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The Extreme Water Saving Altered:NozzleAltered:CompanyJohan Nihln CEO, Altered:CompanyP: +46 736 61 80 22M: johan@alteredcompany.comProf. Kaj Mickos / Inventor

Same Tap98% Less Water


JOHANThere are already billions of faucets in the world With billions of gallons of water flowing through them. We have developed a new nozzle that FITS INTO YOUR EXISTING TAP, makes it possible to use 98% less water while still retaining functionality. Its a small and simple solution possible to implement all over the world.Lets show you how.

At one point well need a shift in technology.Problem

KAJStandard solution for saving water in faucets the last 100 years have been to restrict the flow of water. From 20 liters a minute down to the most extreme version on the market today with a flow of 3 lit/min. But we cant just keep on restricting the flow of water. At one point we need a shift in technology in order to use less water and still maintain functionality and experience.

We are only using a fraction of the water coming out of the tap.Insight

JOHANIts not really about the flow of water. The real problem is that we dont use all the water coming out of the tap. Most of the water actually passes our hand or bounces of the surface. So the problem is that we do not actually use all of the water coming out of our tap.

Literally millions of gallons of water straight down the drain. Insight

JOHANIt is millions of gallons of fresh water literally slipping through our fingers and straight down the drain.

How can we use more of the water coming out of the tap?Challenge

JOHAN How can we use as much of the water coming out of the tap as possible?

Experience mistSolution

KAJThe solution was to atomize the water, basically breaking it up into millions of tiny drops and creating a high speed heavy mist.

Millions of drops drastically increases the surface area of the water.

KAJSince each drop has its own surface area, we drastically increase the total surface area of the water. Making it possible to get in touch with almost all of the water coming out of the tap.


KAJ result was more extreme than we thought. In mist Mode we could retain functionality with washing hands, doing dishes, brushing teeth, washing greens etc with less than 2% of the water flow. 2 dl every minute instead of 12 liters.One major issue2% is fantastic when doing dishes and everything. But its not so great when it takes a couple of minutes to fill a glass of water. Thats why weve developed a switch to saver mode. In Save mode we have a flow of 3 liters/minute. Still a saving of 75% compared to a regular faucet. But all the water you need.


Every. Day.

JOHANIf we look at households alone, that is a potential saving of xxxx liters/day in YYYY, XXXX in YYYYY, XXXX in YYYYY and XXXXXX liters of water in YYYYY. Then we have all taps in public toilets, gyms, offices, hotels, restaurants etc.

Were named Altered for a reason - Accessible means bigger impact- Fits into existing taps- Super simple installation- Cheaper & saves resources

JOHAN OCH KAJThe Altered:Nozzle fits into your existing taps. And it is so easy to install that anyone can do it without help or even tools.

Altering a faucet, rather than buying a new is of course cheaper and it saves resources. It also means the Altered:Nozzle will be accessible to a lot more people. And in the end we believe that will result in a bigger impact on the actual problem.

And that is what its all about.

Same Tap98% Less Water



Soon on KickstarterJohan Nihln +46736618022johan@alteredcompany.comKaj Mickos +46709708081kaj@alteredcompany.comalteredcompany

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