April 18, 2013. Center for Educational Performance and Information (CEPI)  Rachel Edmondson, Data Analyst  Meghann Omo, UIC Analyst  Rob Dickinson,

Download April 18, 2013. Center for Educational Performance and Information (CEPI)  Rachel Edmondson, Data Analyst  Meghann Omo, UIC Analyst  Rob Dickinson,

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  • April 18, 2013

  • Center for Educational Performance and Information (CEPI)

    Rachel Edmondson, Data AnalystMeghann Omo, UIC AnalystRob Dickinson, Data Collections ManagerTrina Anderson, Assistant Director


  • TimelineSTARR & MSDS Application DocumentationProcess OverviewData Quality & ImprovementsUICSTARR2013 and 2014 STARR ChangesMI School Data ReportsData Access*

  • *

    UIC (in MSDS) Submission WindowsOpen DateClose DateBulk File UploadSep. 19, 2012Oct. 31, 2012Dec. 10, 2012Feb. 28, 2013Apr. 2, 2013Jun. 14, 2013Student SearchOngoingOngoing

    STARR Submission WindowOpen DateClose DateMay 20, 2013Jun. 21, 2013

  • All materials for the UIC and STARR collections are on CEPIs Institutions of Higher Education website.Go to www.michigan.gov/cepi Click on Institutions of Higher Education

    To access the site directly, go to:http://www.michigan.gov/cepi/0,4546,7-113-57943---,00.html*

  • *

  • If you are not familiar with this process, the Data Collection Overview and other helpful information for the STARR collection are available on our website: https://www.michigan.gov/cepi/0,4546,7-113-57943---,00.html


  • Date of Birth (DOB) issues (records exist with a DOB prior to 1930 and after 2000)Review records PRIOR to uploading to the MSDS.If records exist (with a DOB before 1930 or after 2000), confirm that is the correct DOB with the students documentation.If you find an existing UIC for the student from your local student information system, students transcript or by searching on the students name in the MSDS, use that UIC. If you do not find an existing UIC and cannot confirm the students correct DOB, do not upload the students record with an erroneous DOB to the MSDS, a new UIC will be generated.Please remember: Longitudinal tracking hinges on the UIC. If a new UIC is generated due to an erroneous DOB, the link to K-12 or other postsecondary information is lost.Questions? Meghann Omo, omom@michigan.gov or (517) 241-2689.*

  • 2012 Key FindingsIncomplete historical reporting of transcriptsCEPI found that all institutions reported transcripts back to the 2008-2009 school year, accomodates current postsecondary reportsCEPI also found some transcript history prior to the 1st STARR collection window, but only goes back for a short periodAmbiguity in SessionDesignator (Academic Year) and SessionName (Term) VariablesWe would want to see the 2010 SessionDesignator for a term occurring between September 2010 and December 2010, as that term is part of the 2010-2011 Academic Year.

    *Help:Rachel Edmondson, edmondsonR2@michigan.gov or (517) 241-5487

  • 2012 Key FindingsNon-Standardization of the reporting for CIP CodesProper Course CIP Code for Forest Sciences and Biology 03.0502Conditionally required data elements did not include all variables required when submittedWhen reporting the Degree CIP data element, also populate the Award Description, Award Level, and Award Date data elements

    *Help:Rachel Edmondson, edmondsonR2@michigan.gov or (517) 241-5487

  • Validating STARR FilesSchema defined elements of decimal cannot be blank if they are requiredOptional elements that have no value should not be reported in the schemaXML Validation Guide posted on our websiteCSV to XML Conversion Tool from Lake Michigan College posted on our websiteWe recommend the XML file size not to exceed 2GBHowever it is easiest for your software to break it up into smaller sizes The tool allows you to specify the maximum number or records per file, and will create as many files as necessary to include all the data*Help:Rachel Edmondson, edmondsonR2@michigan.gov or (517) 241-5487

  • 2013 ProcessWhen during 2013 STARR upload and afterWho STARR contact, STARR authorized usersHow e-mail, phone calls if neededData Pull and Data CorrectionsPlan to have 4 data pulls during the collection windowThe sooner files are uploaded the better

    *Help:Rachel Edmondson, edmondsonR2@michigan.gov or (517) 241-5487

  • UICMore upload windowsImprovements to the UIC Resolution screenRace/Ethnicity name along with code White (000010)Entity name along with code Dearborn High School (00886)STARRAdded Course Credit Attempted data elementChanged Award Date and Enrollment Date to true date field (yyyy-mm-dd)Added suggested validation checks you can perform on your file prior to uploadUpload population Enrolled in Courses or Earned a Degree


  • *CEPI will continue their partnership with Parchment for sending/receiving transcripts STARR Collection will occur in the Michigan Student Data System (MSDS). Benefits of moving STARR collection to MSDS:Same look and feel as the IHE Request for UIC CollectionOne contact for customer supportQuicker response for data qualityField level validation, no longer just file levelStreamlined XML schemaFeedback to user (reports, etc.)

