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<ul><li> 1. ATIS IPTVARCHITECTURE ATIS IPTV Interoperability Forum (IIF):Architecture Task ForceATIS NXTcomm IPTV Architecture Chicago, 19-20 June 2007 1 </li></ul> <p> 2. ATIS IIF ATISBoard of DirectorsBoard Committees,Forums ande.g., TOPS CommitteesMembers StaffUniversal Functions Functional PlatformsPerformance,InteroperabilityOAM&amp;POrdering and User Circuit WirelessMultimediaOptical Packet Reliability, and Billing InterfaceSwitched andBased Security Plant Networks InfrastructureProtocol Network IFASTIIFOptical NRSC InterworkingNetwork Integration,ESIF Packet Interface, Transport and CommitteeOperations, andOBFTechnologies(networkPower, and (ANSI-41 (ANSI- (IPTVSynchronization (PI) Administration (emergency and Systems reliability) Protection interworking) interworking)Interoper-Interoper-Committee(formerly Forum (NIOAF)services) Committee (ordering, billing)Committee ability(OPTXS)T1S1-T1S1-- INC (PTSC) (NIPP)Forum)(formerly T1X1)signaling) - IITC*(formerly (formerly - NIIF* (T1S1-packet- (T1S1- packet-IVRT1E1) IOC(electrical(signaling,- BCSCbased) transport, digital TFPCprotocol *includes signaling (access,(voice (international hierarchy,(packet-based (packet-standards)testing andinterface,(fraud )responseroaming) synchronization technologyimplementationpower, spectralsystems)standards) standards,issues compatibility,contributions to and electrical IETFprotection Wireless standards andstandards) Technologies NetworkTTYstandards not Telecom Managementand Systems pursued by Performance,and OperationsCommittee IETF)Reliability, (textCommittee (TMOC) (WTSC) and Quality oftelephony) O5(formerly T1M1-T1M1-(formerlyService (wood poles)OAM&amp;P) T1P1)Committee(PRQS)(internetwork OAM&amp;P (wireless/ (formerlystandards)mobile T1A1)standards) (performance, reliability,QoS, reliability,QoS,and security Notes on this chart: standards) The 10 areas defined on the chart represent a functional framework for organizing the work ofATIS and for marketing it externally. They are not actual committees or individuals withadministrative or oversight responsibilities. The remaining layers of the chart identify where the existing ATIS committees fall in the functionalstructure. PEG (Protection Engineers Group) is not included on this chart as it meets only once annually foran information exchange meeting, rather than for developing technical standards. It is intended that the structure presented on this chart will be dynamic and will grow and changeover time as work flows through ATIS. 2 3. ATIS IIF IIF Mission: The IIF enables the interoperability, interconnection, and implementation of IPTV systems/services by developing ATIS standards and facilitating related technical activities. This forum will place an emphasis on North American and ATIS Member Company needs in coordination with other regional and international standards development organizations IIF History:The IPTV Exploratory Group recommended to the ATIS Board of Directors that a body of subject matter experts be formed under ATIS to give focus to issues that may impede the adoption of IPTV. The ATIS Board voted to create the IIF on June 23, 2005 3 4. ATIS IIF Membership ADTRAN Motorola Alcatel-Lucent Myrio/Siemens Amdocs Nagravision AT&amp;T NDS Americas Inc. Bigband Networks NEC Corporation of America British Telecom Nielsen Calix Nortel Networks Cisco Systems Qwest Digital Fountain Rogers Wireless Ericsson