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AIESEC Egypt Reception Booklet


  • 1. General Information ... 3

    2. Visa and Documentation . 4

    3. Cairo International Airport .... 6

    4. Financial Information .. 7

    5. Major Cities ......... 8

    5.1. Cairo ....... 8

    5.2. Alexandria ....... 9

    5.3. Luxor ........ 10

    5.4. Dahab .... 11

    6. Cost Guide . 12

    7. Transportation .. 13

    8. Whether in Egypt . 15

    9. Dress Code ... 16

    10. Culture , Tips and goodies ........... 16

    11. Surviving Tools ... 17

    12. Keys to have a Successful Hosting Period .. 18

    13. National Exchange Quality Board .. 19

    14. Contacts .. 20


    Official Name: Arab Republic of EgyptCapital: CairoGovernment: RepublicCurrency: Egyptian Pound (EGP) (LE)Population: 80,335,036 (July 2007 est.)Religion: Muslim (mostly Sunni) 94% - Coptic, Christian and other 10%

    Language: Arabic (official), English and French understood by educated peopleTotal Area: 1,001,450 km2 / land: 995,450 km2 / water: 6,000 km2Calling Code: 20Time Zone: GMT +2

    Coming to EgyptWHAT?

    Egypt, like many other Middle East countries, has a rich, mysterious past which isnow embarking on an exciting, modern course. But perhaps more than any otherArab Nation, Egypt has a cultural history that is familiar to people around theworld, because the ancient Egyptians have left such magnificent examples of artand architecture.

    The stunning monuments of Ancient Egypt, its beautiful landscapes and its warmpeople never fail to astonish. The warm view and the light of the desertinvigorate. The cool, turquoise waters refresh. A cruise along the world's longestriver dazzles the senses. No place has the magic, mystery and pleasures of Egypt.

    Perhaps the most striking characteristic of Egypt is the way everyone is made tofeel at home. The moment you set foot on Egyptian soil, you experience thistypically Egyptian ease and friendliness. Egypt is a land of friendship and love.Every visitor feels that a part of his country, his culture and his civilization can befound in Egypt. And maybe there is!

    Welcome to this wonderful country! We hope this booklet provides you withmore detailed information about Egypt the mother of all civilizations.

  • Non-Egyptian travelers are required to have a valid passport.

    Entry visas may be obtainedfrom Egyptian Diplomatic andConsular Missions Abroad orfrom the Entry Visa Departmentat the Travel Documents,Immigration and NationalityAdministration (TDINA).

    Please check with your nearest Egyptian Consular mission for more details concerning visa regulations applying to your citizenship.

    Citizens of many countries may obtain a visa on arrival at major points of entry. The single-entry visa fees for the following citizens are as follows:

    BRP 15

    EUR15 / USD15

    USD 15

    AUD 45

    CAD 26

    Citizens of Kuwait can obtain 6-month Residence Permitupon arrival.

    Citizens from:

    Receive a 3 month visa on arrival

    Bahrain, Guinea, South Korea, Libya, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Yemen


  • Malaysian citizens receive a 15 day visa on arrival.

    Citizens of following countries are currently required to have a pre-arrival visa, which must be applied for through an Egyptianconsulate or embassy outside of Egypt:



    Sri LankaSerbiaThailandThe PhilippinesTajikistanTurkmenistanTunisiaUkraineUzbekistanMalaysia (If intending tostay for exceeding 15days)

    And all African countries (except citizens of Guinea and Libya, whodo not require visa).

    Those in possession of a residence permitin Egypt are not required to obtain anentry visa if they leave the country andreturn to it within the validity of theirresidence permit or within six months,whichever period is less.

  • It is the only airport inside Cairo and the main airport in Egypt.

    It has 3 Terminals:

    1st Terminal: For international Airlines that dont have partnership with Egypt Airlines

    2nd Terminal: It is under construction

    3rd Terminal: For all Egypt Air and all the international Airlines that have partnership with Egypt Air

    3. Cairo International Airport

    What to do when you arrive to the airport?

    As soon as you have been matched with any LC, your name is going to be in list of interns coming to Egypt and you are supposed to have a pickup form any of the Reception Team, so you need to get:

    1- The name of the pick up person

    2- His mobile number

    3- The mobile number of the LCVP of the LC you matched with

    What to do when you arrive to the airport?

    Dont go with any Taxi driver, if you know that you are going tohave a pickup.If you didnt find the one waiting for you, go to the Reception Deskand make them call AIESEC on the mic.You can ask any of the people to give you their cell phone to call theLCVP.Always have change to Egyptian pound, dont use your currency ordollars (IF YOU DONT WANT TO PAY A LOT OF MONEY), there is anexchange bank in all terminals.

