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Details about Peter Eastway and Tony Hewitt's Photographic Counsel - Adventures in New Zealand. From the ocean to the high country, from capture to post-production. June 2015.


<ul><li><p>Adventures in NZ - 2016</p><p>With Tony Hewitt and Peter Eastway, AIPP Grand Masters of PhotographyNew Zealands Marlborough Region 8 - 14 June 2016</p><p>From The Ocean To The Mountains:</p><p>Including A Very Special Opportunity To Visit The Remote </p><p>New Zealand High Country</p><p>Adventures In NZPERSONAL PHOTOGRAPHIC COUNSEL</p></li><li><p>Adventures in NZ - 2016</p><p>Our 3rd Trip! Experience A Very Special Landscape In New Zealand With Two AIPP Grand Masters $6995 ex-Nelson/BlenheimEveryone goes to New Zealand to take photo-</p><p>graphs, especially to the south end of the South </p><p>Island, but one of the most photogenic locations </p><p>is up the north end of the South Island - and thats </p><p>where Peter Eastway and Tony Hewitts Adven-</p><p>tures in NZ is being held this 2015.</p><p> Its an undiscovered treasure!</p><p> Peter and Tony are working with Will and Rose </p><p>Parsons of Driftwood Eco Tours. They are locals </p><p>and Will used to be a farmer, so he knows every-</p><p>one and everywhere around the Marlborough </p><p>region and beyond. In fact, its Wills contacts that </p><p>are getting us into the remote New Zealand High </p><p>Country for a unique photographic workshop. We </p><p>will have special access to a working sheep sta-</p><p>tion - in fact, well be staying with a farming family </p><p>(in quaint shearer guest quarters) and photo-</p><p>graphing them as well.</p><p> This Photographic Counsel has been pro-</p><p>grammed to combine both photography and </p><p>post-production. Its one thing to visit a location </p><p>and have a great time, quite another to return </p><p>home with a clear understanding of the tech-</p><p>niques and processes used by two of Australias </p><p>leading professional photographers.</p><p> Well teach you everything from the camera </p><p>skills of landscape photography to the people </p><p>skills of portraiture. And then well show you how </p><p>to edit the images creatively in Photoshop, Light-</p><p>room or Capture One.</p><p> Adventures in NZ is a complete experience and </p><p>by the end of the workshop, youll have a portfolio </p><p>of great photographs to proudly display.</p><p> This is a workshop like no other, seven days </p><p>that will be etched in your memory forever. Dont </p><p>miss out!</p><p>Pine Tree Plantation135mm lens f6.3 @ 1/60 second, Iso 160 </p><p>Telephoto lenses often work best for landscape photo-</p><p>graphs, allowing one to simplify the composition.</p><p>Photo: Tony Hewitt</p><p>Bookings at in the online shop (go to Shop &gt; Workshops) </p><p>For more information, email or phoneKim at - (02) 4388 6851.</p><p>All the locations in this brochure can be visited if the weather and conditions are right. Peter and </p><p>Tony will pick the best options based on their experience and knowledge of the area.</p></li><li><p>Adventures in NZ - 2016</p></li><li><p>Adventures in NZ - 2016</p><p>Every Year Its Different55mm lens f2.8 @ 1/320 second Iso 400</p><p>Theres no guarantee there will be sunshine, </p><p>rain, hail or snow - or even seals - but it </p><p>doesnt matter. Every trip we make, we bring </p><p>home some amazing images. Photo: Tony </p><p>Hewitt.</p></li><li><p>Adventures in NZ - 2016</p></li><li><p>Adventures in NZ - 2016</p><p>Wednesday 8 JuneLow Tide 4:43 p.m. </p><p>Sunset 5.06 p.m.</p><p>Our Photographic Counsel will begin in Nelson in the top </p><p>of the South Island of New Zealand. We can help you work </p><p>out whether to fly in that afternoon or the day before. </p><p>Dont worry about the details just yet, all you need to know </p><p>is that were meeting at the Nelson Airport at 2.00 p.m. for </p><p>pick up.</p><p>From here well drive to Motueka for a photo shoot at the </p><p>wreck of the Janie Seddon with the setting sun. With the </p><p>high tide going out, I am thinking the water will be still be </p><p>all around the wreck and the sun will be hitting the bow </p><p>rather than the stern. Maybe an extra pair of boots just in </p><p>case we walk into the shallows for a closer shot and fingers </p><p>crossed for an interesting sky. Note to self: plastic garbage </p><p>bags wrapped around our boots might solve the challenge!