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  • 1. Before We BeginLog on to the school wifiPassword: N@p@-p41^@23Go to this site to follow the presentation. use the QR Code

2. Back to SchoolWelcome to 5th Grade 3. Language Arts Language Arts Daily 5 Structure CAFE Strategies Student Goal Setting Common Core Standards 4. Math Math More depth Math toolkit Explain it Model it 5. Social Studies 5th Grade American History Geography Native Americans Colonies 6. ScienceBody SystemsHeath/wellnessSolar System 7. Citizenship BEST District wide expectations Second Step & Steps to Respect Social skills/Anti bullying Digital Citizenship Online safety Digital footprint 8. PE P.E. 2x a week Afternoons Mileage Club andfitness games 9. Homework Expectations Reading Approximately 20 min per night 40 Book Challenge Math Jiji 20 minutes per night Board or Card game 10. Genius Time Time each week in classfor students to explore atopic of their ownchoosing Expectations:1.Begin with a driving question2.Research based3.Final project must be shared 11. CommunicationClassroom WebsiteTwitter @WPESEaglesEmail 12. Student/Parent/Teacher ConferenceRemember to sign up for your Student/Parent/Teacherconference!Week of Sept 29-Oct 3Room 6 19