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An introduction-level learning module on digital channels, and focuses on POEM + S and Search Marketing. Please share on Twitter, LinkedIn, and/or Facebook if you found it useful! Free to use, with attribution for non-commercial purposes, no derivatives permitted.


  • 1.D I G I T A L C H A N N E L S ( P O E M A N D S E A R C H ) B Y J A S O N C R U Z @ J S N C R U Z Digital Marketing

2. Overview POEM Paid Media Search SEM Search SEO @jsncruz 3. POEM @jsncruz 4. POEM Paid Media Communicates with strangers. Paid Media Traditional advertising, and composes of activities such as pay-per-click, display ads, paid influencers, and social media ads. Paid Media is often used to get the ball rolling for a campaign. @jsncruz Google Display Ad Mobile Display Ad Facebook Ad Pay-Per-Click Ad 5. POEM Paid Media Distributing or promoting media through a paid method, resource, or channel. @jsncruz Paid media is a great way to promote content in order to generate more earned media and can also be used to drive traffic directly to your owned media properties. Source: 6. POEM Owned Media Communicates with consumers. Owned Media A brand or a business owns the channel (or channels) and uses this to communicate to consumers. Owned Media allows the greatest flexibility and customization of a marketing message for a brand or business. @jsncruz Brand Website Social Media Assets 7. POEM Owned Media Distributing or promoting media through channels the brand or business owns or controls. @jsncruz Owned media sites are an extension of your brand or business and create additional avenues for people to interact with your brand. Source: 8. POEM Earned Media Communicates with advocates or fans. Earned Media The publicity or digital word-of-mouth that a brand or business gets from consumers and online community members Earned Media greatly affects perception and sentiments towards a brand or business. @jsncruz Social mentions through blog articles 9. POEM Earned Media Distributing or promoting media through online conversations and social chatter; digital word-of-mouth. @jsncruz Earned media is the vehicle that drives traffic, engagement and sentiment around a brand. It can be influenced by both search marketing and content strategies. Source: 10. Platform Publication P.O.E.M. Paid Owned Earned Print, television, radio, magazines, movies/cinema, banners, direct mail, SEM, paid media, in-store media. Communicates with strangers (to the brand). Brochures, retail stores, company website, e- commerce website, mobile application, social media assets. Communicates with customers. Word-of-mouth, social media mentions (through social networking sites), online articles, blogs, user-generated content. Communicates to advocates and fans. Paid, Owned, and Earned Media. Source: @jsncruz 11. The Extra Medium: Shared Shared Media Consumers with, and to consumers. Shared Media The publicity or digital word-of-mouth that consumers communicate with each other, and to each other. Shared Media is voluntary action from engaged and interest online community members. @jsncruz A community-ran website 12. POEM Shared Media Distributing or promoting media through active consumer participation and involvement with a brand or business. @jsncruz Shared media is the utilization of the social sharing behavior by consumers or community members on digital space. 13. The Media Ecosystem Paid, Owned, Earned, and Shared Media Collaboration Samples @jsncruz Paid Earned Shared Owned Social media presence Sponsored websites Community-blogs Social media assets Digital PR Seeded social mentions Web videos Rich media 14. Search Marketing @jsncruz 15. Search Marketing The Fight for Digital Visibility Search Engine Marketing Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Marketing, or SEM, are activities which position websites in search engines. Websites are promoted to improve the chances of them being visible on search engine results pages, or SERPs. SEM is a form of paid ads which help businesses rank higher on search results, presumable increasing lead- and sales-generation opportunities. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, are activities which increase the chances of websites to rank higher on search results in a natural way through how search engines position content. SEO is often divided into two schools of thought: white hat which uses legal and honest methods, and black hat, which uses likely illegal and dishonest practices. Two core elements of search marketing. @jsncruz 16. Search Marketing Differentiating SEM from SEO @jsncruz SEM helps this result appear first on the SERP. It also has the required disclaimer that it is, in fact, a paid advertisement appearance. SEO helps these results appear on the first page of SERP. These posts contain the relevant keywords, presumably have credible history as websites, and likely have original, high- quality content. 17. Search Marketing Advantages of SEM Encourages Action Ads served on SEM efforts often encourage an action a click from consumers who are already interested in knowing more about your brand or business. @jsncruz Even if consumers were not thinking of a particular website to conduct business in, SEM provides an opportunity to be visible to create a chance for traffic and subsequently, sales. Source: 18. Search Marketing Advantages of SEM Markets on Intention SEM allows a brand or business to serve better ads through understanding the intention of the consumers searching online. Understanding intention leads to better copywriting on ads, content, and setting landing pages. @jsncruz Consumers may show intention for certain behaviors; i.e. in this example, for sale was a more common intention than looking for for rent or for lease. Source: 19. Search Marketing Advantages of SEM Measurable SEM is one of the most measurable methods a marketer can use. Through SEM, a brand or business can track simple actions such as clicks on a picture or text, percentage rate of form completion, or calls generated from a hotline. @jsncruz Sample dashboard for a Google Analytics report, one of the basic dashboards used in measuring SEM results and performance. Image: 20. Search Marketing Advantages of SEO Locally Relevant Search results have adapted to the strong implementation of mobile usage and localized content. Search results are now even more relevant to users because they are more contextually correct than ever. @jsncruz Results are no longer simple, generic web documents. They are actually helpful and correct in terms of targeting and context. Source: 21. Search Marketing Advantages of SEO Omnipresence Securing the top spot in search results (or even just a first-page appearance) drastically increases a brand or business opportunities to make a sale, generate a lead, or simply drive more or new traffic to a website. @jsncruz First 1, 2, and 3 results on the left; 8th Page results on the right. The first result gets, on average, 36% of all clicks; the second only 12.5%. Source: 22. Search Marketing Advantages of SEO Offline to Online SEO helps a brand or business become immediately relevant due to a natural consumer behavior: searching immediately online after experiencing a brand or business offline. @jsncruz A potential search journey by a consumer, from seeing an advertisement on television (awareness) to searching online (intent/interest), to being served an online result. Source: 23. Digital Channels POEM and Search Marketing Real search is about providing valuable information when its really needed to those who are actually looking for it. - David Amerland, Google Semantic Search @jsncruz 24. Thank you! D I G I T A L C H A N N E L S ( P O E M A N D S E A R C H ) B Y J A S O N C R U Z @ J S N C R U Z J A S O N C R U Z 2 3 8 8 @ G M A I L . C O M