</p><p>That evening well enjoy a bistro meal at the Sprig and Fern </p><p>Tavern. </p><p>Then well drive to Collingwood to overnight at Colling-</p><p>wood Motel and Pioneer Motel.</p><p>The Janie Seddon23mm lens f8 @ 1 second Iso 35</p><p>This is the early morning version, but in the </p><p>afternoon, it would be great to have the </p><p>bow of the wreck in sunlight and the stern in </p><p>shadow. Well have to wait and see!</p><p>Photo: Peter Eastway.</p></li><li><p>Adventures in NZ - 2016</p><p>Thursday 9 JuneLow Tide 7.56 a.m. </p><p>Sunrise 7.48 a.m.</p><p>Sunset 5.08 p.m.</p><p>At 6.15 a.m., well leave Collingwood for Wharariki Beach for </p><p>a sunrise photo shoot. Of course, it will be cold because its </p><p>winter, but dress warmly and you will love this!</p><p>From the carpark in the predawn, well walk through some </p><p>shapely rolling hills and down to the amazing Wharariki </p><p>Beach with its beautiful stone arches and flat, flat sands. We </p><p>should capture plenty of amazing reflections and on the </p><p>walk back, there are more opportunities with those exqui-</p><p>site rolling hills and lone trees.</p><p>Although the sun probably never gets too high at this time </p><p>of the year, we will eventually put our cameras away and </p><p>return to Collingwood for lunch, and for a photo workshop </p><p>at the Court House Caf.</p><p>In the afternoon, well drive to Onekaka Beach to photo-</p><p>graph the remnants of an old wooden wharf at sunset.</p><p>And that evening, well book out the Court House Cafe for </p><p>a wonderful home cooked meal and to listen to some of </p><p>Tonys tall stories and Peters true ones.</p><p>Wharariki Beach23mm lens f8 @ 0.5 second Iso 50</p><p>Fingers crossed for an interesting sky, but </p><p>even if overcast, there will be some great </p><p>reflections to play with on the low tide. </p><p> Photo: Peter Eastway.</p></li><li><p>Adventures in NZ - 2016</p></li><li><p>Adventures in NZ - 2016</p><p>Friday 10 JuneLow Tide 9.01 a.m. </p><p>Sunrise 7.48 a.m.</p><p>Yay! We get to sleep in this morning. Well, sort of! Were </p><p>leaving early for a drive across country to Blenheim, but </p><p>well stop off at an old shop for sunrise, and then high tail </p><p>it so we have time to photograph the Pelorus Valley in the </p><p>afternoon.</p><p>Theres lots to shoot along the way, so keep your cameras </p><p>out. Time permitting, we may also find some winter views </p><p>of the vineyards in the afternoon.</p><p>And if we choose to visit the vineyards tasting shops, you </p><p>can purchase a bottle or two for the exciting back country </p><p>leg of our tour which starts the following day.</p><p>We overnight in Blenheim at the Aston on Main and Blen-</p><p>heim Spa Motel. </p><p>At 7.00 p.m. well have drinks at Gramados followed by a </p><p>meal. Set menu, cash bar.</p><p>Langfords Store, Bainham55mm lens f10 @ 1/10 second Iso 100</p><p>We may have breakfast here again, although </p><p>with the clock ticking, we may also drive on </p><p>for the Pelorus Valley. Photo: Tony Hewitt.</p></li><li><p>Adventures in NZ - 2016</p></li><li><p>Adventures in NZ - 2016</p><p>Saturday 11 JuneLow Tide 6.31 a.m. </p><p>Sunrise 7.47 a.m.</p><p>Were up early for a 7.00 a.m. drive to the White Bluffs for a </p><p>photo shoot at sunrise. Will has special access to this black </p><p>stony beach and the contrast between the water, the rocks </p><p>and the clilffs is sensational. Lots to photograph.</p><p>From here well drive to Yealands Estate, the most amazing </p><p>vineyard youll ever see. Miles upon miles (kilometres upon </p><p>kilometres) of rollling hills covered with vines. There will be </p><p>lots of opportunities for pattern shots, even if most of the </p><p>leaves have fallen.</p><p>And then we hit the high country!</p><p>Our drive up into the Awatere Valley is along narrow roads </p><p>beside deep ravines and there are some incredible land-</p><p>scapes to shoot as we make our way up into New Zealands </p><p>very special high country.</p><p>Our overnight stay is at Willie and Sue Macdonalds prop-</p><p>erty Middlehurst. Meals at the Macdonalds that night - </p><p>country style!