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The youthsportsclub is providing all ways of coaching for all youngsters on the club. If you keen to know more about a sport just try these coaching items.


  • 1. This highly effective DVD covers: ball handling drills,passing drills, heading techniques, offensive moves, oneon one drills, possession drills, foot skills & drills, shootingdrills, fun games and a special section with bonus tips andsample practices

2. The Youth Sports Club adds to its backyard collectionwith the "Backyard Soccer Drills" video. "BackyardSoccer Drills" includes more than fifty creative backyarddrills for the youth soccer athlete. This videoemphasizes, (1) fast footwork drills; (2) shooting drills;(3) passing drills; (4) volley drills; (5) goalie drills; and (5)heading techniques. 3. "34 Soccer Goalie Drills" provides numerous creativedrills that some of the best soccer goalkeepers in theworld use to perfect and enhance their and the Youth Sports Club haveput together one of the most useful products for soccergoalkeepers of all ages. This highly effective video covers: 4. CONTACT US