized Brand in the world


Because the branding came with getting their message out

An extreme example, I know

But put it in perspective Your audience are the Real Estate Agents and Home Buyers in your areaFocus your branding on the right audience and maximize the result

You all now have a Brand Paul Baxter Implementation Coach

Join me tomorrow and lets talk about how to get it out to your audience