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Manufacturers and suppliers of Marbles, Granite and Natural Stones. Our products have gained immense popularity across the globe due to features like impeccable finish, exemplary shine & fine texture such as Slate Wall Cladding Tiles, Ledger Stone Cladding Tiles, Interior Wall Cladding Tiles, External Wall Cladding Tiles, Copper Slate Stone Tiles, Deoli Green Slate Stone Tiles, Golden Slate Stone Tiles..


<ul><li> 1. We are amongst the illustrious manufacturer and supplier of Marbles, Graniteand Natural Stones. Our products have gained immense popularity across theglobe due to features like impeccable finish, exemplary shine &amp; fine texture.</li></ul> <p> 2. - Profile -Agarwal Marble &amp; Art Stone is part of Agarwal Marble Group. The Group is thepioneer of Marble Mining in Rajasthan. Owning one of the best mines of whiteIndo-Italian marble, Forest Green Marble. The Group is in the natural stonebusiness.Having good hold in Indian marble slabs market domestic sales, the groupestablished Agarwal Marble &amp; Art Stone in 2003 to focus on export of naturalstone products. The group has deployed state of the art infrastructure toachieve high quality standards.We offer marble, granite, sandstone, slate, limestone in forms of tiles, slabs,mosaics, blocks, floor tiles, wall tiles in various finishes and applications. Thecompany has developed and invested in infrastructure and knowledge to meetthe customer requirements. During the past several years, we have gainedimmense experience of working with diverse clients within India and geographiesaround the world. 3. Wall Cladding Tiles:Wall Cladding tiles are light in weight, durable, easy install &amp; maintain and are sound &amp;weather insulated. These wall claddings are acclaimed for reducing the effects of solarradiation and maintenance-free performance. We manufacture these claddings in varieddesign with finishes and have high quality exterior finish. This may be in any texture likewood or stone etc. Sandstone Wall CladdingExterior Wall CladdingTilesTilesWall Cladding Tiles External Wall Cladding Tiles 4. North Indian Granite:North Indian Granite shades have been praised worldwide. Currently we are exportingaround 30 types of north Indian granite shades and keep on souring new granite colours.North Indian granites are available in varied form as per requirements of clients. All ournorth Indian granite colours are durable and get unmatched quality finish.Chima Pink Granite Tiger Skin GraniteHimalaya Red Granite Copper Silk Granite 5. Slate Stone Tiles:Slate Stone Tiles are known for its extraordinary shine and reflect the color grey, whenused on masse covering roofs. We manufacture these stone using quality materials andsupply them as per standard bases. They are best suitable for flooring, paving, doors andwindow sills, beams, pillars, Paving, Wall Cladding and Stepping Stone in Gardens etc. Copper Slate Stone Tiles Deoli Green Slate Stone Tiles Golden Slate Stone TilesHimachal White SlateTiles 6. Mint White Sandstone:Gwalior Mint Sandstone produced in the area of Gwalior district Madhya Predesh. The rusticcharm of the mint sandstone makes it favorite amongst architects and builders. It exhibitsbeautiful patterns formed by fossil marking on the subtle background. The mint sandstone isextremely hard and tough material. Mint White SandstoneMint Sandstone Steps TilesMint Sandstone WallingMint Sandstone Cobble Sets 7. Teakwood Sandstone:Teakwood Sandstone is a fine grained creamish colored sandstone which bears beautifulpatterns formed by brown veins throughout the surface. The brownish color lends a woodenfinish similar to that of aged wood. This sandstone gives a luxurious feel upon being usedwith sandblasting / bush hammered surface. Teakwood SandstoneTeakwood Sandstone Tiles StepsPool Paving Stone TileTeakwood SandstoneSlabs 8. Kandla Gray Sandstone:Kandla Gray Sandstone is a kind of sandstone in which the quartz grains are cementedtogether by secondary silica calcite. These are supplied with different shades of bluish grey,dark grey and light grey. These tiles are a combination glass &amp; stone that adds aestheticvalue to the decor of the homes.Kandla Grey SandstoneKandla Grey Walling Pavings SandstoneKandla Grey SandstoneSandstone PalisadesSteps 9. Sandstone Blocks:This Sandstone Block is used for construction purposes in homes, hotels, malls, hospitalsand many other places. These Sandstone Blocks are acclaimed for their quality and finish.We manufacture these stone as blocks using quality measures and supply them with polishedto medium tone in order to make it on slippery and ideal for flooring. Mandana Red SandstoneRajgreen SandstoneBlocksBlocks Desert Yellow Brown Grey Sandstone BlocksSandstone Blocks 10. Mandana Red Sandstone:This Mandana Red Sandstone also known as Wine Red Sandstone or Bhilwara-RedSandstone. This stone has quart grains cemented together by secondary silica &amp; calcite. Wemanufacture these stone using quality measures at reasonable price. This stone isparticularly acid proof and does not change color or texture with acid spills etc. Mandana Red SandstoneMandana Red Sandstone Cobbles Circles Mandana Red SandstoneMandana Red Sandstone TilesPalisades 11. Modak Basoda Sandstone:This Modak Basoda Sandstone is also called as Nevada Colorado Sandstone or ModakMulticolor. It is extensively used in making huge landscaping projects, window cills, lintels,kerbs and so on. These sandstones can be offered as per the various requirements of ourclients. These Modak Basoda stones are available at reasonable