frosty the snowman frosty the snowman was a jolly happy soul

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  • Frosty the Snowman

  • Frosty the Snowman was a jolly happy soul

  • With a corncob pipe and abutton nose And two eyesmade out of coal.

  • Frosty the SnowmanIs a fairytale they sayHe was made of snowBut the children knowHow he came to life one day

  • There must have been magicIn that old silk hat they found

  • For when the placed it on his headHe began to dance around

  • Frosty the SnowmanWas alive as he could beAnd the children sayHe could laugh and playJust the same as you and me

  • Frosty the snowman Knew the sun was hot that daySo he said lets run And well have some funNow before I melt away

  • Down to the village With a broomstick in his handRunning here and there all around the squareSaying catch me if you can

  • He led them down the streets of townright to the traffic copAnd he only paused a moment whenHe heard him holler stop

  • Frosty the snowmanHad to hurry on his wayBut he waved goodbyeSaying dont you cryIll be back again some day

  • Thumpety thump thumpThumpety thump thumpLook at Frosty go

  • Thumpety thump thump Thumpety thump thump Over the hills and snow

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    Power Points created by:PatriciaMadisonJuliaAverySpencerKatherineCarineMadeleineMimiCarolineElenaLaurenElizabethLillyErin

    Backgrounds and Music:

    I Love WAVsChristmas Corner

    Music Selection and Timing:Mrs. Moody


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