  • Days and Schedules for Banks

    Sunday Thursday

    9:00 am 3:00 pm

    Day OFFFriday and Saturday

    Day OFFSunday

    Most Shops and Bazaars

    Cooperates and NGOs

    100 EGP 20 EGP

    200 EGP


    There is no bill above 200 EGP , we have (1,5,10,20,50,100,200)

    EGP bills

  • 5. Major Cities

  • Bread (Toast, Loaf) 6 L.E.

    Cheese (Quarter pound) 6 L. E.

    Apples (per kilo) 15 L.E.

    Eggs (per piece) 1 L.E.

    Coffee (Nescafe, 100 gr) 15 L.E.

    Oil (1L) 12 L.E.

    Rice (1 kg) 4,50 L.E.

    Pasta ( 0.4 kg) 3,50 L.E.

    Apartment 800 L.E.

    Insurance on the apartment for 1 year (Down Payment). This amount is returned back to you once you leave the apartment.

    1 Month (Around 2.500 3.500 L.E.)

    Commission (if a broker is needed to get the apartment)

    1/2 Month rent

    Trips around Cairo 400 L.E.

    Food and Beverages 700 L.E.

    Transportation 300 L.E.

    Pre-paid Sim Card 15 L.E.

    Please, remember to bring enough money with you for the firstmonth, until you get paid.

    These amounts may dramatically vary according to how much you are willing to spend.

    Mineral Water (1,5L) 2,50 L.E.

    Coca Cola (1L) 3,50 L.E.

    Kellogs Cornflakes (500 gr) 24 L.E.

    Big Mac at MacDonald's 22 L.E.

    Milk (1 L) 8,5 L.E.

    Cigarettes (Package of Marlboro)

    12 L.E.

  • Tram 0,25 L.E.

    Airport to Downtown 30 to 35 L.E.

    In the cities, taxis are a very safe, cheap and convenient way of getting around. Ithas to be noted that while they are mostly safe there are sometimes fake taxisgoing around, so make sure they have official markings on the dashboard orelsewhere.

    In Alex, the maximum amount of money that youll pay for a taxi is 20 L..E.However theres no meter to tell you how much to pay, so youll have to hagglewith the cabs. Here is a tip: if you want to pay 5 L.E., pay 3 at the beginning andthen haggle your way to the 5.

    Tram: It goes through the whole city, withthe Cornish (the street on the sea side).Note that the first car out of three is forwomen only and the other two are mixed.

    Metro 1 L.E.

    Airport to Downtown 50 to 60 L.E.

    Airport to hotel in Pyramids area

    70 to 80 L.E.

    Downtown to Pyramids 30 L.E.

    Downtown to Khan El Khalili Bazaar

    10 to 15 L.E.

    Downtown to the Citadel 15 L.E.

    Pyramids area to Khan El KhaliliBazaar

    30 to 35 L.E.

    Zamalek to Nasr City 30 to 40 L.E.

    Zamalek to Maadi 25 to 35 L.E.

    In Cairo taxis are black or white.However, only the white ones haverunning meters, so its better totake those in order to avoidarguments. The meters start at2,50 L.E. Generally the best way toknow the right prices from point-to-point is to ask one of theAIESECers for them.

    If you have to take a black one,you try to negotiate the pricebefore taking it.

    English is often spoken by taxi drivers, but as this is not always the case, if you getyour hands on a good English speaking driver it is wise to ask him for a card or aphone number, they can often be available at any time.

  • TIP FOR LADIES: In all Cairo metro trains, the middle two cars (4th and 5th) ofeach train are reserved for women (the 5th car becomes a mixed use after21:00). These cars are used as an option for women who do not wish to ridewith men in the same car; however, women can still ride other cars freely.Cairo Metro Line 1 is the first line of the Cairo Metro in Cairo, connectingHelwan with El Marg and consisting of 33 stations.Cairo Metro Line 2 is the second line of the Cairo Metro in Cairo, from ShoubraEl Kheima to Cairo University, with an extension to Giza.

    A extremely cheap, safe way to get around in Cairo is by Trum (Metro). Thesystem consists of two operational lines, with construction having begun on athird line in 2006. Ticket price is 1 L.E. for each journey, regardless of distance.

    Egyptian streets are ultimately unique inthat they abide by few rules. Driving is notthe same as it is in other countries, wheretraffic lights are a big deal. Crossing thestreet also conforms by few rules, as it isnot necessary for pedestrians to wait for atraffic light to cross. In some places, if youwait, youll never make it to the other end.So, people take the initiative and crossthe street at any point on the road, onelane at a time. Sounds difficult Suicidalperhaps!! Dont worry, youll get the hangof it, its one lane at a time, and you canwait in the middle for the next crossingcar.

    The tricky part is that lanes are not necessarily always adhe