Scientific Atlanta, A Cisco Company Harris Sea Change International Hewlett Packard Sony Electronics, Inc. Hitachi Telecom Symmetricom Huawei Technologies Tektronix IneoQuest Technologies Telchemy Intel Telcordia Technologies Irdeto Inc. Tellabs JDSU Tollgrade Communications Juniper UT Starcom Leapstone Systems Inc. Verimatrix, Inc. LG Electronics Verivue, Inc. Widevine Technologies Verizon Microsoft Westell4 5. ATIS IIF Structure &amp; Leadership IPTV Interoperability Forum IIF Chair: Dan OCallaghan Verizon, IIF Co-chair: Richard Brand,Nortel Architecture Task Force Co-Chairs: Steven Wright, AT&amp;T, Randy Sharpe, Alcatel-Lucent Digital Rights Management Task Force Co-Chairs: Tony Wasilewski, Scientific Atlanta, Jeff Carr, Sony, MetaData Task Force Co-Chairs: Harpal Basali, Verizon, Kinney Bacon, Scientific Atlanta Quality of Service Metrics Task Force Co-Chairs: Robert Streijl, AT&amp;T, Ken Toney, Tektronix Testing &amp; Interoperability Task Force Co-Chairs: Neerav Shah, Intel, Paul McMenamin, Telchemy 5 6. IIF Deliverables Number TitleDateStatus ATIS- IPTV DRM Interoperability0800001.v002Requirements 5/1/2007 Published IPTV Architecture ATIS-0800002 Requirements5/16/2006 PublishedATIS-0800003IPTV Architecture Roadmap8/28/2006 PublishedIPTV QoS Framework ATIS-0800004 Document 12/22/2006 Published IPTV Packet Loss Issue ATIS-0800005 Report1/11/2007 Published IIF Default Scrambling ATIS-0800006Algorithm2/16/2007 Published IPTV High Level ATIS-0800007 Architecture4/11/2007 Published6 7. IPTV Logical Domainsand Interfaces 7 8. IPTV Functional DecompositionConsumer Service Provider Content OSS/BSSITF Common Components in Provider support of Applications &amp; Services Clients Application Application Layer DRM SourceDRM Client DRM Server Function IPG ClientIPG Data IPG Server FunctionSourceNon-IMS Non-IMSIPTV Control IPTV IMS-based Services User Profile (SUP) IPTV Services IMS-basedWS-based, etc.IPTV Controlsignaling formulticast appl.,Other IMS Servicesstreaming appl.,Othersetc. Core IMSIMS ClientMedia DeliveryFunctionsMediaMedia Client Source DNGF&amp;ITF TransportNetwork ProviderNet Management ClientTransport ControlNACFRACFResource Management Transport FunctionsIP Delivery Modes Access Core8 9. Consumer Domain and Home Network Segments 9 10. Non-IMS based IPTV within a NGN Framework 11. IMS based IPTV within aNGN Framework 12. Content and OSS Functional componentsNGN based IPTV 13. Scaling the Interface Schema for an End-to-End IPTVNetwork 13 14. End-to-End IPTV Network 14 15. IIF Architecture - Work InProgressIssue Number Topic Working Text NumberIIF-Issue-035_ARCH-2007-326 Identity Management Issue StatementIIF-Issue-019_ARCH-2006-412 Emergency Alert Service ProvisioningIIF-WT-023R7IIF-Issue-018R1_ARCH-2006-400 Remote Device Management of the ITF IIF-WT-017R6 Definition of Reference Architecture - Client Device Attachment IIF-Issue-017_ARCH-2006-399 Configuration IIF-WT-020R5 IPTV ARCH Specification: Media IIF-Issue-015_ARCH-2006-397 Protocols Specification IIF-WT-018R1 Service Discovery, Navigation, and IIF-Issue-014_ARCH-2006-394R1 SelectionIIF-Issue-013_ARCH-2006-393R1 IPTV ARCH Specification: Linear Service IIF-WT-022R3 IPTV ARCH Specification: Basic Multicast Network Service IIF-Issue-012_ARCH-2006-345R1 Specification IIF-WT-016R6 IPTV ARCH Specification: Service 15 IIF-Issue-011_ARCH-2006-344R1 Provider/Network Provider Interface IIF-WT-021R3 </p>


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