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    3616 Westover Rd.

    Fleming Island, FL 32003

    Home: (904) 269-6172 / Cell: (615) 306-8681



    Dedicated professional with 13 years of outstanding performance in the U.S. Military.

    Reached a high level of leadership and personal accountability. Quick learner who

    thrives on new challenges. Strives to achieve excellence. Offering loyalty and personal

    commitment to any employer willing to offer the opportunity for a new career.


    Security Operations * Asset Protection * Crisis Management * Defensive Techniques

    * Firearms Proficiency * Aviation Maintenance * Logistics * Customer Relations * First Aid

    * Computer Literate: Internet, Windows, Microsoft Office/Word/Excel/Access/

    Power Point, Ten Key, Fastdata, Fedlog, OneTouch, NKO, Nalcomis.

    *Tool control procedures in maximo and Atics.

    *Hazmat issue and returns in HMMS.

    *All SOP, Rules, Regulations and training on the jobs of ST/SC in the

    Jacksonvilles FRCSE.

    Areas of Strength:

    Navy Aviation Maintenance

    While serving in the Navy I also worked in the line division as a Plane Captain, while doing

    so I learned a lot about the safety, pubs, procedures and maintenance on the HH60H/F-18/and P-3 aircraft.

    The following is a rough outline of those duties and maintenances performed:

    Perform daily, preflight, postflight, and turnaround inspections with assisting

    personnel, and assist others in performing O-level maintenance.

    Assists the pilot in flight preparation and advises the pilot of the material condition of

    the aircraft.

    Responsible for the cleanliness and prevention of corrosion on the aircraft by pursuing

    an effective and continual preventive maintenance program.

    Perform the work required and assist on phase, special, and conditional inspections

    within the rating specialty as required by maintenance requirements cards (MRCs).

    Removal and Installation of the HH60H main/tail landing gear wheel, wheel mount, and tire.

  • Reading and interpreting complex blueprints, showing analytical and problem solving skills paying close

    attention to detail.

    Aligning parts on jigs using both templates and fixtures. Performs part-fitting operations such as filing, sawing,

    burring, crimping, trimming, framing, drilling, reaming, riveting, countersinking, and cold working.

    Install and test mechanical and hydraulic flight control systems.

    Performs routine production assembly operations and inspection on structural and mechanical assemblies,

    subassemblies and systems, equipment and accessories using manual operations.

    Verifies accuracy of work performed and may conduct self-inspection duties. Performs rework and modification

    to parts and assemblies. Assembles and delivers kits or assembled parts for

    follow-on assembly.

    Lean Manufacturing team member. Worked to improve process, tact time while working in a team environment.

    Provided quality customer service to internal and external customers.

    Checked and monitored all mechanical systems and any malfunctioning parts.

    Serviced, maintained, and installed parts on single and multi-engine aircrafts.

    Ran safety checks on rotaries, engines, gauges, landing gear, control cables, and fuselage.

    Consulted publications and maintenance manuals for specifications and to determine feasibility of repair or

    replacement according to malfunction.

    Fabricated and repaired sheet metal parts for airframes on the HH60H and P-3 aircraft.

    Used testing equipment to test gauges, engines, fuselage and rotaries.

    Logged all new installed parts, malfunctions, maintenance, and safety checks.

    Checked and maintained fuselage, control cables, rotaries, gauges, and landing gear.

    Customer Service

    Offering productive and friendly services that enhances team performance and ensure

    a professional, customer-focused image for employers.

    . Promoted team building by soliciting ideas to better serve customers.

    . Created a congenial work environment by relating to personnel in a light hearted

    but professional manner.

    . Exhibits an unrelenting drive to successfully accomplish the goal of complete customer satisfaction.

  • Operations and Administration

    Ensuring optimal procedures and workflow operations. Highly experienced in organizational


    . Overseeing all delivery and shipping schedules of the command to meet the

    demands of the Navys stock and inventory requirements.

    . Kept an up to date filing system to more diligently and expeditiously track all

    orders/deliveries/shipments/and expenditures.

    . Created and managed a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for other

    employees and for subordinates working for me.

    Logistics and Budget Management

    Experienced in organizational leadership and asset management. Ensured optimal

    procedures and workflow operations.

    . Created and managed a data base of all competitive sources thus expediting

    delivery of necessary supplies and maximizing cost savings.

    . Created and managed a data base of all competitive sources thus expediting

    delivery of necessary supplies and maximizing cost savings.

    . Operated large complex budgets for a major military task force. Responsible for

    balancing operational funding critical to combat readiness.

    . Prepared reports and spreadsheets detailing distributions and expenditures of all

    operational and support budgets.

    . Utilized Fedlog when accessing Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) acquisitions.

    . Attended multiple DLA sponsored schools and conferences to further understand

    Fleet Logistics.

    Professional Experience

    U.S. Navy (1998-2011) Sobran/Prolog (2014 - Current)

    Department Head (NOSC) Nashville, TN 2008-2011

  • Supervisor/Storekeeper/ (VP92) NAS Brunswick, ME 2005-2008

    Tactical Support NATO Joint Services 2005-2007

    Supervisor (AIMD) NAS Atlanta, GA 2002-2005

    Aviation Storekeeper (HCS4) NAS Norfolk, VA 1998-2002


    . Naval Hazmat Handling and Disposal FRCSE NAS Jacksonville, FL 2015

    . Naval Flight Line FRCSE NAS Jacksonville, FL 2014

    . Government Purchase Card NOSC Nashville, TN 2008

    . Independent Supply Manager NOSC Nashville, TN 2008

    . First Line Leadership Course NAS Brunswick, ME 2006

    . Second Class Supervisor Course Kings Bay, GA 2005

    . Instructor Basic Course NAS Atlanta, GA 2003

    . Aviation / Shipboard Firefighting, NAS Norfolk, VA 1999

    . Aviation Storekeeper, Class A TTC Meridian, MS 1998

    . Navy Basic Training RTC Great Lakes, IL 1998

    . Orange Park High School (graduate) Orange Park, FL 1998

    Special Training:

    . CPR/First Aid

    . CPR Instructor

    . Navy Aviation Training

    * ESD

    * Navy Publications Training

    * Navy Maintenance Program (NAMP) Training

    * Navy Fuel Sampling (Pencil Drain) Training

    * Navy Plane Captain Training

    * Navy FOD Prevention Training

    * Navy Corrosion Prevention Program Training

  • . Navy Specific Training

    * Fitness Leadership

    * Fitness Instructor

    * Logistics

    * Fire Fighting & Rescue

    * Financial

    * Purchase Agent

    * Reallocations of Funds

    * Accounting

    * Ethics

    . Army Specific Training

    * Navigation

    * Weapons

    * Hand to Hand combat

    * Special Tactics

    . Auxiliary Security Force Training

    * Military Police

    * Weapon Safety

    * OC Pepper Spray

    * Police Takedowns

    * Law Enforcement

    Additional Skills:

    Equipment Maintenance

    Operation Monitoring

    Problem Solving

    Support Equipment Operations

    Air Framing

    Aviation Mechanics

    References & Accreditations: Supplied upon request