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  • 1. Big data and Knowledge Engineeringfor HealthProf. Anthony J Brookes: University of Leicester, UKMay 2012, LondonEduserv Symposium 2012: Big Data, Big Deal?

2. Different or No Big Data problems?- Changing or stable rate of data generation / availability- Changing or stable complexity of data- Changing or stable requirement to use the data- Changing or stable tooling to use the data- Changing or stable mass of useless data (vs knowledge) 3. KNOWLEDGE ENGINEERING for HEALTHKnowledge engineering was first defined in 1983 as anengineering discipline that involves integratingknowledge into computer systems in order to solvecomplex problems normally requiring a high level ofhuman expertise(Feigenbaum and McCorduck, 1983). 4. Knowledge Engineering 5. Building and engaging with the community:- presentation & discussion at many international meetings and forums - 1/2 day workshop as satellite to ESHG (6 invited speakers) - workshop session at MIE2011 (3 invited speakers, audience discussion) - I-Health 2011 workshop in Brussels, 3-4 Oct 2011- growing community, currently >150 academics, companies, healthcare providers 6. Integration and Interpretation of Information for Individualised Healthcare 7. 150,000 publishedMostly unknown


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