Amazing DIY Ideas for Making Feather Wedding Centerpieces

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  • Amazing DIY ideas for making Feather Wedding Centerpieces

    When you wish to have a unique decorating theme for your wedding, then you can surely go for

    the feather wedding Centerpieces. Here is an easy Do- It- Yourself guide on making amazing

    feather wedding Centerpieces.

    If you have planned a perfect wedding for yourself comprising of all the requisite decoration,

    food and a perfect guest list, then you also need to keep in mind your perfect budget. One of the

    most effective ways of cost cutting is by using wedding Centerpieces on a budget. You can use

    the wedding centerpieces that are economical, that is to say, they are cheap wedding

    Centerpieces, yet extremely classy and gorgeous!

    You can give a luxurious and elegant look to your wedding Centerpieces if you decide to make

    them with the help of feathers. The commonly used feathers for the purpose of making the

    feather wedding Centerpieces are those of ostrich and peacock. Due to their length, theses

    feathers tend to give an elegant view to your Centerpieces in the form of a magnificent palm tree.

    Along with being tall, you can also utilize feathers are cheap and easily available.

    At the Schuman Feathers, you can order any kind of feather in bulk. This is one online store

    where you can find bulk feathers wedding Centerpieces. It is one destination where the

    wholesale feathers are available. Apart from using the feathers in their natural form, you can also

    experiment and use the dyed peacock feathers or the bleached peacock feathers. Using the

    bleached feathers is a novice method to give your wedding Centerpieces a unique look.

    Here we have for you a step by step guide on making beautiful Centerpieces for your wedding:

    Things that you will need:

    Ostrich Feathers or Peacock Feathers

    A tall vase with thin neck

    LED lights


    Bouquet Holder


    Process of making a feather wedding center piece:

    Step 1:

    First of all, sort the feathers according to their heights. You will require at least 30-40 feathers

    for making one feather wedding center piece. Keep the feathers wrapped up properly till you

    begin making the Centerpieces because feathers have a tendency to attract dust.

    Step 2:

  • Now, fill up 3/4th

    of your vase with sand so that it may be easy for balancing the feathers and the

    bouquet holder.

    Step 3:

    After this, put the foam in the bouquet holder and start putting the tallest feather in the round

    fashion. Put another round of feather after the first round is done. You can have at the most 3

    rounds of feather, depending on the height of the feathers.

    Step 4:

    In the end, put a battery operated LED light at the center of the bouquet holder in such a way that

    it is hidden by the feathers.

    The feather wedding center piece is ready!