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Presented by: Anurag Shrivastava


  • 1. BetterE-Mails in^5 Minutesand, few E-Mail Annoyances and Avoiding themPresented by Anurag Shrivastava

2. 3. Sending very large attachments. Especially just after the recipient has gone on a long vacation.
Use services like
4. Using SMS language in a business e-mail
5. Mindless use of colors and fonts in the mail. Cut and paste job
6. Responding to or initiating an e-mail by using some unrelated old mail.
7. Not understanding the difference between bcc and cc. Inadvertently exposing your contacts. Reply all to such mails
8. Being too lazy or too busy to write the subject of an e-mail
9. Sending any e-mail thoughtlessly with Importance:high
10. Being too lazy or too busy to scroll down and understand the mail context
11. Ask for e-mail receipts as a habit
12. Not using spell check before sending the mail
13. Writing incomplete sentences with outrageous grammatical mistakes, misplaced comma and periods.
14. Not closing a mail with a greeting
15. Writing part of mail in all CAPS. This amounts to shouting.
16. Writing e-mail in using business letter formatting
17. Using old fashioned indentation
18. Sending unsolicited e-mails. Popularly known as spam
19. Survival Tips
Respond to e-mails quickly (24 hrs to 48 hrs)
Use a proper footer in your new emails

  • Avoid full footerwhile posting to public discussion groups.