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  1. 1. Are You Fit To Practise? Peter Charlesworth MSc MCOptom Director of Perceptive Former FTP panel member
  2. 2. Disclaimer As a former member of the FTP committee I am no longer affiliated to the GOC or the FTP process. This presentation is my own opinion and does not represent the opinion of the GOC or the FTP committee. I have no involvement in the cases I will present and am not party to any information other than in the transcripts and determinations publicly available on the GOC website
  3. 3. Fitness To Practise
  4. 4. 2012/13 Annual Review From 239 Complaints
  5. 5. The Process
  6. 6. Fitness To Practise Hearing
  7. 7. Impairment The FTP Panel decide whether a registrants fitness to practise is impaired The process is concerned with protecting the public and upholding professional standards not punishing the registrant or awarding damages Fitness to practise can be impaired by: misconduct poor performance criminal conviction or caution physical or mental health problems
  8. 8. Decision Making Fact Misconduct Impairment Sanction
  9. 9. Decision Making Misconduct:
  10. 10. Decision Making Performance:
  11. 11. Decision Making Impairment
  12. 12. Decision Making Sanction:
  13. 13. Cases
  14. 14. Recent FTP cases 16 Cases in December 2014 Interim Orders 2 Interim Reviews 5 Substantive Decisions 2 Substantive Reviews 2 Total 11 Cases in December 2014 Optometrists 8 (inc 2 SO) Dispensing Opticians 3 (inc 1 SD)
  15. 15. Cases Lee Bernard Substantive Helen Wilkinson IO. Adil Razzaq IO review. Honey Rose IO review. Satbir Jhangra Substantive. Sean Higgins Substantive Huma Ahmed Registration Appeal James Toal Substantive
  16. 16. Consider What are the allegations of the case? What are the facts of the case? Who did the panel believe & why? Would you have done things differently? Was misconduct found and if so why? Was impairment found and if so for what reason Do you agree? How did the panel decide on sanction? Do you agree?
  17. 17. Summary FTP is only one legal route Cases are a small proportion of complaints Cases take a long time to resolve Consider facts on balance of probability Committee decides on fitness to practise today Considers public, profession and registrant interest Apply proportional sanction
  18. 18. Are You Fit To Practise? Peter Charlesworth MSc MCOptom Director of Perceptive Former FTP panel member