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DESCRIPTION This presentation outlines the problems you get when you don't name your articles and products effectively. To discover more, claim your webinar seat for Jeff Herring's article title webinar with me, Alun Richards. Create crowd pulling titles right there on the webinar. Just go to


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Can I ask you a couple of questions?

How Do You Title an Article?Come to that, How Do You Title a Product?

Hi my name is Alun Richards and I'm curious...

Sample Bold Quote3It's like this - everyday I see people titling articles and products.Yet I see such a wasted opportunity!

Often there's very little indication of what the article is about or the benefits the reader will get.

There is little or no use of relevant keywords, which means that the article is highly unlikely ever to be found on the Internet.

And even when these elements are presentthey are put together in such a way that doesn't maximise the article's appeal, or its likelihood of being found.

So while people have spent hoursor even days creating an article or product,

because they don't invest a few minutes in naming the article well

all that effort is wasted!


days of work down the drain simply because a process that could have taken a few minutes of well- directed time was not carried out.

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Use the Animation Painter to copy the cool pop in animation of the Stars!

Just delete the Exit animations if you dont want those11Maybe the problem is that people just don't know the key steps to creating a great title.

If that's the case for you, and you'd like to have your article and producttitles work for you

then join me, Alun Richards on a webinarwhere my guest Jeff Herring will reveal the secrets of a well crafted title.

This isn't theory - you will create - with Jeff's expert guidance - titles right there on the webinar.

So join me by claiming your webinar place via

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