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<p>Controller of ExaminationICAS, Chennai -(Regd.)Model Answers.Jyotish Visharada(Semester I and ll)Jyotish VisharadaModel AnswersQ.No. 1 : What do you understand by Vedha? Does it reallyhave any impact?Answer:(8) VEDHA:Vedha means obstruction. When a planet is transiting through anauspicious sign from natal Moon, is subjected to Vedha by anotherplanet. It means the good effects ofthe planet will be checked.~ The Vedha points are very important in transit predictions.Sun and Saturn, Mercury and Moon do not cause Vedha of eachother.SUN: In transit, the Sun is auspicious in 3rd, 6th, l Oth and l lthposition from natal Moon, ifnot subject to Vedha. If SUN is in 3rd andany planet (Except SATURN) in 9th will cause Vedha and spoil theauspiciousness of SUN. Others points are 12,4,5.MOON: It is auspicious in houses 7, 1, 6, ll, 10 and 3 fromNatal Moon. Any planet (other than Mercury) is in 2, 5, 12, 8, 4, 9respectively shall cause Vedha.MARS: Mars is auspicious in 3, 11, 6 from NATAL MOONand Vedha will be caused by any planet in houses 12, 5 or 9 respectively.II' MERCURY: Mercury is auspicious in 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 11positionfrom NATAL MOON and Vedha can be caused by any planet (otherthan Moon) if it is in 5,3,9, 1, 7, 12 houses from Natal Moon.JUPITER: Jupiter is auspicious in 2, 5, 7, 9 and II and ifVedha comes from 12,4,3, 10 and 8 houses from Natal Moon.VENUS: Venus is auspicious in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, II and 12from NATAL MOON by any planet in 8, 7, 1, 10, 9,5, l I, 6 and 3houses respectively will cause Vedha.SATURN : Saturn is auspicious in 3, 11 and 6 by Vedha to it iscaused by any planet (other than SUN) in 12, 5,9 houses respectively.(b) VIPREET VEDRA:When a planet moves into any house from where it cause Vedha,let us say SUN is 12th from NATAL MOON, it will give bad results.But if the corresponding house 6th in this instance be occupied by any3planet (other than SATURN), bad results will be checked. This is calledVipreetha Vedha.In normal practice, the sure result are given by planet in transitwith respect to its position from NATAL MOON. VEDHA to these,means expected results has to be observed but with some reservations.The result do not flow in either case on expected lines exactly.(c) NAKSHATRA VEDHA :There is another type ofVedha known as Nakshatra Vedha. Thistype ofVedha caused by certain planets in transit in certain Nakshatracounted from Natal Nakshatra position of another planet. These are 16hi all (Two each for the 7 planets and 2 jointly for nodes)NATALNAKSHATRA Transit in Vedha causingoccupied by transit bySUN 9th NAK RAHU/KETUSUN 15th NAK KETUMOON 7th NAK MARSMOON 12th NAK SUNMARS 4th NAK MERCURYMARS 12thNAK MOONMERCURY 5th NAK JUPITERMERCURY 17th NAK SATURNJUPITER 6th NAK VENUSJUPITER 12th NAK RAHUVENUS 8th NAK SATURNVENUS 18th NAK MERCURYSATURN 9th NAK SUNSATURN 12th NAK JUPITERRAHUIKETU 9th NAK MOONRAHUIKETU 13th NAK MARS4Similarly, there is another way of seeing Vedha i.e., by SarvatoBhadra Chakra in which the transit planets are positioned in the variousNakshatras in which they are transiting and their, left, right, oppositeaspects are seen to see if they will cause malefic effects by Vedha onJanam Nakshatra, Janam Rashi, Janam Tithi, First word of Name andDay of birth.Q.No. 2: Study the following Chart and discuss the results ofMercury Mahadasha in General and Venus and Sun Antardasha inparticular?D-lRahu Venus Sun 9 41'17 IS' 19 