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Brief 7 semester 1 GDNM YR1


  • Brief 7: Analogue/Digital

    Select one excerpt from a poem by one of the follow-ing three poets: Pablo Neruda; Walt Whitman; Edna St. Vincent Millay. You can find these at

    Use this poem ex-cerpt :

    1) to inspire a style sheet of images/textures

    2) as a starting point to embark upon a creative process.

    Try to be as imagi-native as possible when designing the process that you will travel through

    to create the work; combine methods and activities that you havent tried before with other methods and activi-ties that you have tried before.

    Use both analogue and digital proc-esses.

  • ProcessesDigital Analogue

    Photograph Print Draw


    colour correction




    The poem i picked for my illustrationis called invoca-tion of the muses which is written by Edna St. Vincent Millay. When creat-

    ing my style sheets i mainly draw to the way the poem describes the hu-man body and the use of sound. I decided to

    focus on these as-pects when creating my style sheet for the project. It was also the aspect i wanted to focus on when

    creating my final illustration which i decided to base on the feeling of shouting/sound leaving your body.


  • Through layering the images which i created the effect of after images, similar to those left when things vibrate at speed i created an feeling of move-ment. I then combined this by creating a distorted circular pattern to give across the idea of sound eminating from the centre im-age



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