</p><p>White Bluffs23mm lens f8 @ 30 seconds Iso 35</p><p>Next time I want to get even closer to the </p><p>rocks and seaweed on the shore. Really look-</p><p>ing forward to shooting this again. </p><p>Photo: Peter Eastway.</p></li><li><p>Adventures in NZ - 2016</p></li><li><p>Adventures in NZ - 2016</p><p>Sunday 12 JuneSunrise 7.52 a.m.</p><p>Sunset 5.01 p.m.</p><p>Well be up early to explore the farming properties and get </p><p>our bearings.</p><p>Today we have two projects to complete.</p><p>First, with the log fire crackling, well spend part of the day </p><p>with our laptops while Tony and Peter run through their </p><p>post-production and Photoshop techniques. The format </p><p>will be up to the group as we will tailor the Counsel to what </p><p>you require. </p><p>The second project is to do a reccy for where were pho-</p><p>tographing the following morning: a sheep muster up in </p><p>the remote NZ high country. This will be an experience you </p><p>wont find anywhere else.</p><p>The idea behind the reccy is to work out where the sun will </p><p>be, where the sheep will be in relation to the background, </p><p>and take a guess at the weather. See how Tony and Peter </p><p>would develop this as a professional shoot - and have your </p><p>own input too!</p><p>And that evening, another wonderful meal with farm house </p><p>hospitality.</p><p>From The Knoll110mm lens f11 @ 1/10 second Iso 35</p><p>Weve found a little hill not far from the road </p><p>with a 360-degree vista for either sunrise or </p><p>sunset. This is just one snippet of the view </p><p>at sunrise and yes, it was cold! Photo: Peter </p><p>Eastway.</p></li><li><p>Adventures in NZ - 2016</p></li><li><p>Adventures in NZ - 2016</p><p>Monday 13 JuneSunrise 7.53 a.m.</p><p>Sunset 5.01 p.m.</p><p>Were up early for one of several hero photographs. Dress </p><p>warmly, bring some gloves and a beanie, and then get </p><p>ready for a really special early morning landscape.</p><p>Last trip, we had a stellar sunrise and after breakfast, we </p><p>photographed a sheep muster. We may do it the other </p><p>way around this time - depending on the weather and </p><p>where the sheep are hiding! This will be FUN!</p><p>After a late breakfast, well return to our classroom for </p><p>more post-production and Photoshop instruction, along </p><p>with some philosophy on seeing and creating amazing </p><p>photographs. Well also discuss environmental portrai-</p><p>ture in readiness for our penultimate shoot...</p><p>That afternoon, well run a portraiture session using </p><p>the local farmers and children with their animals. Were </p><p>not exactly sure whether to shoot in the shearing shed, </p><p>around the family home or a host of small sheds. Lots to </p><p>do!</p><p>Plus another country style dinner and more tales from </p><p>Peter and Tony around the hearth.</p><p>A Real High Country Muster!55mm lens f5.6 @ 1/800 second Iso 100</p><p>The Macdonalds kindly organised a mob of </p><p>sheep for our cameras pleasure. Makes amaz-</p><p>ing video as well with different patterns and </p><p>shapes on the land! Photo: Tony Hewitt.</p></li><li><p>Adventures in NZ - 2016</p></li><li><p>Adventures in NZ - 2016</p><p>Tuesday 14 JuneSunrise 7.53 a.m.</p><p>By now your cameras memory cards should be full of amaz-</p><p>ing information, your laptop full of creatively worked edits, </p><p>and your brains full of ideas and information that have </p><p>transformed you into a better photographer.</p><p>We will be out early for our final shoot and, after a hearty </p><p>breakfast, the photographers will farewell Tony and Peter </p><p>(who are remaining on Middlehurst).</p><p>Will will take you safely back to Blenheim, back down the </p><p>Awatere Valley, with stops along the way to photograph old </p><p>sheds, stone church and farm activities. He knows what to </p><p>photograph as he has done this trip with Peter and Tony </p><p>twice before.</p><p>The Photographic Counsel finishes in the afternoon and we </p><p>will drop you off at your hotel (chances are there wont be a </p><p>plane out of Blenheim when we get back, so youll need to </p><p>arrange the final night at your cost - you may wish to stay </p><p>at the same motel for another night.)