26 Mer3 56'VD-lJup 12 15Lag 12 06'Date of Birth: 25.6.1931~Balance Ilasha of Rahu17 Y 5 M 29 DaysMars15 01Saturn MoonKetu21lo21' 7 02'D-9KetuVenusJulprer1)-9MarsSaturn, Rahu /,Sun. Moon Mercury Lagna~0.0,8.RahuJupiterSaturnMere/MereMere/KetuMere/VenusMere/Suny193117194816196419198321986o198721990o1991M65121212412115103101o252924242422242218o186241. OF MERCURY (MAHADASA LORD)Posited in its own sign.It is with its friend SunIt is combust.It is in 12th house (Dusht Sthana)It is aspected by Saturn (R)It is in the stage of infancy.It is near Bhava SandhiIt is lord of 3rd and 12th house hence functional Malefic.In 0-9, It is in Lagna in Scorpio (inimical sign) and aspected byMars (Enemy) and Jupiter.It is lord of 8th and l lth in D-9 (Malefic House)It is in lst Drekkona ofRashi. Hence results (Mar) will be in thebeginning of Dasha.611. It is in Arohini Dasha.12, It is aspecting 6th house.From above, it is clear that Mercury is functional Malefic in D-1 and D-9 both. More over it is aspected by MaleficSaturn in D-I andMars in D-9. Mercury is combust and in its stage of infancy and on. Bhava Sandhi. So Malefic results are expected in Dasha of Mercury.Moreover it is in 12th (Dusht Sthana) house.Results:A. Being lord of3rd and 12th house, he will get confrontation fromco-born and relatives. He may also get urinary disease.B. His income and wealth get decimated,C. He may get disease likejaundice, Rheumatism.D. He may go for foreign travel,ANTARDASA OF VENUS:1. Venus placed in 11th house in its own sign.2. Venus is lord4th and 11thhouse. 4th is good, 11th,though maleficbut due to placement of its own is good.3. Venus is aspected by Ketu.4. Venus in friendly Namamsha in 0-9.5. It is 12th to M.D, lord,From above, it is clear that Venus will give good results in itsAntar Dasha. As the age of the native will be 56 years at this time theresults of Venus will be like this :1. Listening to religious discourses.2. Devotedto pious deeds and inclination to religion.3. Financial position will improve.4. Being Moon in Venus sign, vehicle comforts will be gained.5, He will also go for construction of ponds, well, water pool etc.6. He will also get domestic happiness (Moonin Venus sign)Antar Dasha of Sun1. Sun lord of 2nd house (Finances)2. Sun in 12th house with Mahadasha lord.3. It is in Subh Kartari Yoga.4, It is in 9th from Moon-Lagna.75.6.7.a)b)c)d)It is aspected by Saturn (R)It is in friendly sign.It is in friendly Namamsha.Being 9th (Trikona) from Moon and due to above said factors, hewill get ample happiness, wealth, estate (land) and pleasure of duringthis dasha.Q.No.3 : A native wanted to know the chances of his foreigntravel. Explain how will you solve the problem. Support your answerwith suitable examples?Ans. : To see foreign travel, followingparameters are to bejudged.12th house and its lord.9th house and its lord.12th house from lord of 1st or the 9th house.9th and 12th house from Chandra lagna.The Karakas for foreign travel, Saturn and Rahu.The foreign travel takes place if majority of planets are inMoveable Signs.The basic charts to be seen are 0-1, 0-9 and Pardesha Sahamfrom Varsha Phala. If the Saham is aspected by 7th, 9th or 12th lordwho is related with any of these houses and their lords, will give foreignjourney during Dasha/Antar Dasha of concerned planets during thatyear. It is only possible if there is any of the following combination offoreign travels :I . Sun in Lagna2. Moon in 11 th or 12th3. Mere in 8th4. Venus in 8th, 6th or 7th5 Saturn in 12th6. Rahu in lst, 7th