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Agilent TechnologiesStratagene Mx3005P Researchers Making It Happen

Ordering InformationUnited States and CanadaOrder: 800 424 5444 x3 Technical Services: 800 894 1304 x2

Agilent Technologies, Inc. 2009Printed in USA, July 2009 5990-4335EN

Stratagenes Mx3005P QPCR machines have allowed a significant increase in sample throughput due to the simple user interface and multiplexing capabilities.

Unlike laser-based fluorescence systems, the Mx system avoids costly repairs by using a halogen bulb for fluor excitation. Bulb replacement is simple and inexpensive. Also, its small bench footprint and multiple control from a single PC is a significant space saver.

Stratagenes service engineers have never let us down in diagnosing and servicing problems if and when they occur.

Merck Current user of 27 Mx systems

Thank you for your detailed analysis of my data; you were very thorough and forth-coming in helping me understand what might be going on with my results.

Steve Garafalo at Tufts University Referring to the Stratagene Technical Support Team

I ran QPCR today and yesterday and it worked great! The baseline correction algorithms in the MxPro software generate accurate and precise data. Thanks so much for all your help!

Haley SteinerAfter upgrading to our latest software release, MxPro v4.1

Agilents technical service team continually offers tangible value beyond the script and FAQs across product lines in the Stratagene division. They did an exceptional job of scrutinizing several of my run files to help find a problem before there was a real failure.

Sandra Scheiber at USCAfter contacting Stratagene for assistance

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