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Berkeley County English Language Arts ( ELA) Literacy Model. TREND DATA % of Students At or Above Mastery by Grade & Subgroup Growth Vertically: Different Group of students Growth Diagonally: Same Group of Students. RLA: 2012-2013 Content Standards or Cluster % of Students At or Above Mastery. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Berkeley County ELA Literacy Model

Berkeley County English Language Arts ( ELA) Literacy Model

(Introduce yourself as your school-based trainer of the County ELA Literacy Model.)1TREND DATA% of Students At or Above Mastery by Grade & SubgroupGrowth Vertically: Different Group of studentsGrowth Diagonally: Same Group of Students

RLAALL SUBGROUP3RD 4TH5TH2009-20104745452010-20114348432011-20125042492012-20134651402013-2014This chart shows the County trend data for the past four school years. Growth can be read vertically for different groups of students or diagonally for the same group of students. For example, looking at the first set of data (2009-2010), 47% of the students achieved mastery in 3rd grade. The same group of students achieved 48% mastery in 4th grade and 49% achieved mastery in 5th grade. Although this data example shows some improvement, it is only minimal. When reading this chart vertically, using 3rd, 4th , or 5th grade data, there is no consistent or substantial growth. No matter how you read the chart, over half of Berkeley County students are not able to demonstrate grade level mastery.2

RLA: 2012-2013Content Standards or Cluster% of Students At or Above MasteryGRADEREADINGWRITING3RD 36%61%4TH39%67%5TH 29%61% As you can see when looking at the 2012-2013 reading and writing scores separately, our students academic strength is not coming from reading itself. This data illustrates the need for strengthened County reading instruction. All Berkeley County students deserve to be proficient readers and it is our goal for them to reach mastery at each grade level.3Shifts in Instruction In order to meet the rigor of Next Generation State Standards, a shift in instruction must occur. Our Berkeley County ELA Literacy Model reflects best practices for implementation.(Read slide)4

This is the visual framework of the Berkeley County ELA Literacy Model that is recommended and suggested as best practice . You have copies which are easier to read at your tables. This is designed to be read from top-to-bottom. On the back, you will also see each component of the model described separately.

"We will briefly review each component. All of this will be covered more in-depth at a future training."

(Ask teachers to look over the model independently for 2-3 minutes.)

The components of this model should look very familiar to most of you. This model incorporates proven instructional methods which have shown great success in ELA/reading proficiency. By strengthening ourselves as a County of educators, ultimately, we will be strengthening all of our students.

(Start by saying:) As I go through each component with you, keep in mind that this is a year of implementation of the model, which will build, as you, the students, and the year progresses.

(At this point, paraphrase each component of the model from the description on the back, with careful explanation that stations and partner reading/literature circles are grade level dependent.*Do not spend more than 5-10 minutes on this portion. This is not a time to take questions.)


(Click the title "Hitch" to access video clip. Be prepared that you may need to use your WebTop login. Introduce the clip.)

This is a clip from the movie Hitch. Throughout the County, all different kinds of methodology of instruction are taking place. Kevin James dance moves exemplify where we are right now in our literacy instruction.

(Show clip.)

Of course, we all have our own unique dance moves when it comes to literacy instruction. However, just as Will Smith encouraged Kevin James to Keep it right here, the County is asking the same of you. (Point to the Literacy Model state,) We need to keep it right here.

6Priority FocusFirst Nine WeeksWhole Group Instruction and ClosureIndependent ReadingPartner Reading (3rd-5th) and Literacy Work Stations (K-2) Second Nine WeeksGuided Reading GroupsThird Nine WeeksLiterature Circles (3rd-5th) and Literacy Work Stations (K-2)Fourth Nine WeeksSustaining all components

"When the coaches are in your building, they will be there to assist you with any component of our county ELA Literacy model. However, each nine weeks we have designated a specific emphasis from the components of the model."7ELA/Literacy ResourcesAnecdotal Note Log 20 Days of Lesson Plans1 Student Reading Response LogText Sets/Use/LocationShared Leveled LibrarySchool LibraryClassroom Library Core Program/Science/Social Studies

To assist you in beginning this process, these are resources which are available to you. You will receive more in-depth training on how to best utilize each of these at a day school-based training on ______________(insert training date/trainer - coach(es) and county level person). Each teacher will receive a copy of the Anecdotal Note Log they will be delivered to our schools soon. The 20 Days of Lesson Plans are available on the Berkeley County Schools website on the Curriculum & Instruction page for you to download and print. The print shop is in the process of making 1 copy of the student response log for each teacher and getting these out to schools. A copy of this is also available online. After you have had a chance to determine if this is a resource you would like to use, we can place an order for class sets. (If you have kindergarten teacher in your building state: Kindergarten teachers, please note that the student reading-response log is for reference only. Use as you find appropriate.) Text sets are a valuable tool that have been purchased for our school to be used as a component of the literacy model. These text sets are located _________________.(Please state where these text sets are located in the school.)

Additionally, shared leveled libraries for guided reading instruction have been purchased for each school and (will be/have been) delivered. (If these have already arrived, please invite the principal to discuss with the staff where these will be housed and accessed.) Continue to use the school library and your personal classroom libraries for independent and partner reading selections. Your core reading texts can be utilized when it aligns with Common Core Standards. Please remember that science and social studies texts are strongly encouraged in your integrated instruction and both have leveled readers available . These resources will enable you to keep a 50/50 balance between fiction and non-fiction.

8Opening DaysTeachers:Establish Classroom Management Set Up Classroom LibraryRe-Familiarize Yourself With Our County ModelLesson Plans

Trainers:Point of ContactInitial Printing RequestsTraining Date

There are four things that you can accomplish prior to your training date: establish your classroom management routines, organize and set up your classroom library, re-familiarize yourself with our County ELA Literacy Model,and begin implementing the First 20 Days Lesson Plans found online.

Your Classroom Library- At this point, organize your library as it feels appropriate for you and your students. For example, Lexile level, ATOS level, genres, Accelerated Reader, Fountas and Pinnell levels

Even though the lesson plans in your notebooks are called The First 20 Days, these may be started and utilized at your own pace. These are evidence-based lesson plans that will assist you in launching the County model and areessentialto you and your students success.

As your trainer, I am available and willing to assist you in these ways: answering questions, compiling student resource printing requests, and assisting with your upcoming training date.9Other SupportAcademic Coaches (if applicable)County Literacy CoachesDepartment of Curriculum and InstructionCounty Electronic Resource (county website)School Administration

Here are the other supports for you in this process (read the list from the screen)."

**At this point you may want to remind your colleagues of the date and trainers

10Closing Thoughts

In closing, we know management of our ELA Literacy model will be of interest. This video will give you a framework of what managing some of the components looks like. Even in a large classroom, with the proper classroom management, this model can be taught effectively.

**Click on picture to open video - (After viewing the video: Invite the principal to add any additional thoughts.)

11 Berkeley County Schools Literacy Model


Stations, Partner Reading, Literature CirclesIndependentK-5Whole Group Wrap Up/Closure (Summarize, Apply, Share)3-5*Partner Reading(1st Semester)

Literature Circles(2nd Semester)

K-5Whole Group Instruction15-20minutes



15-20minutesper group15-20minutes

K-5*Independent (Reading, Writing About Reading, Word Work, Literature Response)K-5Guided Reading Instruction (Teacher Directed Flexible Groups)K-2*Stations(Word Work, Writing, Listening, Technology)Guided ReadingWhole GroupWhole Group


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