or 12th7. Lagnesh in 12th86th Lord in 12th9. l Oth lord and lord of Namamsha occupied by lOth lord, both inmoveable signs.10. J Oth house and its lord III moveable signx2. Both Lagnesh and Chandresh in Moveable sign.12 7th Lord in 9th.13 Exchange between Ist and 9th Lord.14 Exchange between 12th and 9th Lord.15 Lord of 9th and 12th in Chara Rashi.16 12th lord in 9th.PROBABLE PERIOD OF FOREIGN TRAVEL1. Dasha of Exalted Sun or Exalted Moon or of Exalted Mars orExalted Jupiter.Dasha of Sun if associated with one Exalted Planet.Dasha of Mars if strongly positioned in Lagna.Dasha of debilitated Mercury.Dasha of Jupiter if in 7th or 12th in Moveable sign.Dasha of Venus if in 7th or 12th in Moveable sign.Dasha of Saturn if in 12th.Dasha ofRahu if in 3rd, 7th or 9th or 10th house.(In all the above Dashas, the foreign travel take place in antra ofplanet strongly connected with 9th and 12th houses.)Ketu antra in Dasha of Sun.Sun antra in Ketu Dasha if sun is 6th, 8th, 12th from Ketu.Jupiter antra in Venus Dasha.Rahu Dasha in Sun Antra, if Sun in Kendra, Kona, 3rd or 11from Rahu.13. Saturn Antra in Mars Dasha, if Saturn antra in Mars Dasha, ifSaturn is in l lth or KendralHora from Mars.Foreign travel takes place during:1. Aspect of transit Jupiter or Saturn on 12th house or 12th lord.2. Dasha/Antra of planet in 3rd, 9th, 2nd or 12th house or theirlords.3 Dasha/Antra of 12th lord, if 12th lord in 3rd or 9th or aspect 9th.Example:I. Lord of Lagna is placed in 3rd and Aspecting 7th house, house offoreign travel.Lord of 12th (Mars) in 7th (foreign tendencies).9Saturn Mercury MarsSunKetuVenusJupiter MoonD-lV Lagna Rahu3. Jupiter aspecting Venus, the 6th Lord4. Lord of 9th (Sun) in 6th.5. 4th house affected by Saturn.6. Rahu in 12th7. Lord of 12th is Mars, is in 7th with Venus.8. Lord of 11th Venus, in 7th.The native went on foreign tour in Dasha of RAHU/SAT on12.2.94 to 18.12.96 for three times.Hence 12th, 9th houses, 12thlord, 9th lord, Rahu and Saturn areconnected in the horoscope above.Q.No.4 : Read out the results of Mercury Antar Dasha in theMaha Dasha of Saturn?D-l,Saturn(R)Ketu Moon18 36' 9" 11'Jupiter (R)1 15D-lD.O.B. 12.10.1938 V Lagna7 27'Mars2625' /JSun 25 29'Venus RahuMercury26 13'10D-9~Moon Ibhu Lagna//VenusD-9SunMercuryMarsSaturnKetu JupiterD.D.B. y M D1938 10 12Sun 0 4 121939 2 24Moon 10 00 001949 2 24Mars 71956 2 24Rahu 181974 2 24Jupiter 161990 2 24Sat/Sat 3 0 31993 2 27Sat/Mere 2 8 91995 11 06STATUS OF SATURN1. Saturn is lord of 6th (Dusht Sthana and 7th (Maraka)112. Saturn is retrograde and in 8th.3. Saturn is most Malefic for Leo Lagna.4. Saturn is aspected by Mars (Yoga Karaka Planet)5. Exchangebetween 7th and 8th lord (both retrograde) i.e., Jupiterand Saturn. i6. Saturn is aspecting Moon, Sun, (Lagna Lord) and Mercury.7. Saturn is Jupiter sign in 0-98. Saturn is aspected by Sun, Mere, (Combust) Mars.9. 6th lord in 8th (Vipreet Raj Yoga).STATUS OF MERCURY1. Mercury is its Mool Trikona and exalted.2. Mercury lord of 2nd and 11th (Financegains)3. Mercury is placed with Lagna Lord in 2nd.4. Mercury is aspected by Maha Dasha lord.5. Mercury is 5th from Moon lagna.6. Mercury in Papa Kartari Yoga.7. Mercury is combust.RESULTS : Generally Saturn in 8th house gives long life. Hiswife will also sick being 7th lord in 8th. But due to Vipreet Raj Yoga(Vimala yoga), he will have fighting tendencies against diseases.Moreover, Saturn is in the sign of Jupiter (Dispositor of Saturn) andstrong (being on Middle of Rashi) and is aspected by yoga Karakaplanet (Mars) and aspected by