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Comunicacin y Gerencia. Bethlehem 101 WELCOME. Bethlehem First United Methodist Church March 2010 Session Three Polity, BFUMC Overview. United Methodist Polity . The United Methodist Church is a Connectional Church system. All Churches, Districts, and - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Bethlehem 101WELCOME

Comunicacin y GerenciaBethlehem First United Methodist ChurchMarch 2010

Session Three Polity, BFUMC Overview


United Methodist Polity The United Methodist Church is a Connectional Church system. AllChurches, Districts, andConferences are interconnectedInto one body.

Polity Organization or StructureOf operation


United Methodists often joke about the many organizational layers of church life, but, as members of other denominations have been heard to say: If you want something done, get the United Methodists to do it. Followers of the Wesleys are indeed methodical about the ways they approach mission and ministry3There is no Headquarters, and there is no one person in chargeof the United Methodist Church

Local Church (Charge Conference)

District Athens Elberton Gary Whetstone, D.S., - Athens, GA

Annual Conference North GA (Delegatesboth Pastors and Laity from each church Bishop Michael Watson presides

Jurisdictional Conference Southeastern meets every 4 years U.S. is divided into 5 conferences elects and assigns Bishops

General Conference the Legislative body of the UMC meets Every 4 years the only body that can speak officially for theChurchmade up of Clergy and lay delegates by petition, Discussion, and agreement revisions are made to the Book ofDisciplineUMC Governing Body

63/531000 Delegates4

Apportionments amount assigned to each church tofund the budget of the broader United Methodist Churchs Operations, missions, and projectsGiving is part of connectionalismIndividuals joining a United Methodist Church are asked to support the church with: PrayersPresenceGifts Service 5

Special And Specific Funding OpportunitiesEducation SupportUnited Methodists support 11 historically black colleges and universities, 13 United Methodist seminaries, Africa University, the work of our bishops around the world, administrative oversight of the church, ecumenical endeavors with the global Christian community and much more.Conference and general church apportionments are just one way people are connected through their giving.

United Methodist churches observe six church wide special Sundays with offerings, such as Native American Ministries Sunday and Peace with Justice Sunday.

United Methodist churches and individuals can designate which mission projects their dollars go through the following opportunities:Advance for Christ and His ChurchWorld Service Special Gifts, and Churchwide special appeals for disasters and other emergency causes.6

Itinerancy began on horseback

Appointment Process

Ordination ProcessElder (word/service/table)Deacon (word/service)

Laity We are all called to serveLay Leaders/Lay Delegates/Lay PastorsService for the LordIn The United Methodist Church, it is believed that we are all called to be in ministry. This is sometimes referred to as the priesthood of all believers. Laypeople may also be called to serve in ministry through an annual conference. Local pastors are lay people with special conference-approved training who serve as pastors of congregations, assigned there by a district superintendent. They have pastoral duties and may administer the sacraments, but only in the churches they are appointed to serve.7

Annual clergy appointment

United Methodist clergy are members of annual conferences, not local churches. As such, clergy are subject to annual appointment to a local charge (one or more local churches) or to other forms of ministry, such as chaplain in the military. Unique to the United Methodist system, all local churches are ensured pastors and all ordained elders in good standing receive appointments.

An average appointment lasts four years. There is not a limit on how long a clergy person can serve the same church.

United Methodists call this an itinerant system because the clergy move from place to place. In some other denominations, congregations call (select their own) pastors and may ordain them in the local congregation.

While most clergy primarily serve local churches, there is an expectation that they also provide leadership in the annual conference, such as serving on a conference board.8

Church Clergy and Staff

Senior PastorAssociate Pastor Contemporary Service and Youth MinistryExecutive Pastor of Pastoral CareAdministrative AssistantsMusic DirectorChristian Education DirectorYouth LeadersPreschool DirectorNursery SupervisorBookkeeper/TreasurerOrganistPianistCustodian

PEOPLE Over 130 help keep BFUMC running!!!!!9

Church Lay Leadership

Lay LeaderChurch Council ChairStaff/Pastor/Parish Relations Committee ChairBoard of Trustees ChairFinance Committee ChairLay Leadership ChairOther, Para church Committee ChairsNurtureMissionsWorshipStewardship, Outreach, Etc.United Methodist Men PresidentUnited Methodist Women PresidentS.T.A.R.S CoordinatorChildrens Moment LeaderUshers CoordinatorAcolytes CoordinatorHoly Communion StewardsEtc. as neededWays YOU Can Serve112 IndividualsSERVE as Chairsor CommitteeMembers10

SummaryIt is the organization of The United Methodist Church that creates a structure for connectionalism, but it is individuals, the people called United Methodists, who make possible the connection of hearts, minds, hands and lives as the body of Christ around the world. One way we do that is through apportioned giving.

United Methodists are generous with their prayers, presence, gifts and service, which make possible ministries and outreach through the World Service Fund and specific funding opportunities.11

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