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  • Signing Ceremony of

    Master Research Agreement with

    Beijing Institute of Collaborative Innovation (BICI)

    Introduction of BICI Introduction of the BICI Research Funding and

    Fellowship Mechanism Research and Collaboration Opportunities

    Northwestern Initiative for Manufacturing Science & Innovation

  • Beijing Institute of Collaborative Innovation

    Introduction to BICIXinjian Zhou

    Associate Dean

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    1. Background

    Integration of 14 academic units incl. Peking University, Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Science, etc.

    Integration of more than 100 high-tech companies.

    Management board consists of 8 university VPs, 5 company chairmen, 2 Beijing city officials, and dean of BICI.

    Founded in August 2014, with root since 2009 as a technology licensing office for college of engineering at PKU.

    Development and commercialization bases in Nanjing, Baotou, and Handan.

    A US branch in Santa Clara, California and a Hong Kong Branch


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    2. Mission & Objectives

    The source of original science and technology

    Acceleration center of industrial technology improvement

    Technology Innovation Center for large companies

    Product innovation center for small and medium companies

    Our objectives

    Centered on the establishment of innovation system, devoted to the cooperation between the development of frontier science and the integration of enterprises, universities and research, to cultivate innovative leaders, and to drive innovation technology.

    Our mission

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    3. R&D Model

    Forward-looking technology

    General technology Key technology

    Technology Trend

    Focused Areas

    Technology transfer Innovative


    Input from Universities

    Contracted R&D Co-development

    Collaboration with industry

    66 Projects being developed

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    4. Organization & Funding

    Low efficiency of government

    Chinese company is not innovation oriented

    BICIs Binary-Coupling Model

    Beijing Institute of Collaborative



    edical and Biotech


    edical and Biotech


    edical EngineeringBiom

    edical EngineeringM


    aterialsPhoto-electric TechnologyPhoto-electric Technology

    Electrical EngineeringElectrical EngineeringInform

    ation Security

    Information S


    ote Control

    Remote C


    eneral AviationG

    eneral AviationSm

    art Grid


    art Grid


    Energy FundN

    ew Energy Fund


    Energy Autom


    ew Energy A


    Energy Saving Fund

    Energy Saving Fund

    Water Treatm


    ater Treatment


    osphere Control Fund


    osphere Control Fund

    Advanced M

    anufacture FundAdvanced M

    anufacture FundIntelligent Robot FundIntelligent Robot Fund


    ulation & D

    esign FundSim

    ulation & D

    esign Fund


    Intellectual Property Operation


    Food Science and Engineering

    Food Science and Engineering

    Beijing Collaborative Innovation Fund

    Simulation & Design

    Intelligent Robot

    Advanced Manufacture

    Atmosphere Control

    Water Treatment

    Energy Saving and Emission Control

    New Energy Automobile

    New Energy

    Smart Grid

    General Aviation

    Remote Sensing

    Information Security

    Electrical Engineering

    Photoelectric Technology


    Biomedical Engineering

    Biomedical & Biotech

    Food Science& Engineering

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    5. Infrastructure

    R&D Building: 530,000 sf

    Incubator and commercialization

    base: 5,900,000 sf

    Location: Beijing Collaborative

    Innovation Park : 98.8 acres


    Beijing Innovation Bay


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    6. Anticipated Outputs

    Gather 1,000 talents from more than 10 top universities

    Each year, cultivate more than 100 innovative and entrepreneurial talents, develop more than 50 innovative technologies, create more than 10 startups

    Provide technical support to 100 companies

    Platform of Innovation

    Platform of Technology Innovation

    Pilot-Run Park for New Technology

    Leading Force of Innovation Development of China

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    Project Showcase

  • 9

    Dynamics Simulation Technique is indispensable tool for product design and development. The technique applies to aircraft, wind power, hydroelectricity, automobiles, etc.

    The team invented key technologies and software, which is world-leading and has self-owned intellectual property rights.