Sun (the Karaka QfRashi placed in 9thhouse) he will get inherited property/wealth.During the Antra of Mercury he will get the inherited property/wealth (beingMercury lord of 2nd and l lth). He will get honour fromGovernment as the Sun (Government) is with Sub period Lord.Moreover, Mercury is 5th from Moon Lagna and Saturn (M.D. lord) is11th from Moon Lagna, he will get gains from progeny.The Saturn and Mercury are friends and Mercury is in Kendrafrom M.D. lord, so he will get all goodresults regarding wealth, serviceand honour.Q.No.5 : What is the role oftransit in timing of events? Whichis more important Dasha or transit or both?Answer: The result of thehoroscope (promised)is frutified during12their Dasha periods. But the same will be delivered by the transit ofplanetsI , If Jupiter transit over Trikona from radical Jupiter, the personWIll acquire wealth, children, happiness, pleasures from religiousceremonies.2, If Jupiter transit Trikona position from radical Venus, marriagewill take place.3. If Jupiter transit Trikona position from radical Mercury, he willget good education, career.4. If Jupiter in Trikoka to radical Saturn, he will get favour (royal)recognition, wealth, promotion in service.5. Jupiter in Trikona from radical Rahu will give success in litigation.6. If Rahu transit any three bad Nakshatras (3rd, 5th, 7th) fromJanam Nakshatras, the native will perform funeral.I,7. Transit of Saturn in Trikona from Rahu will give loss of wealththrough kings, enemies.Similarly, Transit of Saturn, on Natal moon cause Sadhe Satiwhich causes mental agony to the native. Similarly Saturn whiletransiting,l. Sun Cause deterioration of Father health.2, Mars Humiliation.3, Mercury hindrance in education. 4 Jupiter hindrance in religion pursuits.S Venus wife's health problem.6 Saturn physical ailment.7, Rahu physical ailment.S, Ketu Hospitalization.The transit of slow moving planets gives clues to the timing ofevents, Hence the most of events are timed during the transit of Saturnand Jupiter,According to latest research, the combined results of transit ofSaturn and Jupiter is used for timing of events, For timing ofmarriage,it IS seen when Saturn and Jupiter transit over Lagna, Lagna lord, 7thand 7th lord oftwo persons (Male and Female), the marriage take place.In the above, SATURN denotes the time (Kaal) of fruitificationand Jupiter shows bencficncss and Sanctions the occurrence ofthe events.13house of short journey, travel within of long journey travel outside the country.Professional house. If the 10th lord combines withabove mentioned lord or house, travel abroad forcompany job is expected.The 10th house should be a movable sign and foreign planet, likeRahu if present would give travel to foreign country on that particularDasha.According to Satyacharya-7th house is the house of travel ofall types.Sarvartha Chintamani-8thhouse its dasha would giveforeign travel. If it is with the 10th lord then the travel would be on thebasis of company job. .Manasagri-Saturn in 8th house will give foreign travel withoutsatisfaction.The lagna, lagna lord, l Othlord are in the movable sign there willbe a foreign travel on account of profession.Karaka for Foreign TravalShukra-Shukra should be well placed or else he will not relishthe journey as Venus is the luxury planet.Rahu-The outcaste planet give separative nature andmaterialistic planet, Mars will give foreign travel regarding placement.From the above, it is concluded that the role of transit in timingevents is very important. But the...</p>