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BADR ( - Data at your finger tips. BADR is a software company addresses Web/Mobile Applications, Big Data Engineering, and Analytics Gap. Solidify your technical startup with a robust MVP. Check our success stories with USA startups.


  • 1. Data at your finger tips

2. Introduction BADR is an established software company since2006 which now sets its sights on providing datascience services. BADR is dedicated to provide effective andinnovative big data tools to companies large andsmall in the Middle East. BADR uses its 8+ years of experience to make adifference in the world of big data services to helpits customers on every step of the way. 3. Tech. Partners:Industry Partners: 4. What we do? To achieve our mission, BADR is interested in fillingthe developing apps, data engineering andanalytics gap. With a team of 30+ professional/talented softwareengineers. 5. We are certified inapplying AgileMethodology as asoftware developingprocess usingSCRUM. 6. 15+ full time engineer specialized inweb development 7. 7+ full timeprofessionalSoftware Engineers 8. 7+ full time Big DataEngineers/Analysits 9. Success Stories 10. Funding Received: $2.7 M from 11. Seeloz pushes the boundaries of datascience and predictive modeling tohelp retailers recommend deals withthe right product, to the right person,at the right place, at the right price atexactly the right time. 12. Architecture of Seeloz 13. Started the idea with BADRIn Feb 2013 got $250 K from an Angle investor,then in July 2014 raised $2.54 M from 14. Thanks for your timewww.badrit.comMuhammad 182 2928