</p><p>Hanging Cow Creek110mm lens f5.6 @ 30 seconds Iso 35</p><p>Our road through the Awatere Valley has lots </p><p>of little lookouts to investigate. Well show </p><p>you how to create compositions like this.</p><p>Photo: Peter Eastway.</p></li><li><p>Adventures in NZ - 2016</p></li><li><p>Adventures in NZ - 2016</p></li><li><p>Adventures in NZ - 2016</p><p>What Level Photographer Do I Need To Be?You dont need to be a photographer to come on the workshop, </p><p>but naturally youll get more out of it if you are. We have all levels </p><p>of photographers attending, from seasoned professionals wanting </p><p>to refine their skills to newcomers who need assistance with basic </p><p>camera settings.</p><p>We actually like a range of photographers to attend. The more </p><p>experienced participants invariably help the newcomers, and the </p><p>newcomers give us ideas for things weve forgotten how to shoot.</p><p>One of the things that constantly keeps me grounded, said Peter </p><p>Eastway, is the range of ideas and viewpoints participants bring. </p><p>They see things I dont, so Im learning just as much as everyone </p><p>else. And importantly, it is all done in a positive and encouraging </p><p>environment. Weve been doing this long enough that we dont </p><p>need our egos stroked. What we get a buzz out of is helping other </p><p>photographers capture great photos - our reward is seeing the </p><p>expression on their face when they nail a top shot.</p><p>And on this workshop with these locations, we reckon we can </p><p>guarantee you will take great shots!</p><p>Finding The Details110mm lens f11 @ 1/8 second Iso 35</p><p>Were not sure how many leaves will be left </p><p>on the vines in June, but the patterns will </p><p>still be there. This vineyard is near Blenheim.</p><p>Photo: Peter Eastway.</p></li><li><p>Adventures in NZ - 2016</p><p>How Do You Like To Learn?Everyone has different ways of learning. For some, </p><p>it is sitting back and watching an expert at work, </p><p>noting how he or she positions and uses the </p><p>camera, reacts to the light and the weather, or </p><p>interacts with people to achieve the best posing </p><p>and expression.</p><p>Others like to be given suggestions, to under-</p><p>stand what the experts are seeing and thinking, </p><p>and then left to experiment and discover on their </p><p>own. They are looking for guidance, but not too </p><p>much.</p><p>And yet other photographers like to be shown </p><p>how to find the photograph, how to compose </p><p>the image and what camera settings are required. </p><p>They want help with their camera settings and de-</p><p>tailed instructions on how to frame and compose.</p><p>Different photographers at different stages require </p><p>different levels of assistance and thats fine! Peter </p><p>and Tony provide all three levels of interaction, all </p><p>you have to do is ask. Importantly, you will never </p><p>be made to feel silly because you asked a basic </p><p>question - Peter will say theres a chance Tony </p><p>doesnt know the answer either! </p><p>Both Peter and Tony will be shooting as well. </p><p>They are just as passionate as you are about their </p><p>photography, so they want to capture their own </p><p>images. They also feel it is important to practice </p><p>what they preach and show participants what </p><p>they have found. </p><p>However, they are very aware that their primary </p><p>role is to act as your instructor and guide. And </p><p>they want you to return on other workshops or </p><p>trips, which you will only do if you are happy. So, </p><p>please dont be shy to ask for help at any time and </p><p>it will be cheerfully provided with a smile!</p><p>The Stars At Night!14mm lens f2.8 @ 30 seconds Iso 3200</p><p>We may have to get up early for shots like this </p><p>as the moon is nearly full earlier in the night. </p><p>On the other hand, there could be some </p><p>great moonlit landscapes to explore. </p><p>Photo: Peter Eastway.</p></li><li><p>Adventures in NZ - 2016</p></li><li><p>Adventures in NZ - 2016</p></li><li><p>Adventures in NZ - 2016</p><p>Peter EastwayG.m. PhotoG., fnZIPP, hon fAIPP, hfnZIPP, fAIPP</p><p>Sydney-based photographer Peter Eastway is a Grand Master of Photography and a two time winner of the </p><p>AIPP Australian Professional Photographer of the Year. Known best for his landscape and travel photog-</p><p>raphy, he...</p></li></ul>