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    Ministry of Education

    General Secondary Education Certificate Examination, 2015

    〕 New System – second Session 〔 Chemistry Time: 3 hours

    〕E.N / 15〔 〕E.N / 15〔 ح /ثث.ع / 〔/ ج 50〕تـابـع ح /ثث.ع / 〔/ ج 50〕

    خ ريـ



    ســـــم ال


    خ ري



    ســـــم ال


    يسلم الطالب ورقة امتحانية باللغة العربية مع الورقة المترجمة . -1 : تنبيه مهم

    لن تقدر ويتم تقدير اإلجابة األولى فقط . تعددكررة عن أسئلة االختيار من متاإلجابات الم -2


    { Write all the chemical equations balanced, mention the conditions of the reaction }

    Answer four questions only from the following

    Question (1) ( 15 marks )

    First: Choose the correct answer from each of the following statements:

    1- The number of moles in 292.5 gm. of sodium chloride is …….. mole.

    ( Na = 23 - Cl = 35.5 )

    a ) 15 b ) 5

    c ) 0.2 d ) 0.5 2- If 1 mole of potassium sulphate is dissolved in water and it was completely

    Ionized, the number of potassium ions in the solution equals …….. ion.

    a ) 1 b ) 2

    c ) 1 × 6.02 × 1023 d ) 2 × 6.02 × 1023 3- Among the relatively slow reactions is …….. .

    a ) Solution of silver nitrate with a solution of sodium chloride.

    b ) Oil with caustic soda to form soap and glycerin.

    c ) A magnesium ribbon with diluted hydrochloric acid. d ) Sodium hydroxide solution with a solution of hydrochloric acid.

    4- A solution has pH less than 7 is …….. .

    a ) Pure water. b ) Sea water.

    c ) Vinegar. d ) Ammonia solution. 5- The reduction process that takes place in the dry cell is for…….. substance.

    a ) Zinc. b ) Ammonium chloride.

    c ) Zinc chloride. d ) Manganese dioxide. 6- The standard electrode potential for hydrogen equals ……. .

    a ) Zero b ) 1

    c ) −1 d ) 0.1

    Second: 1- Vinyl acetylene is considered as one of the unsaturated aliphatic

    hydrocarbons which is characterized by the presence of one double bond and another one of triple bond, Its structure is represented by the following:

    a ) How many moles of hydrogen, are required to convert it to a saturated compound?

    b ) What is the name of the produced compound on adding hydrogen, according to IUPAC system?

    c ) What is the type of hybridization of carbon atoms (1,2) represented in the figure?

    2- Mention one use for each of the following: a ) Sodium benzoate. b ) Teflon.

    3- Illustrate with complete labeled drawing how to obtain aluminum from bauxite, then write the oxidation-reduction equations and the overall reaction.

    Question (2) ( 15 marks ) First:

    1- What is meant by each of the following? a ) Ionic equilibrium. b ) Chemical analysis. c ) Ampere.

    2- Write the name of the following compounds according to IUPAC system:

    a ) b )

    Second: 1- Arrange the following steps to prepare carbolic acid from sodium

    benzoate and write the chemical equations: a ) Halogenation. b ) Hydrolysis. c ) Dry distillation.

    2- How does each of the following changes affect the concentration of hydrogen gas in the following system at its equilibrium state?

    ∆H = 41.1 K.J (g)+ CO(g) O2H 2(g)+ CO 2(g)H

    a ) Addition of more carbon dioxide gas. b ) Addition of more water vapour. c ) Increasing temperature. d ) Decreasing the vessel volume.

    3- Draw only the labeled apparatus used to prepare ethyne gas in laboratory.

    H H H | | | H – C – C – C ؤ C – C – H | | |

    Cl H H





  • طبع ى وي

    ل اليدو ص

    أل ق ل

    طاب ى وم

    رب ص الع

    ى الن عل

    جع ُرو



    سئولية م

    جنة الفنية ،


    〔 بقية األسئلة فى الصفحة الرابعة 〕

    〔 انتـهـت األســئـلـة 〕



    〔/ ج 50〕 تـابـع ح /ثث.ع / 〔/ ج 50〕تـابـع 〕E.N / 15〔 〕E.N / 15〔 ح /ثث.ع /

    خ ريـ



    ســـــم ال


    خ ري



    ســـــم ال


    Question (3) ( 15 marks )

    First: Write the scientific term which refers to each of the following


    1- Small volume cell, commonly used in ear phones and clocks.

    2- Type of electric cells from which we obtain electric current as a result of

    spontaneous oxidation-reduction reaction.

    3- The volumes of gases involved in a reaction and the gases produced are

    exist in fixed ratios.

    4- A system which is apparently a stationary on the visible level, but in reality

    it is a dynamic system on the invisible level.

    5- A substance used in a small quantity to change the rate of the chemical

    reaction without itself being changed or change the equilibrium state.


    1- What is the quantity of electricity (coulombs) necessary to separate 5.6 gram

    of iron from a solution of iron(III) chloride where the cathode reaction is:

    Fe3+ + 3e− → Fe0 ( Fe = 55.86 )

    2- Illustrate by a chemical equation how to obtain an artificial detergent from

    aromatic sulphonic acid compounds.

    3- a) what is meant by functional groups in organic compounds?

    b) Write the functional group for each of the following organic


    (Alcohols – Aldehydes – Ketones – Carboxylic acids – Amines)

    Write the chemical formula for an example of each of the previous


    Question (4) ( 15 marks )

    First: Write the scientific explanation for each of the following:

    1- The density of CO2 gas is more than that of hydrogen gas.

    2- The solution of Iron (III) chloride has an acidic effect on litmus dye.

    3- It is possible to apply the law of mass action on weak electrolytes.

    4- Cyclo propane is more active than normal propane.


    1- A 0.1 gram of a mixture of solid substance containing sodium hydroxide and

    sodium chloride was titrated with 0.1 molar hydrochloric acid. The complete

    reaction (end point) takes place by the consumption of 10 ml of the acid,

    calculate the percentage of sodium hydroxide in the mixture.

    2- Write the symbolic equations and the condition of reaction which

    illustrate the following reactions:

    a ) Alkylation of benzene.

    b ) Saponification for ethyl benzoate.

    c ) Nitration of benzene. Question (5) ( 15 marks )


    1- What is the role of the following scientist in chemistry?

    a ) Avogadro.

    b ) Ostwald.

    c ) Wöhler. 2- Compare between each of the following:

    a ) Complete and reversible reactions.

    b ) Organic and inorganic compounds.

    3- Calculate the mass of oxygen in 0.1 gram of adrenaline hormone, Its

    molecular formula is (C9H13NO3) given that (C=12 , O=16 , N=14 , H=1).


    1- By using the following table determine:

    Acetic acid Formic acid Oxalic acid

    Ethyl formate Methyl acetate Ethyl acetate

    a ) Two isomeric compounds.

    b ) Two compounds that give acetamide on ammonolysis.

    c ) Two compounds that give effervescence with NaHCO3

    d ) Compound that is named according to IUPAC ethyl methanoate.

    2- Secondary cells are considered as storage energy batteries.

    Explain this statement, and write the equation for charging the car battery.

  • 1

    Question (1) (15marks)

    First: 6 marks (1×6 = 6)

    1- b) 5

    2- d) 2×6.02×10 23.

    3- b) Oil with caustic soda to form soap and glycerin.

    4- c) Vinegar.

    5- d) Manganese dioxi


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