    Project Showcase

    Global Marketing size 50B RMB

    Dynamics Simulation Technique

  • 10

    Bionic theory, human-machine integration, amplifying feature, sensors

    Rehabilitation, senior assistance, soldiers equipment, emergency rescue

    Project Showcase

    Global Market Size 5B USD

    Prosthesis Robot

  • 11

    Reduce NOX diesel exhaust

    Own full intellectual property rights

    Meet Chinese diesel emission standard

    Project Showcase

    SCR Treatment System of Diesel Exhaust

  • 12

    Early cancer detection is critical to treatment. Currently, biopsy under endoscopy is used for diagnosis, but most biopsies turn out

    negative. The current project develops a dual axis confocal endomicroscopy with switchable

    vertical/horizontal cross-sectional deep tissue imaging that achieves subcellular resolution with large field of view.

    Technical specs include, XY resolution 2 um, Z resolution 5 um, FOV 600 x 600 um.

    Dual-axis Confocal Endomicroscopy

    Project Showcase

  • 13

    a next-generation myoelectric prosthetic hand forachieving high precision conforming grasping;

    high degrees of freedom and can achieve multiplehand motions;

    Controlled by two EMG signals in the amputatedforearms; and

    Due to smart design, fewer components areneeded, leading to a much lower cost compared toproducts on the markets with similarfunctionalities.

    Myoelectric Prosthetic Hand

    Project Showcase

  • 14

    Summary about BICI

    A technology incubator and investor focusing on universities

    Open to all kinds of collaborations in order to help technologies move into products

    The goal is to build up innovation system

  • Signing Ceremony of

    Master Research Agreement with

    Beijing Institute of Collaborative Innovation (BICI)

    Introduction of BICI Introduction of the BICI Research Funding and

    Fellowship Mechanism Research and Collaboration Opportunities

    Northwestern Initiative for Manufacturing Science & Innovation

  • 16

    Introduction to funding mechanism

    Type I: Global Collaboratory of Advanced Material Systems and Simulations

    Focused on simulation and materials systems supported by simulation and experiments.

    Advanced technologies, novel concepts, longer projects Project selections are partially made by a scientific committee

    organized by the Center

    Type II: Translational research projects and technology transfer

    Broad interests: materials, biotechnology, water, Robotics Could be sponsored project for short translational work Could be investment into spin-off companies

    BICI postdoc fellowship Higher salary for excellent postdocs Projects fully sponsored by BICI Interested in coming to China

  • 17

    Introduction to Collaboratory

    Northwestern + Peking + BICI 2.5M USD X 5 year program on simulation and material systems Managed by the scientific oversight committee with members

    from three partners Directions Project selections

    Activities include Advanced research projects, done collaboratively Student exchange, education Symposia Commercialization

  • 18


    Periodic call for proposals Proposals are reviewed and selected by SOC based on

    scientific merits. BICI carries out commercialization analysis. Project approval by the Oversight Committee

  • 19

    Introduction to Type II - Translational work

    Targeted Areas

    Energy materials: battery, supercap, thermal storage Advanced Manufacturing: Robotics, novel processes/tools Bio technology: medical devices, diagnostics Environmental: water treatment Semiconductor: optoelectronics devices and materials IT: Big data, network/communication

  • 20

    Selection Criteria and process

    Criteria Technical Strength: expertise, competition, out-the-box

    idea Market Need: Solve what problem for who? Feasibility: can we bring the technology all the way to the

    users? Time horizon: transfer to companies in 0-3 years

    Process (3-6 months) Start with one-pager/phone calls Move to full proposal A few rounds of Q&A. Internally, BICI carries out

    extensive DD. BICIs Investment meeting Approval notice

  • 21

    The value of BICI

    Market Information: we talk to your future users/customers Technical collaboration: complimentary technologies Talents: recruit entrepreneurs/companies to co-develop the

    technology with you Manufacturing: feasibility, execution, supply chain Market penetration: B2B, relationship Capital:$$$

    We work together to transition your technology into products/companies.

  • 22

    SpecificsType I - Collaboratory Type II -

    TranslationalDirections Simulations, Materials OthersLength 1-2.5 years 1


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