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<ul><li><p>ANDREW SCOTT GORDON </p><p>3616 Westover Rd. </p><p>Fleming Island, FL 32003 </p><p>Home: (904) 269-6172 / Cell: (615) 306-8681 </p><p>Email: </p><p>Profile: </p><p>Dedicated professional with 13 years of outstanding performance in the U.S. Military. </p><p>Reached a high level of leadership and personal accountability. Quick learner who </p><p>thrives on new challenges. Strives to achieve excellence. Offering loyalty and personal </p><p>commitment to any employer willing to offer the opportunity for a new career. </p><p>Skills: </p><p>Security Operations * Asset Protection * Crisis Management * Defensive Techniques </p><p>* Firearms Proficiency * Aviation Maintenance * Logistics * Customer Relations * First Aid </p><p>* Computer Literate: Internet, Windows, Microsoft Office/Word/Excel/Access/ </p><p>Power Point, Ten Key, Fastdata, Fedlog, OneTouch, NKO, Nalcomis. </p><p>*Tool control procedures in maximo and Atics. </p><p>*Hazmat issue and returns in HMMS. </p><p>*All SOP, Rules, Regulations and training on the jobs of ST/SC in the </p><p> Jacksonvilles FRCSE. </p><p>Areas of Strength: </p><p>Navy Aviation Maintenance </p><p>While serving in the Navy I also worked in the line division as a Plane Captain, while doing </p><p>so I learned a lot about the safety, pubs, procedures and maintenance on the HH60H/F-18/and P-3 aircraft. </p><p>The following is a rough outline of those duties and maintenances performed: </p><p> Perform daily, preflight, postflight, and turnaround inspections with assisting </p><p> personnel, and assist others in performing O-level maintenance. </p><p> Assists the pilot in flight preparation and advises the pilot of the material condition of </p><p> the aircraft. </p><p> Responsible for the cleanliness and prevention of corrosion on the aircraft by pursuing </p><p> an effective and continual preventive maintenance program. </p><p> Perform the work required and assist on phase, special, and conditional inspections </p><p> within the rating specialty as required by maintenance requirements cards (MRCs). </p><p> Removal and Installation of the HH60H main/tail landing gear wheel, wheel mount, and tire. </p></li><li><p> Reading and interpreting complex blueprints, showing analytical and problem solving skills paying close </p><p>attention to detail. </p><p> Aligning parts on jigs using both templates and fixtures. Performs part-fitting operations such as filing, sawing, </p><p>burring, crimping, trimming, framing, drilling, reaming, riveting, countersinking, and cold working. </p><p> Install and test mechanical and hydraulic flight control systems. </p><p> Performs routine production assembly operations and inspection on structural and mechanical assemblies, </p><p>subassemblies and systems, equipment and accessories using manual operations. </p><p> Verifies accuracy of work performed and may conduct self-inspection duties. Performs rework and modification </p><p>to parts and assemblies. Assembles and delivers kits or assembled parts for </p><p> follow-on assembly. </p><p> Lean Manufacturing team member. Worked to improve process, tact time while working in a team environment. </p><p> Provided quality customer service to internal and external customers. </p><p> Checked and monitored all mechanical systems and any malfunctioning parts. </p><p> Serviced, maintained, and installed parts on single and multi-engine aircrafts. </p><p> Ran safety checks on rotaries, engines, gauges, landing gear, control cables, and fuselage. </p><p> Consulted publications and maintenance manuals for specifications and to determine feasibility of repair or </p><p>replacement according to malfunction. </p><p> Fabricated and repaired sheet metal parts for airframes on the HH60H and P-3 aircraft. </p><p> Used testing equipment to test gauges, engines, fuselage and rotaries. </p><p> Logged all new installed parts, malfunctions, maintenance, and safety checks. </p><p> Checked and maintained fuselage, control cables, rotaries, gauges, and landing gear. </p><p>Customer Service </p><p>Offering productive and friendly services that enhances team performance and ensure </p><p>a