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Learn about antonyms (for lower primary)


  • 1. Antonym s

2. Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings. 3. 3 Video: Antonym (Part 1) Watch the video, Antonym (Part 1), to explore the world of antonyms. 4. 4 Click on the video to play it. 5. 5 Video: Antonym (Part 2) Watch the video, Antonym (Part 2), to revise what you have learnt. 6. 6 Click on the video to play it. 7. 7 Video: Antonym (Part 3) Watch the video, Antonym (Part 3), for a quiz! 8. 8 Click on the video to play it. 9. 9 Lets Practice! Replace the underlined word with a suitable antonym. 10. Please put the long ruler in the cupboard. short Click here for answer. 11. Debbie has a pair of new shoes. old Click here for answer. 12. Mother closed the windows. opened Click here for answer. 13. Benny came in last in the race. first Click here for answer. 14. The class was very quiet when the teacher walked in. noisy Click here for answer. 15. Kelly ate none of the cherries. all Click here for answer. 16. The jug is full. empty Click here for answer. 17. 17 Antonyms in Writing Do you know that you can use antonyms (words and phrases) in your story writing? Lets take a look at some examples. 18. 18 Example 1: Writing About People 19. 19 Writing About People Ken and Mary are siblings. Although they are twins, they are very different from each other. Lets read on to find out! 20. 20 Writing About People Ken is a boastful and unfriendly boy. He likes to argue with his friends and often brags about his good results. Ken is also very selfish. He does not like to share his toys with his sister. No one likes to play with him. 21. 21 Writing About People Mary, on the other hand, is popular with her classmates. She is caring and humble. She always helps her friends who are in trouble. Mary is also very generous. She shares her food and toys with her friends. 22. 22 Example 2: Writing About Things 23. 23 Writing About Things The tree said to the grass that grew next to it, "It is clear to me that you are so weak that even the grasshopper is too heavy for you. No wonder you are always bending. 24. 24 Writing About Things The tree also said that it was big and strong. No strong wind was able to blow it down. It thought that the grass would be much safer if it grew closer to the tree. It could better protect the grass that way. 25. 25 Example 3: Writing About Weather 26. 26 Writing About Weather We jumped out of the car excitedly when we reached the beach. The sun was shining brightly in the sky. We could feel the warm rays of the morning sun on our skin. The coconut trees swayed gently in the breeze. It was the perfect weather for an outing at the beach. 27. 27 Writing About Weather We changed quickly into our swim suits and jumped into the sea. As we were playing happily in the water, dark clouds began to form in the sky. Lightning flashed across the sky. We could hear the rumblings of thunder. Soon, droplets of rain began to fall from the sky. 28. 28 Recap: What Are Antonyms?