alex helps frosty save winter

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Frosty Has a good winter and theres a problem


  • Alex Helps Frosty Save


    By Adrian Malouf

    7.9 English

  • Frosty was snow baking and he looked

    white as ever and he was also making snow


  • When Frosty meets a boy named Alex and they became friends

  • They had a snowball fight.

  • Alex built a snowman by giving Frosty a

    new layer of snow.

  • They rolled down the mountain which

    made them dizzy.

  • But then Frosty hears a loud crack , the mountain was splitting in half.

  • Alex rushes to frosty.

  • Frosty tells Alex about the mountain

    then they think of ways to fix it.

    The Mountain

  • They try gluing it , but didnt work. Then Frosty had an idea.

  • They stuffed it with snow and it worked.

  • And thats how they saved the mountain and winter and Frosty and Alex became good friends.