professional, customer-focused image for employers. </p><p>. Promoted team building by soliciting ideas to better serve customers. </p><p>. Created a congenial work environment by relating to personnel in a light hearted </p><p> but professional manner. </p><p>. Exhibits an unrelenting drive to successfully accomplish the goal of complete customer satisfaction. </p></li><li><p>Operations and Administration </p><p>Ensuring optimal procedures and workflow operations. Highly experienced in organizational </p><p>leadership. </p><p>. Overseeing all delivery and shipping schedules of the command to meet the </p><p> demands of the Navys stock and inventory requirements. </p><p>. Kept an up to date filing system to more diligently and expeditiously track all </p><p> orders/deliveries/shipments/and expenditures. </p><p>. Created and managed a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for other </p><p> employees and for subordinates working for me. </p><p>Logistics and Budget Management </p><p>Experienced in organizational leadership and asset management. Ensured optimal </p><p>procedures and workflow operations. </p><p>. Created and managed a data base of all competitive sources thus expediting </p><p> delivery of necessary supplies and maximizing cost savings. </p><p>. Created and managed a data base of all competitive sources thus expediting </p><p> delivery of necessary supplies and maximizing cost savings. </p><p>. Operated large complex budgets for a major military task force. Responsible for </p><p> balancing operational funding critical to combat readiness. </p><p>. Prepared reports and spreadsheets detailing distributions and expenditures of all </p><p> operational and support budgets. </p><p>. Utilized Fedlog when accessing Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) acquisitions. </p><p>. Attended multiple DLA sponsored schools and conferences to further understand </p><p> Fleet Logistics. </p><p>Professional Experience </p><p>U.S. Navy (1998-2011) Sobran/Prolog (2014 - Current) </p><p>Department Head (NOSC) Nashville, TN 2008-2011 </p></li><li><p>Supervisor/Storekeeper/ (VP92) NAS Brunswick, ME 2005-2008 </p><p>Tactical Support NATO Joint Services 2005-2007 </p><p>Supervisor (AIMD) NAS Atlanta, GA 2002-2005 </p><p>Aviation Storekeeper (HCS4) NAS Norfolk, VA 1998-2002 </p><p>Education: </p><p>. Naval Hazmat Handling and Disposal FRCSE NAS Jacksonville, FL 2015 </p><p>. Naval Flight Line FRCSE NAS Jacksonville, FL 2014 </p><p>. Government Purchase Card NOSC Nashville, TN 2008 </p><p>. Independent Supply Manager NOSC Nashville, TN 2008 </p><p>. First Line Leadership Course NAS Brunswick, ME 2006 </p><p>. Second Class Supervisor Course Kings Bay, GA 2005 </p><p>. Instructor Basic Course NAS Atlanta, GA 2003 </p><p>. Aviation / Shipboard Firefighting, NAS Norfolk, VA 1999 </p><p>. Aviation Storekeeper, Class A TTC Meridian, MS 1998 </p><p>. Navy Basic Training RTC Great Lakes, IL 1998 </p><p>. Orange Park High School (graduate) Orange Park, FL 1998 </p><p>Special Training: </p><p>. CPR/First Aid </p><p>. CPR Instructor </p><p>. Navy Aviation Training </p><p> * ESD </p><p>* Navy Publications Training </p><p>* Navy Maintenance Program (NAMP) Training </p><p>* Navy Fuel Sampling (Pencil Drain) Training </p><p>* Navy Plane Captain Training </p><p>* Navy FOD Prevention Training </p><p>* Navy Corrosion Prevention Program Training </p></li><li><p>. Navy Specific Training </p><p>* Fitness Leadership </p><p>* Fitness Instructor </p><p>* Logistics </p><p>* Fire Fighting &amp; Rescue </p><p>* Financial </p><p>* Purchase Agent </p><p>* Reallocations of Funds </p><p>* Accounting </p><p>* Ethics </p><p>. Army Specific Training </p><p>* Navigation </p><p>* Weapons </p><p>* Hand to Hand combat </p><p>* Special Tactics </p><p>. Auxiliary Security Force Training </p><p>* Military Police </p><p>* Weapon Safety </p><p>* OC Pepper Spray </p><p>* Police Takedowns </p><p>* Law Enforcement </p><p>Additional Skills: </p><p> Equipment Maintenance </p><p> Operation Monitoring </p><p> Problem Solving </p><p> Support Equipment Operations </p><p> Air Framing </p><p> Aviation Mechanics </p><p>References &amp; Accreditations: Supplied upon request </p></li></ul>