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Allied Advances. World War II. De Gaulle: France. Winston Churchill: England. FDR:USA. Key Players: Allied Powers. London Bombings. In 1940 Germany began a massive bombing campaign to demoralize Great Britain The RAF successfully defended Great Britain via radar!. Free France. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Allied Advances

Allied AdvancesWorld War IIKey Players: Allied Powers

De Gaulle: FranceFDR:USAWinston Churchill: EnglandLondon BombingsIn 1940 Germany began a massive bombing campaign to demoralize Great BritainThe RAF successfully defended Great Britain via radar!


Free FranceGeneral Charles DeGaulle led the government in exile Free French

Resistance Fighters continued to try to disrupt German occupation of France with assassination & sabotage

Americas Supporting RoleCash and CarryLend-LeaseAtlantic Charter

internment n. 1. The act of interning or confining, especially in wartime.2. The state of being interned; confinement

Invasion of the Soviet UnionHitler needed raw materials; oil & grain Planned a 3-pronged attack on the Soviet Union

Battle of Stalingrad Prolonged German offensiveInitially, Germany gained control of 90% of the cityHoweverthe Germans had severely underestimated the Russian winter!

As a result, Russian forces were able to launch a counteroffensive Encircled the German army & forced their surrender

Battle of StalingradNorth AfricaSeptember 1940: Italy attacked the British forces in Egypt.The German and British armies did most of the fighting in North Africa.At El Alamein, in 1942, the Germans were finally forced to retreat.Halted by British & American TanksOperation TorchThe first fighting between American and German troops in WWII..

Allied invasion of ItalyThe Allies launched an invasion of Sicily from North Africa in 1943

Allied invasion of ItalyMussolini was denounced & arrested by the Italian governmentItaly announced a declaration of war against GermanyRome falls to Allies 1944

Victories in the Pacific Midway: Turning Point & Island HoppingBattle of Coral Sea