  • *Summary of changes to XML schemaLess embedded elementsRemoval of user defined extensionsNew fieldsRemoval of fieldsModification of existing fieldsAll changes have been vetted with the Adult Learner WorkgroupCSV to XML Conversion Tool will be updated to meet the 2014 schema

  • *

  • *New FieldsHigh School Student (optional)Dual EnrolledOther High School StudentPostsecondary Enrollment Type (required)FirstTimeContinuingRe-admitTransferInAcademic Year Designator (required)YYYY-YYYYCTE Concentrator (required)Yes/No

  • *Fields removedMost of the Transmission RecordHigh School Building EEM Entity CodeHigh School District EEM Entity CodeHigh School Graduation YearHigh School NameCountry Residency (International)Permanent Country

  • *Modifications of existing fieldsCourseCreditBasisChanged enumerations to RemedialReading, RemedialWriting, RemedialMath, RemedialScience & RegularWill no longer need to collect a separate crosswalk from IHEsMulti-Select Field. Example: CourseCreditBasis could contain RemedialReading and RemedialWriting.SessionDesignatorYYYY to YYYY-MM

  • *Modifications of existing fields (continued)ResidencyStatusCodeChanged enumerations to align with Common Education Data Standards (CEDS)InDistrict, InState, OutofStateAdded additional enumerations added based on feedback from the workgroupNotReported and International Expanded max length of name fields (from 35 to 50)GenderRemoved unknown as an enumerationAcademicAwardLevelChanged enumerations to align with CEDS

  • *Modifications of existing fields (continued)StudentLevelCodeChanged enumerations to align with CEDSAdded additional based on feedback from the workgroupNondegree Undergraduate, Nondegree Graduate, CommunityCollege Transfer Seeking Only*GradePointAverage Moved location within schemaCourseCIPCodeChanged max length to 7

    *Definition: A student who intends to transfer to a 4-year institution without earning a degree or certificate at the community college

  • *Next StepsFinalized schema will be posted in the next few weeksTesting to begin late summer/early fall 2013Training information is forthcomingWork with associations to provide face-to-face trainingWebinarsUser Support Materials (users guide, FAQs, etc.)Questions? Comments? Want to participate in testing? Please contact Rachel Edmondson (EdmondsonR2@michigan.gov) and Meghann Omo (omom@michigan.gov)

  • We Continue to Provide High School Graduate Reports

    New - College Undergraduate Enrollment Report *To view the reports, go to www.michigan.gov/mischooldata or www.mischooldata.org.

  • Next ReportsCollege Data Files (Basic)Student college enrollment patternsTime to enrollment after graduatingWhether attending 2 year or 4 yearDegree seeking or non degree seekingRemedial coursework flagsGPADegree attainmentMME and ACT results and scoresDemographic informationCollege Data Files (Advanced)More complex and only available in XML formatContains all of the basic plus all of the students postsecondary courseworkStudent TransferTransfers from 2 year to 4 year


  • Public access is availableInitial reports are at the aggregate level

    Secure reports scheduled for 2013Keyholders assigned to IHEsKeyholders can approve access to the portal

    TrainingRoles & Responsibilities of a Keyholder FERPAHow to Use the College Data FilesWebinar later in 2013*

  • Adult Learner Workgroup Membership*

    NameEntityE-mailKristin SchuetteMichigan State Universityschuett1@msu.edu Mary MeierCentral Michigan Universitymeier1me@cmich.eduTim LaLondeWestern Michigan Universitytim.lalonde@wmich.eduTammy GrossbauerLansing Community Collegegrossbt@lcc.eduMary BlackMichigan State Universityblackm@opb.msu.eduKortney BriskeUniversity of Michigan-Ann Arborkbriske@umich.eduNick BakerKirtland Community College bakern@kirtland.eduRandy MeltonLake Michigan CollegeMelton@lakemichigancollege.eduJim BrowerLake Michigan Collegejbrower@lakemichigancollege.eduLori HancockMott Community Collegelori.hancock@mcc.eduCarrie JeffersMacomb Community Collegejeffersc@macomb.eduChris EngleMott Community Collegechris.engle@mcc.eduGail IvesMichigan Community College Assoc.Gail.ives@gmail.comRoger MouradWashtenaw Community Collegemou@wccnet.eduPatrick McNallyWCCCDpmcnall1@wcccd.eduRobert MurphyDTMB/SBOmurphyR1@michigan.gov

  • *Contact CEPI customer support at CEPI@michigan.gov or (517) 335-0505 and select option 3.

    Rachel Edmondson (EdmondsonR2@michigan.gov)

    Meghann Omo (omom@michigan.gov)



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