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Best eyeglasses for mens facesTodays eyeglasses act as not only a medical tool for vision correction but also an accessory that men can use to make a statement about who they are. Whether wearing a pair of eyeglasses for work or just for fashion, the type of eyeglasses a man wears should depend on his face shape. While there are many styles to choose from, wearing the wrong shape can be unflattering. So the primary step for a man is to figure out his face shape so he can pick the flattering eyeglasses.For a man who has a square face, he typically also has a strong jawline and a square chin. In this case, eyeglasses frames that soften the face are the ideal options. So, choose the eyeglasses that are oval or round in shape, such as an aviator style or a classic rounded frame, which will work well with this facial structure. Todays mens eyeglasses are available in almost various shapes for you to choose from.When you have fuller cheeks and proportionate chin and forehead, you are in round-shaped face. Since the face is fuller overall, choosing a geometric shape, such as rectangular or square glasses which can balance the fullness. Also, try a pair with double brow bars, as this will draw attention upward and add length to the face and thin it out a bit.Men with heart-shaped faces tend to have a wide forehead and a narrow chin and wide and high cheekbones. This face shape is one of the more difficult ones to find frames for, as you shouldn't choose a frame that is heavy at the bottom because it adds width to the face. In such case, eyeglasses with a wire frame, rounded shapes and narrow dimensions will soften the face.If you are a man with an oval-shaped face, you are lucky for this face shape is the easiest one to find frames. Because those with this face shape have a narrow forehead and chin, they can pull off almost any style. To add a bit of dimension to the face, try rectangular, square or rounded frames. Anything from wrap-around frames to aviators will also look good. Therefore, make sure you know your facial features well so that you will get perfect, flattering eyeglasses.