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Beef, its whats for dinner. Chapter #6. What is a Breed ?. a group of animals that have certain traits in common color size body structure place of origin horned or polled. What is a Purebred ?. animals of known ancestry where all parents etc. are of the same breed - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Beef, its whats for dinnerChapter #6

  • What is a Breed?a group of animals that have certain traits in commoncolorsizebody structureplace of originhorned or polled

  • What is a Purebred?animals of known ancestry where all parents etc. are of the same breedBreed associations register purebred animals, develop markets for those animals, and organize breed shows

  • What is Crossbreeding?mating animals of the same species, but different breedsAngus mated to Herefordcrossbreed to achieve desired animal traits

  • Texas Longhorn

  • What are the English Beef Breeds? Hereford - Red & white, horned or polled most popular in the U.S. Angus - bred to compete with Herefordsmaller cows and calvesexcellent conformation (body type)mature lighterresistant to pinkeye & cancer eye (due to black)Shorthorn - dual purpose breed (meat/milk)

  • Hereford

  • Polled Hereford

  • Angus

  • Shorthorn

  • Other Beef BreedsBrahman - from Francehot & humid climatesdisease resistantCharolais - large & long body, fast growthused to increase size of English breedsincreasing in popularity due to low marblingSanta Gertrudis - 3/8 Brahman & 5/8 shorthornpopular in southern U.S.Brangus - 3/8 Brahman & 5/8 Angus

  • Brahman

  • Charolais

  • Santa Gertrudis

  • Brangus

  • What are Exotics?animals not common to U.S.used for increasing calf weightsimportation laws restrict bringing exotics into the U.S.

  • Beefalo

  • Beefmaster

  • Belgian Blue

  • Belted Galloway

  • Blonde dAquintaine

  • Chianina

  • Devon

  • Dexter

  • Galloway

  • Gelbvieh

  • Highland

  • Limousin

  • Maine Anjou

  • Murray Grey

  • Piedmontese

  • Pinzgaur

  • Salers

  • Simmental

  • South Devon

  • Tarentaise

  • Beef ProductionCow-Calf Production: own cows, sell weaner calvesStocker: buy weaner calves, sell yearlingsFeedlot Finishing: buy calves, fatten, sell to slaughter house

  • Beef ProductionCow-Calf: most common need range land calve in spring, sell calves in fall feed 2# roughages per 100# of cow weight in winter (extra for cold weather) supplement with needed proteins, minerals, vitamins feed best hay to those that need it the most (pregnant, lactating, heifers) lots of clean water & free choice salt

  • Feedlot Finishingplace calves in feedlot 500-700#feed high concentrates (grain) 2-4 monthsslaughter at 1000-1200#

  • Beef TerminologyA Mature Male is called a: BullA Mature Female is called a: CowThe act of Giving Birth is called: CalvingGestation = 283 daysA Castrated Male is called a: SteerAn Immature Female is called a: Heifer

  • Beef, its whats for dinner.


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