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  • 1. Branding and designWe help youuse design todrive groWth. Next >

2. every designCompelling day,Builds your Business.every day, consumers have countless chances to be influenced by brands yours and your competitors. every trip to their neighborhood storesis an opportunity for you to gain or lose a customer, category dominanceor brand share.Anthem has helped category leaders, global brands, proud national brandsand even emerging specialty brands create a compelling brand experience on-shelf where consumers vote with their wallets. this is the crucial decision-making axis, where your brand competes to make it into the shopping cart.How do compelling brand experiences begin? With authentic consumerinsights, those that give you permission to think differently about your brand.Anthems strategists provide intelligent, rational context and articulation totake evolutionary steps or courageous big leaps.We offer world-class regional branding and design services globally withworld-class execution and brand activation capabilities. With Anthem, youget big ideas that are beautiful, smart and effective on multiple levels. Wecombine rigorous structure with exceptional beauty. design thats intelligent.INDex PORtFOLIO PRINt DISPLAY < PAGe > 3. HOW YOu beNeFIt.every Anthem recommendation and execution reflects a strongstrategic point of view developed through valid and authenticinsights. We proceed on rational grounds and execute withmaximum certainty about brand values and objectives. thisprocess doesnt stand in the way of creativity; it simply ensuresthat it works.INDex PORtFOLIO PRINt DISPLAY < PAGe > 4. What We offer.Anthem is expert in the full range of strategic design services:Brand+design + design+ designstrategystrategy development deployment Brand analysis visual articulationidentity design Brand implementationBrand articulation system designproduction and premedia INDex PORtFOLIOPRINt DISPLAY < PAGe > 5. What We offer. Brand analysis Brand artiCulationBrand strategy: What Our assessment of category, competitive, the robust articulation of your brandidea, driven from consumer insights,your Brand stands for. consumer and brand data to uncover insights and discover areas of that strategically captures thebrand strategy begins with a great big differentiating idea, opportunity for the brand that meetcompetitive advantage of your brand your business objectives.and the place it owns in the heartsinformed by fresh and salient marketplace, category andand minds of consumers.consumer data. We then partner with you to articulate a core deliverables brand Analysis deliverablespositioning that supports your overall business objectives. Consumer Analysis brand Strategy Competitive Analysis Consumer Definition brand and Consumer Research Consumer Need State Articulation Consumer Insights brand Innovation and Standards brand Architecture Portfolio Optimization brand Management andStewardship Naming and Nomenclature INDex PORtFOLIOPRINt DISPLAY < PAGe > 6. visual artiCulationdesign developmentWhat We offer.Our visualization of your brandA comprehensive roadmap for thedesign strategy: hoW your essence and positioning provides creative development, driven from the brand strategy anda critical foundation for creativeBrand looks and Behaves.development. It demonstrates yourcommunication imperatives, it clearlytransformative brand ideas only come about from intelligent brands unique competitive advantage captures the essential ingredientsin the marketplace.of the design requirements.creative vision. this vision guides the development process ofthe brand in profound and ownable directions. the result is vivid deliverables deliverablesVisual essence brand Point Mappingstrategy translation, design principles and creative catalysts. Visual Positioning brand Point Drivers Visual equity Ideation Path In-Store Audits Creative Catalysts Competitive benchmarking Communication Hierarchy Cultural Requirements Contexts and Metaphors Symbolism Studies INDex PORtFOLIO PRINt DISPLAY< PAGe > 7. What We hoW yourBrand Creates desire.With strategic business opportunities defined, teams fromwithin our world-class design network create visual and verbalelements that capture your brands positioning. From here, wecan create big ideas and orchestrate a compelling expressionof your brand.identity design system designthe creation of your brands visual and We are experts at the comprehensiveverbal identity. It includes the creative application of your brand identity anddevelopment of core visual and verbal key visuals into a dynamic systemelements such as brand voice, brand across multiple brand touchpoints.aesthetics and name.deliverablesdeliverables Packaging and System Design Ideation and exploration Integrated Communications Identity Development Future System Visioning Key Communication Visuals environmental branding brand Style and Character Print Collateral Design Research Stimuli Structural Design INDexPORtFOLIO PRINt DISPLAY < PAGe > 8. What We offer.deployment: hoW yourBrand earns and keeps trust.the most compelling strategy and creative are only asgood as their execution. Anthems capabilities in branddeployment and brand governance are unparalleled. Weintegrate Schawks production and premedia expertiseduring preliminary print feasibility reviews to ensure thatthe design is technically capable of being reproduced asenvisioned to avoid costly and time-consuming re-worklater in the process.Brand implementation produCtion and premediathe construction, application andthe conversion of your brand assetsgovernance of the brand deployment and design files to media-ready brand touchpoints to ensure this step, performed by our colleaguesconsistency and proper interpretation. at Schawk a recognized expert worldwide ensures that all filesdeliverables are technically and factually Implementation Planning correct and meet the specific media brand Standards and Guidelines reproduction guidelines. Global Deployment Management deliverables Implementation Audits technical File Management Production Workflow Management Color Management Production Art INDexPORtFOLIO PRINt DISPLAY < PAGe > 9. Brand Point ManageMent.tHe advantage.Anthem is Schawks strategic design company, and our mutualcollaboration is compelling for brands. Company-wide, Schawk deliversbrand point management to its clients the integration of servicesand technologies across the brand lifecycle and across geographies.This integration defines the Anthem/Schawk relationship.For shared clients, Anthem does strategy and design that responds toexecutional considerations that are clearly articulated by Schawk. AndSchawk, in turn, delivers world-class premedia and print-managementservices and brand management technology. This collaboration hasmultiple benefits for the client: faster to-market times, superior finishedmaterials, resource savings of all kinds and more compelling andconsistent brand experiences for shoppers, a magic that speaks to theheart from the first impression to the moment of purchase.INDEX PORTFOLIO PRINT DISPLAY < PAGE > 10. tALK tO uS.Call: Barbara glass at 203.327.7600globalnewbusiness@schawk.comAnthem Worldwide, a Schawk Strategic Design Company, is an integrated global network that provides innovative solutions to articulate,unify and manage brand impact. Anthem creates compelling brand experiences by aligning its strategic, creative and executional talentworldwide with the business needs of companies seeking a competitive advantage. Anthem offers a full range of branding and designservices to our clients including Campbells, Coca-Cola, E-Mart, Fosters, General Electric, Hbc, Kimberly-Clark, Microsoft, Nestl, Procter& Gamble, Revlon, Safeway and Unilever With our network of world-class design professionals in 12 cities, Anthem is presently located inChicago, Cincinnati, Dsseldorf, Hilversum (the Netherlands), London, New Jersey, New York, San Francisco, Singapore, Sydney, Toronto, andYork (U.K.). For more information on Anthem, please visit Follow Anthem on 2010 Schawk, Inc. All Rights Reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the copyrightholder. Schawk is a registered trademark of Schawk, Inc. The Schawk, Anthem and BLUE logos are trademarks of Schawk, Inc. All othertrademarks are the properties of their respective owners.