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Back to School Night 2012. Welcome to the 4 th Grade! Mrs. Schmitt Important Dates!!. Sept. 24 th – 28 th : ERB Testing Setp . 29 th : Maidu Parent Workshop 9:30-12:00 Oct. 5 th : School Student Council Inauguration - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Back to School Night 2012Welcome to the 4th Grade!

    Mrs. Schmitt

  • Important Dates!!Sept. 24th 28th: ERB TestingSetp. 29th: Maidu Parent Workshop 9:30-12:00Oct. 5th : School Student Council InaugurationOct. 17th: Realistic Book Report In class Oct. 24th: Maidu Field Day- Effie Yeaw Nature CenterOct. 27th: Fall CarnivalNov. 2nd: No School (Teacher Work Day)Nov. 19th : Parent/Teacher ConferencesDec. 10th & 13th: 4th Grade Chapel PerformanceDec. 12th: Fantasy Book Report In ClassDec. 19th : Christmas PerformanceDec. 20th-Jan. 6th: Christmas BreakJan. 14th:Missoula Theater WeekFeb. 6th:Historical Book Report Feb. 15th 24th : Winter RecessMar. 12th:Rhoads Schoolhouse Field TripMar. 29th Apr. 8th Easter RecessApril 17th 19th : Lodestar Camp!April 24th:Biography Book ReportApril 26th: School OlympicsMay 7th & 9th : 4th Grade ChapelMay 17th : Grandparents DayMay 23rd: Open House 6:00- 7:30 June 6th : Last Day of School!

  • Field Trips!Wednesday Oct. 24th Maidu Field Day- Effie Yeaw Nature Center Ancil Hoffman Park- Chaperones must attend the training on Saturday September 29th (9:30-12:00)March 12th Rhoads SchoolhouseElk Grove Chaperones and children come in 1890s attire!April 17th- April 19th Lodestar Camp

  • New! Envision MathDaily Spiral ReviewVisual Learning- Videos, and a Visual Learning Bridge in every text lesson.Interactive Learning Daily hands-on leveled activities to practice new material. Daily Quick Checks to monitor student learning and determine level of homework.Problem Solving PracticeOnline and Written Assessments

  • Envision Math Themes Sept./Oct. Multiplication/Division Facts, Patterns, Place Value Nov./Dec. Whole Number Addition, Subtraction, and MultiplicationJan./Feb. Division, and Fraction Concepts.Mar./Apr. Fractions!May/June Geometry and Measurement.

  • Imagine It! Language Arts Program Lessons include:Word Analysis (Prefixes, suffixes, Latin roots, etc.)VocabularyFluency practiceReading Comprehension strategiesGrammarWritingSpellingWrite Traits Writing Program 6 Traits of WritingIdeas, Organization, Word Choice, Voice, Sentence Fluency, Conventions

  • *All Book Reports are Written and edited in Class. Oct. 17th:Write Realistic Fiction book report in class.

    Dec. 12th:Write Fantasy book report in class.

    February 6th : Write Historical Fiction book report

    Apr. 24th : Write Biography Book Report in class May 13th : Grandparent Reports Due

    Book Report Writing

  • ScienceSt. Michaels Recycles! (Unit A-The Earths Land)The 3rd and 4th grades are experts in recycling! The students are responsible for educating the other students about the importance of recycling and what exactly can be recycled. They also empty the recycle bins each Friday afternoon.

    Volcanoes and Earthquakes (Unit C The Solid Earth)Using the wonderful resources from our school library and computer lab, the 4th graders will complete an in class research report on a historic volcano or earthquake.

    Endangered Species (Unit B- Populations and Ecosystems) In the Spring, the students will complete a report on an endangered animal. They will learn the importance of using the internet and print resources to find credible scientific information. The conclusion of their research will be presented using a Power Point slide show.

  • Science with Ms. GraffisIn fourth grade science we are going to be focusing on hands on activities and experiments that supplement the science reading that the students do in class. We will begin the year discussing the Earths surface: how different parts of the land are shaped by weathering and erosion, and the resources that are available to earths population that are contained within the earths land. The second unit we will study focuses on the composition of the Earths surface. Students will try to understand simple concepts of geology while studying rocks and metals that make up different portions of the Earth. The third unit we will study focuses on magnetism and electricity. Students will learn that these two components are related. We will experiment with magnets to see how they pull on things and electrical charges to understand that they exert a force on other objects. Finally, we will study populations and ecosystems to learn about different organisms, where they live, and how they function together with other organisms. Students will do hands on, interactive labs, be introduced to the scientific method, learn to write in a lab notebook, and participate in group activities and discussions that will allow them to develop ideas using scientific thinking.

  • Social StudiesCalifornia History!Californias Native PeopleThe Gold Rush!Pioneer Travel to CaliforniaTranscontinental RailroadThe Dust Bowl

    *The students will complete a group Mission Report in the spring. We love to hear about families that have visited a mission over a holiday break!

  • HomeworkAll Homework Assignments can be found in your childs Daily Planner.

    Most homework is due the next day unless otherwise specified. (Vocabulary always due on Wednesdays)

    ALL Wednesday Folder work is to be returned in the folder for the students to file in their Binders.

    According to the St. Michaels Handbook, 4th graders are to expect 50-75 minutes of homework per night.

  • Homework Strikes The following process will be used if the student comes to school without homework and they are out of Homework Passes. 1st Strike: The student writes a letter to parents informing them that he/she did not have the assigned homework. The letter is to be signed by both the parent and the headmaster.2nd Strike: The parent is called by the student. The student stays after school for an hour to complete the homework.3rd Strike: The student meets with Father Vaughan to discuss the seriousness of this matter. The parent is called and the student is sent home for the remainder of the day. The student is still responsible for all missing homework.

  • Mrs. Schmitts Three Strike Policy1st Offense Formal Verbal Warning2nd Offense Red Flag (Pink Post-It Note stuck in the corner of students desk as a visual reminder)3rd Offense Conduct ReferralWeek in Review Document

  • St. Michaels has implemented a plan to create a caring and respectful community. Our goal is to maintain a safe and nurturing school for children, staff and our community by developing skills and strategies that promote respect and responsibility. Throughout the school, we have been learning what this means in our classrooms, the playground, the lunchroom, and throughout the campus. The pillars of character, trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship are stressed. Bullying, teasing, gossiping or otherwise mistreating others will not be tolerated.

    Lower School consequences for treating others with a lack of respect are the following:

    For a first offense: A written warning will be sent home to be signed by a parent and returned.For a second offense: A meeting will take place between student and the administration.For a third offense: Student will be sent home and upon return will meet with the administration and the parent.Thank you parents, for your support in this important area of character development!We Are A Caring Community

  • I look forward to working with you to make this an extraordinary year!