price and are made usingquality measures.Modak Sandstone TilesModak Sandstone StepsPaving StoneWalling Sandstone 12. Raj Green Sandstone:We are specialized in offering superior quality Raj Green Sandstone to our clients acrossthe nation. These are available in various dimensions and can be customized as per thespecifications of the clients. We offer these to our clients at reasonable prices in themarket.Raj Green Pavings Raj Green SandstoneCobbles Raj Green SandstoneSandstone Crazy TilesSteps 13. Autumn Brown Sandstone:Autumn Brown Sandstone are magical fusion of strength &amp; charm and are having featureslike durable reliable and strong nature. The stones we offer are manufactured as per theclients specification so as to cater their exact needs and requirements. These stones areavailable in brown color which does not change and in various sizes, shapes as per clientrequirements.Autumn Brown SandstoneAutumn Brown SandstoneSteps PavingsGarden Stepping Stone Autumn Brown SandstoneCircle 14. Desert Yellow Brown Sandstone:These Desert Sandstone Blocks are provided in the Yellow Brown color. This stone isparticularly acid proof and does not change color or texture with acid spills etc. This DesertYellow Brown sandstone is suitable for pathways, patios, pavements, window sills, lintels,kerbs, swimming pools etc. Desert Yellow BrownDesert Yellow Brown Sandstone Tiles Steps Desert Yellow Brown Cobbles Sandstone Circle 15. Rippon Buff Sandstone:It is also known as Garda Sandstone. These are Hard in touch &amp; exquisite in look, it is a truegift of Mother Nature. These Rippon Buff Sandstones are used to create enthusiastic andcolorful environment. We manufacture these sand stones using quality materials and aresupplied at reasonable price. These sandstones are made of quality material and havedurable finish. Rippon Buff SandstoneRippon Buff SandstonePavings Circle Buff Sandstone StepsRippon Buff Patio Set 16. Pebble Stones:These Pebble Stones are primarily used for the purpose of landscaping, making pavementsand pathways. These stones are known for fireproof quality, Low maintenance,Customization. These are widely used for exterior and landscaping, these bidasar pebbles issuitable for swimming pool and exterior decoration. These pebble stones are popular fortheir long lasting life and toughness.Forest Brown PebblesRainforest Green Pebbles Rainbow PebblesMarble Pebbles 17. Granite Stones:Granite Stones are provided with great importance in various industries. These GraniteStones are available with us in various colors and specifications as per the clientsrequirements. The range is used for decoration purposes in floorings and walls and isavailable in various enchanting colors.Black Galaxy Granite Desert Brown GraniteRoyal Cream Granites Colombo JuparanaGranite 18. Marble Stones:These Marble Stones are immensely used for enhancing interior decoration of residences,hotels, offices and other commercial establishments. Our products are high on demand inthe market due to their sturdy construction and their strength. We ensure that the productsare high on quality and have a fine finishing before they are sent to the clients. CP Green Marble NH Green Marble Chocolate Brown MarbleOnyx Green Marble 19. Sandstone Slabs:This Sandstone Slabs is used for construction purposes in homes, hotels, malls, hospitals andmany other places. These Sandstone Slabs are acclaimed for their quality and finish. Wemanufacture these stone as blocks using quality measures and supply them with polished tomedium tone in order to make it on slippery and ideal for flooring.Agra Red SandstoneD Pink Sandstone Autumn Brown SandstoneBrigs Sandstone 20. Limestone Slabs:These Limestone slabs are provided in outdoor as well as indoor construction work. Wesupply these slabs at reasonable price as per standards. These are manufactured at Superiorquality limestone is primarily processed using calcium carbonate which is in the form ofcalcite or antagonize. Graphic Blue Natural Graphic Brown NaturalCalcium Limestone Calcium LimestoneGraphic Honey Natural Lime Green LimestoneCalcium Limestone 21. Granite Slabs:Granite Slabs are provided with great importance in various industries. These Granite Slabsare available with us in various colors and specifications as per the clients requirements.These are widely used in flooring, counter tops, pillars, stair cases, colonnades, panelingand facing stone in architectural structures.Rossy Pink GraniteMerry Gold GraniteParadise Bash Granite Jhansi Red Granite 22. Slate And Quartzite:Slate And Quartzite is provide with standard quality and are appreciated by clients for itsavailability in a variety of colors, tile formats and finishes. These can be used effectively inthe bathroom on the walls and floor. Our range is in high demand by our client spread acrossthe globe and can avail at reasonable price. We manufacture and supply these slates atquality measures. Silver Shine Slate Golden Green SlatesCopper SlateKund Multicolor Slate 23. - Company Factsheet -Year of Establishment 1985Nature of BusinessSupplierManufacturerExporterWholesalerTraderTotal Number of26 to 50 PeopleEmployeesMajor Markets Australia/NZIndian SubcontinentEast EuropeCentral AmericaNorth EuropeMiddle EastSouth/West EuropeNorth AmericaPrimary Competitive Experienced R &amp; D DepartmentAdvantage Good Financial Position &amp; TQMLarge Product LineLarge Production CapacityProvide Customized Solutions 24. - Contact Us - Contact Details:Agarwal Marble &amp; Art StoneMr. Vishal GargB - 74- A, Road No. 1 - C, Vishwakarma Industrial AreaJaipur - 302 013, Rajasthan, IndiaWebsite:</p>