AP Stat Day 1 78 Days until AP Exam Course Expectations Introduction to Statistics

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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p>AP Stat Day 1 78 Days until AP Exam Course Expectations Introduction to Statistics Slide 2 Course Expectations Paperwork You must turn in: AP agreement Calculator letter Batteries Syllabus Signature Page No later than: Tuesday 8/31/11 The AP Exam The AP Exam is May 15, 2012. -If you are on free or reduced lunch, it will cost $9. If not it will cost $60. Start saving now. -Taking the AP Exam is the only way to receive college credit for this class Homework and Tests Homework will be assigned daily, even on test days. It will be collected the following class day. Tutorials are available Monday and Tuesday before school and during 8 th period. You will receive a calendar with all assignments and test dates. Slide 3 Supplies One 3-subject notebook per quarter (must be at least 120 pages) Highlighter Glue stick Scissors Pen/pencil Textbook These must be brought to class EVERYDAY. Slide 4 Class website: www.wix.com/ckmath/Statistics What you can find there: 3-week calendar PowerPoints and/or lecture notes Journal requirements Fun Statistics links Slide 5 Your first statistics question! Is 99 a good number for you? If so, STAND UP! Slide 6 Is 99 a good number for you if it is your Age? In Cents? Daily Salary? Monthly Salary? Grade in AP Stat? Golf Score? Bowling Score? Slide 7 Slide 8 So A number isnt enough! We need to know what they mean! This is the class that will connect numbers to their meaning! Slide 9 Slide 10 Statistics why its different from your other math classes Based on inductive rather than deductive reasoning. Answers are not made with complete certainty. Clearly writing an explanation of your answer IN CONTEXT is required for most problems. Actual short essays on testswhat a treat! Common sense is a real asset! Reading the text is strongly advised. Fewer homework problems quality not quantity Slide 11 Some Definitions Variable (def.) any characteristic of a person or thing that can be expressed as a number or counted. Data (def.) the numbers or information collected in a study or experiment. Slide 12 Slide 13 Types of Data CategoricalQuantitative Slide 14 Which is Which? A rating system of superior, good, average, and poor Times in seconds to run a mile Social security numbers Student test grades ranging from 1 to 100 Heights of people recorded in inches Zip codes Percentages of students in each class who master a particular skill Slide 15 Example 1: Study of different ethnic groups in a Chicago retirement community. 1=White 2=African American 3=Asian 4=Other Total = 60 Mean = 1.98 Slide 16 Example 2: Tickets issued in Williamson county 15,000 35 years old and over 10,000 under 35 years old Slide 17 Slide 18 Shocking Statistics pt 1 Half the kids in the U.S. are below the national average! Slide 19 Shocking Statistics pt 2 Annual deaths by drugs Tobacco400,000 Alcohol 90,000 Cocaine 8,000 Heroin 6,000 From A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper by John Paulos pg 134 Slide 20 Statistical Reasoning Which is more frightening? a)1 out of 100,000 citizens in the U.S. have been diagnosed with the bird flu b) 3000 cases of the bird flu have been diagnosed in the U.S. Slide 21 Whoa, what? Theyve taken a poll this weekend and come to the conclusion that 51% of Americans are in the majority. From Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Slide 22 Alien Invasion! $100 million worth of damage is done to the U.S. economy as a result of alien plants and animals, according to Bob Goodlatte, a House agriculture subcommittee chairman. Slide 23 Questions to ask about data What variable is being used? What was used to make the measurement? What are the units of measure? How are the data recorded? Slide 24 Homework: 1) Complete the cover page of your journal. Things to include: AP Exam Date, Class Website, 4 main ideas of the class. 2) Answer the prep questions on the following slide on p. 2 of your journal 3) Get your 3 papers signed and bring them back, along with 4 AAA batteries. Slide 25 Prep Questions: What is a population? What is a census? Have you ever participated in a survey? If so, how were you approached to participate? What does it mean to be biased? Do you answer calls from unknown numbers? If I asked you to administer a survey on Friday, how would you find participants? Would your method be fair? </p>