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Helsinki, 20 March 2014


  • 1.Biobased Economy: The Dutch Approach Helsinki 20 March 2014

2. switch from fossil fuels to green resources switch from carbon to biomass Transition to Bio-Economy 3. transition to low-carbon economy clean development technology transition to circular economy Broader Context 4. technological new infrastructure, shift in agriculture, new harbour logistics societal adjusted law and regulation, different stakeholders mental getting rid of our carbon-addiction Bio-Economy = Revolution 5. agriculture must be untwined from fossil sector chemical sector must be untwined from fossil sector chemical sector must be converted in food-health sector runs into vested interests of petro-chemical & agricultural sector demands for radical innovation that will take decades Interwoven Sub Transitions 6. Predevelopment Stabilisation 2050 Sustainable bio-economy Acceleration Take-off current situation 2000 2014 time Phase of transition bio-economy 7. Dynamics of transition bio-economy Macro-level - abundance of unconvential fossils + geo-political conflicts + climate change - financial-economic crisis Meso-level - global climate treaty + WBC Sustainable Development. - EU laws & regulation - national laws & regulation Micro-level + pilots en projects + technological expertise + entrepreneurs - local laws & regulation 8. Bio-Economy: the Dutch Approach 9. big harbours chemical industry agriculture & agro-industry transport and logistics energy production knowledge & innovation Netherlands well positioned 10. ideal infrastructure but no biomass 11. vision & ambition network approach strategy & action facilitating government The Dutch Transition Approach 12. - in 2050 is Netherlands leading in bio-economy - in 2040 40% green resources - in 2030 work 1:3 beta-students in bio-economy Vision & Ambition 13. bring diverse parties together vested & emerging interests strive for excellence and ambition co-creation with partners Network Approach 14. BioBased Economy Network Strategy and Policy Business case High level business coordination group VNO/MKB, business, umbrella organisations Biobased Economy Programme Board government Societal dialogue / IMI NGOs, businesses, government Reference group Businesses, government, umbrella organisations Committee Sustainability issues Biomass Businesses, science, sovernment Platform BioRenewables Businesses, NL Enterprise Agency Cluster Agro, Paper and Chemistry Business Transition house -Interactive website: -LinkedIn-group (3221 members) -ROMs -BB Accelerator Business, NL Enterprise Agency, government Dutch Biorefinery Cluster Business PPPs: -BeBasic -Catch Bio -BPM Business, science, government Scientific and technological committee Science, government 15. Creating Entrepreneurial Ecosystems OECD, November 2013 16. high in biomass value pyramid top-down and bottom-up steering stimulating regional clusters co-creation with partners Strategy & Action 17. Biomass value pyramid 18. giving guidance & providing space guidance developing a long-term vision stimulating regional clusters space innovation space for entrepreneurs removing barriers Faclitating Government 19. Northern cluster -Agro -Paper -Chemical -Energy -Eems Port BBE Innovation Cluster East -Energy -Biocoatings -Fibres and yams -Paper Biobased Delta -Agro -Chemical (aromatics) Biodelta South- Wing -Chemical -Energy -Biotech -Greenport -Rotterdam Port Biobased Connections Amsterdam -Energy -Chemical Biobased Limburg -Chemical -Medical -Greenport Regional clusters 20. 200 barriers have been proposed by private sector 69 barriers have been identified as unique operational, structural, fundamental and conflicting 23 operational barriers have been resolved 23 fundamental barriers have been discussed 9 conflicting barriers can not be resolved Barriers 21. structural barriers residual currents considered as waste in law fundamental barriers no level playing field import taxes on bio-ethanol, not on nafta no certification no GMO possible conflicting barriers risks of new chemical compounds and mixtures green gas transport versus elektric transport bio-products and food security Barriers 22. Bio-economic system is full of flaws and is still fossil-oriented 23. 24. Green Chemistry Campus pearl of the biobased economy campus created by petrochemical company SABIC SABIC opens their laboratories for entrepreneurs results in biobased radical innovations biopolymers, biobased building materials, bio natural colours 25. Lessons Learned 26. bottleneck is NOT the technology BUT the process 99% of the money goes to biotechnology requires smart and subtle manoeuvring Its the process stupid! 27. facilitating knowledge and innovation agenda entrepreneurial ecosystems coalition building regional clusters removing barriers Facilitating role of Government 28. Green Deals deals between government, companies and NGOs Innovation Contracts 270 million in research & 170 million in valorisation Innovation stimulus for SMEs financing feasibility studies and R&D collaboration Top consortia Biobased Economy 42 million public support & 110 million private R&D Policy Instruments 29. consumers will play a key role in the transition - approaching communities - using sociale media - participation in coalitions Engaging Consumers 30. Visionary & Practical - realising in practice what is already possible factory for production of bio-ethylene from bio-ethanol -orientation to excellence at high levels in value chain high-quality products ; knowledge-intensive innovation - searching, learning and experimenting innovation spaces with entrepreneurs & frontrunners 31. Recipe for Failure cannot be realized with only players from the fossil regime with vested interests (topsectoren policy of Dutch government) a turkey doesnt put itself on the christmas menu