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  • 7/30/2019 Branch Minutes - 10-10-2011 Rev1


    IOSH MEETING Page 1 11 October 2011Honorary Branch Secretary Nick Sawyer


    Purpose of meeting: BRANCH MEETINGMeeting held at : The Rose BowlDate : 10 October 2011 1400Minutes taken by : Andy Byers


    The meeting was attended by 34branch members. The names of those present wererecorded. The record is held by the Branch Secretary for CPD audit purposes, butthe list is not published on our website for data protection reasons.


    The names of those tendering their apologies were recorded (11 in total), but the listis not published on our website for data protection reasons.




    1.00 INTRODUCTION1.01 Helen Woodvine, Chairman, opened the meeting at 1400 and

    welcomed Branch members and guests. She explained the fire

    evacuation procedure.

    There were no new members to the Branch.

    2.00 PREVIOUS MINUTES2.01 The minutes of Septembers meeting were not available to

    branch members so no vote was taken to authenticate as a truerecord of events.

    This will be resolved at the November meeting.


    3.01 As there were no minutes available no discussions took place.

    4.00 MATTERS OF INTEREST / NEWS4.01 Peter Hewick informed the branch that the Skills Development

    Portfolio (SDP) can now be done online. The system allowsmembers to choose their criteria on line, work on themincluding uploading their evidence and then submit eachcriterion one at a time as theyre completed. In turn, this makesthe assessment process easier and faster.

    Refer to the attached pdf document SDP On Line Briefing

  • 7/30/2019 Branch Minutes - 10-10-2011 Rev1


    IOSH MEETING Page 2 11 October 2011Honorary Branch Secretary Nick Sawyer


    Note.If members need help or more information, they should contactthe Membership team on +44 (0)116 257 3198 or

    4.02 Peter Hewick attended and contributed to the SE StakeholdersForum Health and Wellbeing Sub- Group on Tuesday 27September 2011.

    The outcomes were to utilise the Estates Excellence Network:o to promote the the Health Work and Wellbeing

    Agenda through the implementation of theWorkplace Wellbeing Charter(http://www.wellbeingcharter/this is currentlyLiverpoool NHS Trust but is being developed);

    o Workplace Wellbeing Charter Standards, AHealthy Return, Working Well, and the

    Occupational Health Toolkit to be made availablevia the Estates Excellence community on theHSE website;

    o Barbara Hawkes of Department of Health is thecontact point and will also contact the EstatesExcellence Liason leads.( 0303 44 46723 mob: 0783 624 0857)

    4.03 Congratulations were extended to Louise Keys who passed herPeer Review Interview for IOSH Chartered Member status. TheBranch encouraged others to follow suit.

    South Coast Branch membership currently stands at 1,309 ofwhich 85 are still outstanding on paying membership fees.

    4.04 Gary McConnell-Lawlor raised the issue of the M&S AsbestosFineand some possible implications for others. In brief;

    M&S was fined 1 million and ordered to pay prosecution costsof 600,000, having been found guilty of breaching sections 2(1)and 3(1) of the HSWA 1974 for failing to protect staff atcustomers at the Reading store from the risk of exposure to

    asbestos between 24 April and 13 November 2006. Thecompany was acquitted of four other similar charges in relationto the Bournemouth store, and a store in Plymouth.

    As the client, Marks & Spencer did not allocate sufficient timeand space for the removal of asbestos-containing materials atthe Reading store. Contractors had to work overnight inenclosures on the shop floor to remove small areas of asbestosbefore the shop opened to the public each day.

    It should be noted other contractors were also fined for theirinvolvement in poor working practices.
  • 7/30/2019 Branch Minutes - 10-10-2011 Rev1


    IOSH MEETING Page 3 11 October 2011Honorary Branch Secretary Nick Sawyer

    5.0 EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES5.01 There were 6 vacancies submitted for members to review from

    Shirley Parsons Associates, these can be found on their email:response@shirleyparsons.comor tel: 0845 056 0819.

    There are also vacancies at Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth, referto their website below:

    6.0 DIARY OF EVENTS6.01 Institute of Metal Finishing Southern Branch Evening

    event at ITT, Jays Close, Viables Industrial estate, Basingstoke,Hants, RG22 4BA on Thursday 3rd November 2011 at 17:00hrs.The topic is Health, Chemical Safety & the Environment with thefollowing speakers; Colin Martin (Parachem Ltd), Joanne Gill(Brenntag), Andrew Barlow (Cooksons), Phil Alexander

    (Farnborough Metal Finishing), Nick Sawyer (ICS).There will also be an exhibition and a tour of the Plating Shop.Contact Nick Sawyer on 01256 311 383.

    6.02 programme details.Note Annual Event 13th October 2011.

    6.03 WOSA for programme details.

    6.04 IOW - programme details.6.05 SOUTH DOWNS BRANCHdetails of the Branch programme

    and venues can be found SOUTH COAST BRANCHdetails of the Branch programme

    can be found by visiting

    6.07 HHSEG details of programme can be found at

    7.0 ANY OTHER BUSINESS7.01 Branch Budget A breakdown of the submission of the Branch

    Budget can be found with these minutes. A member raised thequestion whether this figure included the Isle of Wight budget.

    7.02 HSE Visit reference Dermatological Infections: GeorginaCullum requested any information or experience from otherswho may have encountered the HSE carrying out a visit to aNHS Trust in respect to dermatological infections. Her email is

    with the Branch Secretary.7.03 IOSHs Annual Review The IOSHs Annual Report has now

    been published, which can also be viewed online, along with theAnnual Accounts and Annual General Meeting. All are as a pdfand can be downloaded.The IOSH AGM will be held on Tuesday 8th November 2012 atthe Marriott Hotel, Leicester.

    7.04 Construction Infonet Frequently Asked Qustions (FAQs)Various improvements have been made to the HSEs website tocoincide with the closure of HSEs Infoline telephone servicewhich happened on 30th September 2011. Updated constructionFAQs have been added to the construction web pages covering

    the following topics;CDM, Construction general issues, Safety & health risks
  • 7/30/2019 Branch Minutes - 10-10-2011 Rev1


    IOSH MEETING Page 4 11 October 2011Honorary Branch Secretary Nick Sawyer

    7.05 Publication: ZERO HARM Worker Involvement themissing piece. Nigel Bryson, Director BRYSON Consulting haswritten the above publication which he offered to branchmembers (discount for bulk orders). It is a practical guide toimproving worker involvement. He can be contacted via emailthrough the Branch Secretary.


    Maria Nunes, MD of Merit Recruitment Agency introduced TomHadley, Director of Policy and Professional Services,Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) who gave aninformative presentation on the Agency Workers Regulations.

    The Agency Workers Regulations, "AWR", came into force on 1October 2011.

    The legislation will give temporary agency workers the same

    basic rights, after 12 weeks in the same assignment, as thoseon permanent contracts of employment in a comparable role.

    Equal treatment after the initial qualifying period will cover payand working conditions, including overtime, breaks, rest periodsand public holidays. The presentation covered:

    The REC and its roles Employment Agency Regulations Qualifying for equal treatment Issues around the self employed Pay Training provision

    Working time and holiday entitlement Health & safety issues The need for selecting good Recruitment Agencies

    An informative Q&A session followed:

    A copy of Toms presentation and handout will be available at in duecourse.

    The Chairman g