atkins & de paula: atkins’ physical chemistry 9e chapter 20: molecules in motion

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Atkins & de Paula: Atkins Physical Chemistry 9e Chapter 20: Molecules in Motion Slide 2 transport property, the ability of a substance to transfer matter, energy, or some other property from one place to another. diffusion, the migration of matter down a concentration gradient. thermal conduction, the migration of energy down a temperature gradient. electric conduction, the migration of electric charge along an electrical potential gradient. viscosity, the migration of linear momentum down a velocity gradient. effusion, the emergence of a gas from a container through a small hole. MOLECULAR MOTION IN GASES 20.1 The kinetic model of gases kinetic model, a model of a gas in which the only contribution to the energy is from the kinetic energies of the molecules. three assumption of kinetic model, The gas consists of molecules of mass m in ceaseless random motion. The size of the molecules is negligible; d