anything you need, i will do it

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Anything you need, I will do it. William Sarradet Ideas in art 2011. Basic Concept. Social art project to meet the needs of anyone and everyone. Exploring artificial/forced unconditional love Developing community in the context of a decentralized society - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Anything you need, I will do it

Anything you need,I will do itWilliam SarradetIdeas in art 2011Basic ConceptSocial art project to meet the needs of anyone and everyone.Exploring artificial/forced unconditional loveDeveloping community in the context of a decentralized societyExercising selflessness in the face of constraints, and learning what that means

Examples of RequestsPhysicalFellowshipAccompanimentMenial tasksTime spent at movies, art galleries, eventsHelp with moving

Emotional CompanionshipA hand-written letter of encouragementA phone callAdviceOccupationalMaking use of my technical skillsVideo editing experienceCopy editingGeneral and intermediate design knowledge

Request ProcessFind advertisementsForm request in accordance with rulesEmail/message/write meSchedule and fulfill requestRules No sexual/illegal requests will be fulfilled.Only one request may be submitted at one time.No limit on individual requests that may be submitted.I can reject any request based on content or scheduling issues. In this event I will work with the participant to work out a compromise.

Examples of Publicity

The importance of advertising the projectSpreading the WordSocial Networking: Wordpress, Facebook,, craigslist, kickstarterLocal promotion: businesses (Tin Cup), paper flyersMedia promotion: Video advertisement (Vimeo/Youtube) DocumentationPhotos of participantsTextual documentation of requests and demographic info (age, date, location, etc.)Video footage, edited

BudgetNot concrete or definiteGasoline costs and travel expensesStamps, envelopes, food, ticket costs, etc.All costs incurred during request Thank you


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