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Angiography & Cardiac Catheterization. Uncle Dave’s Rads 2030. By: Jennica Davis Charise Mills Eric Bucker. Angiography. History Haschek and Lindenthal January 1896 just 10 weeks after Roentgen’s discovery produce radiograph showing blood vessels. Angiography. History - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Angiography & Cardiac CatheterizationUncle Daves Rads 2030By: Jennica Davis Charise Mills Eric Bucker

  • AngiographyHistoryHaschek and LindenthalJanuary 1896 just 10 weeks after Roentgens discovery produce radiograph showing blood vessels.

  • AngiographyHistory

    Seldinger 1952 announced a percutaneous method of catheter named Seldinger TechniqueEliminated the surgical risk of exposing the vessel and tissues

  • Cardiac CatheterizationHistory

    3000 B.C. Egyptians performed bladder catheterizations using metal pipes400 B.C. Hallow reeds and pipes used to study function of cardiac valves

  • Cardiac CatheterizationHistoryBernard (a French Physiologist) 1844 successful catheterization of the right and left ventricles of a horseForssman1929 first human catheterization

  • Cardiac CatheterizationHistory1960s and 1970sBrought tremendous advances in cardiovascular medicine and technologyRadiographic imaging and recording equipmentPhysiologic monitoring equipmentCardiovascular pharmaceuticals and supplies1990sSecond most frequently performed inpatient operative procedure in the US, and the most performed procedures in patients over 652000sThe first drug-eluting stent manufactured by Johnson & Johnson

  • Angiography & Cardiac CatheterizationEquipment

  • Angiography & Cardiac CatheterizationEquipment

  • Angiography & Cardiac CatheterizationEquipment

  • Angiography & Cardiac CatheterizationNew Technology in Equipment

    Previously, multiple black and white image frames had to be reviewed to visualize the contrast medium flow through the blood vessels. Now with the colors of syngo iFlow the representation of contrast from its initial entry into the blood vessels to its flow throughout can be shown in one image.

  • Angiography & Cardiac CatheterizationNew Technology in Equipment Drug-eluting Stents

    Over the past 2 years, a new generation of drug-eluting stents These stents are coated with a special medication that prevents scar tissue growth in the artery where the stent is placed, significantly reducing the risk of in-stent restenosis.

  • AngiographyCommon ProceduresAbdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA)

  • AngiographyCommon ProceduresCerebral Angiograms

  • AngiographyOther Angiogram ProceduresThoracic AortographyPulmonary ArteriographySelective Abdominal Visceral ArteriographyCentral VenographySelective Visceral VenographyPeripheral Angiography

  • Cardiac CatheterizationCardiac Catheterization ProcedureCoronary AngiogramsBalloon angioplasty (Elective & Emergent)Permanent PacemakersCoronary StentsHeart valve replacements

  • Cardiac CatheterizationCardic Cath Procedure

  • Angiography & Cardiac CatheterizationIndicationsHistory of Artery diseasesHeart DefectsHeart Blockage / FailureHigh blood pressure & cholesterolStrokeSudden Cardiac ArrestSeizuresConfusionTrauma

  • Angiography & Cardiac CatheterizationContraindicationsAllergy to contrast (dye)Uncontrolled Blood Pressure Problems with blood coagulation Kidney failure or dysfunctionSevere anemiaElectrolyte imbalanceFeverActive systemic infectionArrhythmiaUncompensated heart failure

  • Angiography & Cardiac CatheterizationRisks during & after procedurehemorrhage injury to nerves,a clot in the blood vessel (embolus) hematoma (an area of swelling caused by a collection of blood)irregular heart rhythmInfectionallergic reaction to the contrastdamage to kidneys from contraststroke.

  • Angiography & Cardiac CatheterizationEmployment OpportunitiesNational Averages

  • Angiography & Cardiac CatheterizationEmployment OpportunitiesNational Pay Average

  • Angiography & Cardiac CatheterizationEmployment Opportunities

  • Angiography & Cardiac CatheterizationEmployment Opportunities

  • Angiography & Cardiac CatheterizationEmployment OpportunitiesState Averages

    Area nameEmploymentHourly mean wageAnnual mean wageUtah370$27.44$57,070

  • Angiography & Cardiac CatheterizationEmployment OpportunitiesJob DescriptionPrepare patients for procedures by taking their medical history and answering their questionsPrepare and maintain imaging equipmentPerform noninvasive procedures, such as taking ultrasound imagesAnalyze the images to check for quality and to ensure adequate coverage of the area being diagnosedRecognize the difference between normal and abnormal imagesDiscuss image results with the physicianHelp physicians during invasive procedures, such as inserting catheters (small tubes)Record findings and track patient records

  • Angiography & Cardiac CatheterizationEmployment OpportunitiesHours of WorkDepartments may very. IMC has an Angio and Cardiac Cath tech on hand till 6:00 pm and then on call between 6:00 pm and 8:00 amMonday Friday on call for weekends

  • Angiography & Cardiac CatheterizationWeber State University

    Acceptance as WSU Student Reg./Board Cert. R.T. Official Transcripts- 2 copies Application with $25 non-refundable Letter of intent from clinical site 3 personal reference forms App. Deadline- Jan. 10Acceptance notice by- end of springCompetitive-2/3 per spot At least 2.5 gpa



    EST. TUITION COST: $3,961 per semester

  • Angiography & Cardiac CatheterizationSend your application package to: DCHP Admissions and AdvisementWeber State University3907 University CircleOgden UT 84408-3907

    DEPT. TELEPHONE: (801) 626-6057

    ADMISSIONS OFFICE: (801) 626-7136

  • Angiography & Cardiac Catheterization

    ARRT certification35 credit hours college pre requisites

    Under Grad Admissions $70.00 FeeApply to the VIT Program35 to 50 credit hoursUpper division Math & ScienceThree letters of recommendationWritten Narrative

    Application Dead Line January 15th$277.20 per credit hour

  • Angiography & Cardiac CatheterizationOnline certificate in Cardio Vascular Interventional TechnologyAdvanced CVIT (4 credits)Advanced Patient Care (2 credits)CVIT Pathology & Case Review (4 credits)Optional 8 hours clinical preceptorshipCost for program $1,780.00 No application Dead lineChrista Weigel @ or call at 785-628-5549

  • Angiography & Cardiac CatheterizationResources usedMerrills Atlas of Radiographic Positioning & Bureau of Labor Statistics ( State University ( Hays State University ( of Nebraska Medical Center ( Mountain Medical Center Angio & Cath Lab Department


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