Alfresco WCM Roadmap 2010 (Cheetah & Swift)

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  • 1.Alfresco WCM Roadmap Update Aug 2010 Ben Hagan WCM Product ManagerBrian RemmingtonWCM Architect

2. Agenda Release Schedule WCM Quick Start Project Cheetah Project Swift Q and A 2 3. Release Schedule 3.3 modules (add-ons) o Delivered outside of an Alfresco release cycle prior to Cheetah Project Cheetah (3.4 provisional) o Calendar Q4 2010 Project Swift (4.0 provisional) o Calendar Q2 2011 3 4. Provisional Release TimelinesAlfresco Community Edition 2010September2011 WCM Q1 (Swift) Quick Start Cheetah CheetahQ2 Swift Approx May NovemberAlfresco Enterprise Edition 5. 3.3 Add-onsWCM Quick Start - Sep 2010 5 6. WCM Quick Start Best practice WCM implementation Authoring and deliveryo Authoring extensions for Alfresco Shareo Spring MVC web application, Surf and CMIS No core product changes, only extensions, built on Alfresco 3.3.0 Core producto Documented Install Guide, User Guide, Developer Guide o Supportedo Evolve with the product Enterprise and Community Utilizing the default store (not AVM)6 7. WCM Quick Start Web ApplicationHTTPQuick Start WebsiteQuick Start Website API OpenCMISCMIS (ATOM) Alfresco Share REST (JSON) Alfresco In-context Editing(Web Editor)7 8. WCM Quick Start - FeaturesWebsite Features (partial) Valid XHTML Strict, CSS driven Accessibility templates using jQuery UGC Comments, ratings, report Fully dynamic site - sections andpost pages Site Components 3 level navigation with cacheo Featured News Carousel Hierarchical template resolution o Latest News based on section and typeo Latest Blog Articles Home Page, News, Publications, o Related Content Blogs, Contacto News All sections Site Searcho Tags Sample content easily re-purposedo Featured Content 8 9. WCM Quick Start - FeaturesEditorial Features (partial) Preview Editorial management via Alfresco Publishing mechanism Share and Alfresco Web Editor UGC Manage comments via Share (AWE)Data Lists Simple, automated installer Automated image resize Automated site creation sample o Renditions automatically generated content types and content Associations Management Default site structure and sample content Manage section, type and templatemappings Content Collections Content Tagging o Hand picked by editor o Dynamically generate CMIS and Lucene search 9 10. Project Cheetah Q4 2010FOCUS: Web Editor Enhancements 10 11. Web Editor and Framework Web Editor and Framework provides: o In-context editing (Alfresco core product)o Extensible framework for developing in-context extensions (Spring) Simple tool for content editors o Page focusedo Perform daily content activities without the need for a complex client toolo Context driven i.e. what can be done on THIS page? Web Editor Enhancements o Create new contento Delete contento FreeMarker Support 11 12. Web Editor New Content create a new one like this item Type List - e.g. News ArticleCreate a new content of type.....Edit, New, Delete icons Only types on the current page displayed 12 13. Project Swift Q2 2011 FOCUS: Content Authoring & Content Publishing 13 14. Project Swift Content AuthoringContent Publishing User Interface Enhancements Transfero Web Producero Enhanced reportingo Renditions, Images, Associations - Formso Support for transfers in Share - initiatetransfers from Share i.e. within Web Repository Enhancements Producer, and view histories ofo Work Packages transfers. o Composite Content o Alfresco to file system transfer -transfer content to disk similar to theo Dependent Associationscurrent AVM based FSR functionality.o Ordering of Node Associationso Support transferring model elementso Conditional Constraints (type and aspect definitions) Developero Spring Surf14 15. Content Model Enhancements Composite ContentComposite Node To-do List Item Define nested, repeating elements, each oneholding a group of properties Component Node Related Lifecycleo Composite deleted component deleted ComponentAssociationo Composite transferred component transferred o Composite versioned component versionedTasko Composite checked out component checked out CategoryPriority Component Association Development currently in progress 15 16. Content Model Enhancements Dependent Associations News Article 1 News Article 2 Associate one content node withanother in such a way as to imply adependency WCM scenarios where a content itemrelies on another's existence Dependent Actionso A dependent node cannot be deletedDependent DependentAssociation Associationo Transfer dependent nodes are alsotransferred Unlike composites, the image nodemay be referenced by any number ofother nodes e.g. content sharing Image Item(dependant) 16 17. Content Model Enhancements Node (peer) Association Ordering Associations are used extensively within WCM scenarios Currently, child associations can be ordered however peercannot WCM scenarios creating a list of assets e.g.o related content 2o featured products1o categorizations, etc. Peer3Associations 17 18. Web Producer Web Producer A WCM specific user interface withinAlfresco Share A tool for people who Produce Websiteso Create websiteso Manage structure and navigation hierarchieso Work Packageso Content Librarieso Deploymentso Users and groupso Content editorial forms interfaceo Content Preview 18 19. Share New Site Type Collaboration Records ManagementWeb Site Site Site(Web Producer)(DoD 5015.2) 19 20. Work Packages Collaboration and management Editorial Collaborationaround assets for WCM scenarios o no editorial isolation Manage collections of content Permissionsassets as a single entity Workflow driven model o Workflowo Transfer Features Track content changeso Categorieso enabling nodes that are created,o CRUD updated, and deleted to be automaticallyo Workflow recorded against a work package o Search for a Work Package API development in progress 20 21. Web Producer 21 22. Work Packages 22 23. Content Publishing Content Publishing Enhanced reporting Support for transfers within Share Alfresco to file system transfer Support transferral of model elements Support transferral of permissions 23 24. Spring Surf Status Spring Web Script/Surf Code Snippets Stability towards 1.0 release Spring Surf Template Project Spring Surf Roo Addon Documentation Spring Web Script Runtime WCM Quick Start Spring Surf Update Site (in progress)o web application development Roo Addon for Spring CMIS (in progress) Developer Tools Template Project for Spring CMIS (inprogress) Web Script Description Editor Template Project for Spring CMIS + Web Script Package Description Editor Spring Surf (in progress) Web Script Schema Description Editor Web Script FreeMarker Template Editor(in progress) JavaScript Editor Extension (in progress) Build and Package Using Maven 24 25. Thanks! Q and A. 25