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Altered Technology. Matt Logan. Altered Technology. Takashi Murakami Gabriel Orozco Laleh Khorramian. Takashi Murakami. Tokyo Artist Works in animation, fashion, painting, and sculpture Created “ superflat ” art - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Art and Technology

Matt LoganAltered TechnologyAltered Technology

Takashi Murakami Gabriel Orozco Laleh Khorramian

Tokyo Artist

Works in animation, fashion, painting, and sculpture

Created superflat art

Superflat flattened forms in Japanese graphic art, animation, pop culture, and fine art, along with the shallow emptiness of Japanese consumer culture Takashi Murakami

America adapted superflat in the 1990s and titled it SoFloTakashi Murakami

Initially got into art to work in the anime and manga industry, but later changed his direction to the more traditional Nihonga work

Later merged his Nihonga roots with his new superflat style to create Kaikai Kiki Co. (right)

Murakami disagreed with contemporary art in Japan because it was a deep appropriation of Western trends. Because of this, his early work was highly satirical

Returned to his childhood dream and directed superflat monogram and superflat first love to promote work for Louis Vuitton monogram first love

Takashi Murakami

Mexican born artist, and attended school in Madrid

Works primarily in drawing, sculpture and installation

Quoted to be one of the most influential artists of this decade, and probably the next one too. Francesco Bonami (accomplished Italian art curator)

Created La DS (right) in 1993,he dissembled and reassembled his Citroen DS while removing the center pieces. Gabriel Orozco

Created Samurai Trees (right) to reference reality through an abstract medium

The color lay-outs on the paintings are done in relation to how the knight piece in chess is able to move.

Created the designs for the painting with a computer program in order to merge traditional art with modern techniques Orozco

Iranian artist, now resides in upstate New York

Attended Rhode Island School of Design and Art Institute of Chicago, acquiring her BFA in 1997 and MFA in 2004

Creates theatrical videos with dark themes using recycled elements such as scrap paper and orange peels (right)

While her work is often categorized as fantasy/fiction, she personally believes they express specific emotionsLaleh Khorramian

Pairs eerie music with bizarre animation to create atmospheric pieces that enthrall the viewer

The backgrounds for her pieces are extreme close-ups of monotype prints (right)

Highly inspired by non-human subjects, because she lacks the ability to direct

Laleh Khorramian

Title: Old and New

Age Group: 3-6th grade

Big Idea: Technology

Time: Two 50 minute class sessions

Materials: Styrofoam, Ink, Pencils, Paper

Purpose: Students will create traditional art through printmaking, but cover a technological topic. Merging old styles of art with new content. Altered Technology (Project)Procedure:

Day 1: I will demo all of the artists shown in this slide, and give the students ideas on how merging technology and traditional art can interact. I will pay special attention to Takashi Murakamis superflat style and Laleh Khorramians monotype backgrounds. By the end of class students will create a design they want to print next class.

Day 2: Students will trace their designs onto styrofoam to transfer the marks. Once their pattern has been traced, students will come to a print station with the teacher and roll out ink onto their styrofoam. Once inked, students will press paper onto the styrofoam and have their completed printsAltered Technology (Project)Altered Technology (Example)