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Arab Republic of Egypt. Ministry of education. Kafr El-Sheikh Directorate of Education. Fowa Secondary School for both male and female Students. TREES. إعداد:وفاء سعيد الدسوقى. Wafaa Said Al-Desouky. A senior teacher of English. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Arab Republic of Egypt

    Ministry of educationKafr El-Sheikh Directorate of EducationFowa Secondary School for both male and female Students


  • So during this project ,we will try to answer these questions???????????

  • What would happen if Awad, a well-known Egyptian Folklore character, didn't sell his land?

  • What are the advantages of living in a world full of trees?

  • How can you describe Eden?

  • How do you find living in a world with every thing but fruits?

  • How can we protect earth from Global Worming?

  • Where does paper come from?

  • What are the uses of trees?

  • What is turpentine used for?

  • What happens when we heat wood?

  • What is the tallest tree?

  • What does a bark of a tree do?

  • How can we calculate the age of a tree?

  • How can a tree get food?

  • Complete the missing words in the dialogue:A: Hello, is this professor Sheldon?B: No, he is ...A: Oh, can I .. a message, please?B: Sure.A: Tell him, if he wants dr. Green, he his office in the afternoon. B: OK.?A: No, there's nothing else. ..B: You're welcome.A: Good bye.B:

  • We will try our best to reach these goals.

  • *To realize the importance of trees.*To be able to express their opinions about trees and their use.*To develop their communicative skills.*To practice using the internet to find information about trees, their names and uses. *To memorize some new definitions and vocabulary.

  • Therere a lot of uses of trees .

  • Trees help earth to breath .They protect us from global warming.

  • The Giant Sequoia is the tallest tree in the whole world .Its83.8meters tall &it's in California. Scientists say its between2300&2700years old.

  • The bark of a tree is like our skin-it protects the living part of tree and the tubes which carry water from a trees roots to its leaves.

  • Just under the bark ,theres a circle of soft cells which hardens every year spring .This forms a ring of new wood each year .This means we can calculate the age of the tree by counting the rings.

  • We use wood as a fuel for cooking and heating.

  • It has been said that more than 5000things in every day use are made from trees :furniture, sports equipment &pencils.

  • We make magazines &newspapers out of wood.

  • Cardboard boxes ,musical instruments &some kinds of toothpaste are made of wood.

  • Turpentine ,which is used as a paint remover ,and rubber are made from the sap of trees .

  • To fulfill the above mentioned goals Ill follow these procedures:

  • First, Ill stock the class library with books about trees.

  • Then, Ill get the head teachers agreement to go to Montzah Garden.

  • Finally, Ill send a publication and a letter home that describes the activities of the unit and enlists parent help.

  • Ill also ask for permission to use the multimedia lab.

  • Ill divide the class into 3 groups, tulip, roses and jasmine.

  • The Tulip group will make a research using the Internet and their school library about :1) - The uses of trees. 2)-How to measure the age of a tree. 3)-How to protect the world from global warming .

  • The Jasmine group will make a publication and a slideshow presentation about Trees.

  • The roses group will make a wiki to enhance the idea and ,of course, to display the best work.

  • Evaluation will be continuous during the whole project, through questionnaire and checklists.

  • The manager of the school, The senior supervisor, the headmaster and Mrs. Manal El Seedy, an English teacher, are the evaluation team.

  • We promise valuable trophies that will be given to the most qualified and hardworking. This will take place in a great party attended by the Governor himself.

  • Bark (n): the tough protective outer sheath of the trunk, branches, and twigs of a tree or woody shrub

  • Harden (v): to make or become tougher or to become firm and stiff

  • Ring (n): an object in the shape of a circle.

  • Tube (n): a long, hollow cylinder (a pipe) that liquids or gases go through.

  • Calculate (v): to determine (the amount or number of something) , to find out something or measure something by using numbers.

  • Extract (v): to remove or take out , especially by effort or force.

  • Width (n): the distance from one side of something to the other.

  • Cardboard (n): very stiff thick paper, used especially for making boxes.

  • Instrument (n): an object or device for producing musical sounds, such as a piano.

  • Products (n):an article or substance that is manufactured or refined for sale.

  • Rubber (n) : a tough elastic polymeric substance made from the latex of a tropical plant.

  • Sap (n): the fluid which circulates in the vascular system of a plant, consisting chiefly of water with dissolved sugars and mineral salts.

  • Toothpaste (n): a thick, soft , moist substance used on a brush for cleaning one's teeth.

  • Turpentine (n): a volatile pungent oil distilled from gum turpentine or pine wood, used in mixing paints and pungent and in liniment.

  • Leaves (n): the green part at the ends of the branches of the tree.

  • Study these phrases and expressions.

  • Along the side of the street

  • Lets move to the second caller.

  • Take in light from the sun.

  • Press the soil down hard with your feet.

  • Thank you all for being very patient with us hoping that you like our project .Till we meet again in the coming projects.


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