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Srini Raju Presentation on Annyal Day at iLabs


  • 1. Annual Day November 10, 2001


  • Indian IT industry perceived as a provider of inexpensive labor and more recently as haven for offshore application support & maintenance activities
  • ilabs was started by professionals who had successful track record in the above areas and wanted to move up the value chain by creating Intellectual Property. Hence, our aim : .. to build Products and Technologies in emerging areas where we can become significant players globally

The untrodden path 3. The Product Development Scenario Resource Augmentation Offshore Development Intellectual PropertyR I S K R E W A R D S 4. Leaders of TeamsThe Senior Team

  • Srini Raju
  • Sandeep Reddy
  • Ravi Reddy
  • GG Chowdary
  • Krishna Prasad
  • Suresh Ramani
  • Naresh Nagarajan
  • Satish Kumar
  • Rajeev Srinivasan
  • Dr.Subrahmanyam
  • Dixit
  • Mohanadoss
  • Padma Kiren
  • Sam
  • Ken
  • G V Kumar


  • Operations commenced in Hyderabad on 8 thOctober, 2000

History of ilabs Oct 2000 Oct 2001 400 300 200 100 6 * Inclusive of ilabs dedicated centers 3e LS TBG Crp E/m 6. Our Presence

  • India
    • - Hyderabad
    • - Chennai
  • USA
    • Washington
    • Boston
    • California
  • Europe
    • London, CambridgeUnited Kingdom


  • Formalized JV with Cibernet and launched Mobile-x
  • Formalized JV with Xius and launched Pre-paid
  • Messaging and M-commerce to be launched soon
  • 3e in Beta stage
  • Ingenovis established relationships with CCMB, EBI and few other commercial establishments

Business Achievements ilabs 8.

  • With our IPR, we have created equity ownership and revenues of approximately US $ 10 million.

Business Achievements(Contd..) 9.

  • Cibernet
  • Enmed
  • Xius
  • Telivoice
  • Megasoft

Our Business Affiliates 10. CIBERNET CIBERNET is the global leader in wireless transaction financial settlement for voice, data, and m-commerce. Since 1988, CIBERNET has provided the wireless industry with inter-company billing protocols, roaming administration tools, and financial settlement programs. CIBERNET serves over 300 mobile operators in more than 75 countries across all interface technologies and settles $6 billion annually in wireless service revenues 11. XIUS Xiushas been developed as the solution to the billing and payment settlement processing needs of today's converged market place. Xius enables service providers to offer "digital cards" to their customers, whether they be credit - enable or prepaid users, to manage their payments for any type of transaction, from any device, roaming anywhere. The software platform simultaneously authenticates, dynamically rates, authorizes, bills and manages the settlement of multiple debit records in multiple currencies, in a convergent environment. 12. Ingenovis 13. 3e 14.

  • Created Platforms for
  • Mobile-Xchange
  • Messaging and M-commerce (MyMa)
  • Informatics
  • 3e

Technology Achievements 15. Mobile Network INTERNET (ISPs) Pre-Paid WAP Switch BCC EAs WAP PC Bank 1 SS7 Network Enterprise Stock Broker Airlines Content Providers Bank 2 Mobile Operator A Mobile Operator B Mobile-x Business Outlet 2 Business Apps W-LANReceiver Mx Mx Business Outlet 1 Business Apps W-LANReceiver Switch BCC EAs SMS SMS 16. 17. Life Sciences GENOME PROTEOME TARGETS PRE-CLINICAL DEVELOPMENT CLINICAL DEVELOPMENT PROCESSES Functional Genomics Molecular Modelling Healthcare Delivery Structural Genomics TargetIdentification Lead SNPs Proteomics Combinatorial ChemistryCl. TrialsBiosensors/Detection Technologies Robotics Informatics Microfluidics Material Science Pharmaco- Genomics High Throughput Screening Molecular Pathology Population Genomics Target Validation Load Validation Underpinning Technologies 18.

  • Telecom
    • - Roaming Settlement
    • - Convergence Business System (CBS)
    • Pre-Paid (Telephony & Commerce)
    • Micro-payments (m-commerce)
    • SMS
    • WAP
    • Wi Fi
    • Bluetooth
    • VoIP
  • Life Sciences
    • Drug Discovery
    • Drug Development

Competencies Built 19. Industry Climate and Impact on ilabs DotComs with expenses and without revenues Resource Augmentation Business, e-Biz Application Development Companies, Telecom EquipmentSuppliers HIGHIMPACT NOIMPACT Drug Discovery (Genomics, Bio-informatics, Drug Development)Offshore Application Maintenance & Support, ERP, Telecom OperatorsLOW IMPACT 20.

  • Constantly beat the clock : faster and better (than earlier) Product Development.
  • The passion to excel
  • Work against market set deadline
  • Benchmark with leaders in chosen expertise areas
  • Be curious - Seek knowledge and Information in chosen expertise areas knowledge is the key to success. Apply it constantly. Share it enrich collective experience

Only The Paranoid Survive 21. Opportunity GapTechnology Assimilation Technology Introduction TechnologyAdvancementTimeThe Opportunity GapSpeed of Assimilation determines ability to grab opportunity 22.

  • A one in every job that we do
  • Focused and result-oriented culture
  • Performance Review Mechanism with monthly feedback sessions
  • Time, opportunity and guidance will be given to reach expectations
  • Develop ability to deal effectively with skewed work-load cycles (Peaks and Valleys)
  • Keep running to remain just that inch ahead

Performance Culture 23. Business : Mobile-xFull functionality and work towards global leadershipMyMa Globalizing Messaging andM-Commerce platformVoIP Operationalize Voice over IP technology Life Sciences Build at least one Informatics Content delivery platform 3e Making it available in many countries Our Goals 24. Competency : Reach A level in all the chosen competencies Operational : Completion & Implementation of Eco-system (a superset of CMM Level 5 & ISO) and Knowledge Plus Our Goals(contd..) 25. Thank You


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