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Details about Peter Eastway and Tony Hewitt's Photographic Counsel - Adventures in New Zealand. From the ocean to the high country, from capture to post-production. June 2015.


  • Adventures in NZ - 2016

    With Tony Hewitt and Peter Eastway, AIPP Grand Masters of PhotographyNew Zealands Marlborough Region 8 - 14 June 2016

    From The Ocean To The Mountains:

    Including A Very Special Opportunity To Visit The Remote

    New Zealand High Country


  • Adventures in NZ - 2016

    Our 3rd Trip! Experience A Very Special Landscape In New Zealand With Two AIPP Grand Masters $6995 ex-Nelson/BlenheimEveryone goes to New Zealand to take photo-

    graphs, especially to the south end of the South

    Island, but one of the most photogenic locations

    is up the north end of the South Island - and thats

    where Peter Eastway and Tony Hewitts Adven-

    tures in NZ is being held this 2015.

    Its an undiscovered treasure!

    Peter and Tony are working with Will and Rose

    Parsons of Driftwood Eco Tours. They are locals

    and Will used to be a farmer, so he knows every-

    one and everywhere around the Marlborough

    region and beyond. In fact, its Wills contacts that

    are getting us into the remote New Zealand High

    Country for a unique photographic workshop. We

    will have special access to a working sheep sta-

    tion - in fact, well be staying with a farming family

    (in quaint shearer guest quarters) and photo-

    graphing them as well.

    This Photographic Counsel has been pro-

    grammed to combine both photography and

    post-production. Its one thing to visit a location

    and have a great time, quite another to return

    home with a clear understanding of the tech-

    niques and processes used by two of Australias

    leading professional photographers.

    Well teach you everything from the camera

    skills of landscape photography to the people

    skills of portraiture. And then well show you how

    to edit the images creatively in Photoshop, Light-

    room or Capture One.

    Adventures in NZ is a complete experience and

    by the end of the workshop, youll have a portfolio

    of great photographs to proudly display.

    This is a workshop like no other, seven days

    that will be etched in your memory forever. Dont

    miss out!

    Pine Tree Plantation135mm lens f6.3 @ 1/60 second, Iso 160

    Telephoto lenses often work best for landscape photo-

    graphs, allowing one to simplify the composition.

    Photo: Tony Hewitt

    Bookings at in the online shop (go to Shop > Workshops)

    For more information, email or phoneKim at - (02) 4388 6851.

    All the locations in this brochure can be visited if the weather and conditions are right. Peter and

    Tony will pick the best options based on their experience and knowledge of the area.

  • Adventures in NZ - 2016

  • Adventures in NZ - 2016

    Every Year Its Different55mm lens f2.8 @ 1/320 second Iso 400

    Theres no guarantee there will be sunshine,

    rain, hail or snow - or even seals - but it

    doesnt matter. Every trip we make, we bring

    home some amazing images. Photo: Tony


  • Adventures in NZ - 2016

  • Adventures in NZ - 2016

    Wednesday 8 JuneLow Tide 4:43 p.m.

    Sunset 5.06 p.m.

    Our Photographic Counsel will begin in Nelson in the top

    of the South Island of New Zealand. We can help you work

    out whether to fly in that afternoon or the day before.

    Dont worry about the details just yet, all you need to know

    is that were meeting at the Nelson Airport at 2.00 p.m. for

    pick up.

    From here well drive to Motueka for a photo shoot at the

    wreck of the Janie Seddon with the setting sun. With the

    high tide going out, I am thinking the water will be still be

    all around the wreck and the sun will be hitting the bow

    rather than the stern. Maybe an extra pair of boots just in

    case we walk into the shallows for a closer shot and fingers

    crossed for an interesting sky. Note to self: plastic garbage

    bags wrapped around our boots might solve the challenge!

    That evening well enjoy a bistro meal at the Sprig and Fern


    Then well drive to Collingwood to overnight at Colling-

    wood Motel and Pioneer Motel.

    The Janie Seddon23mm lens f8 @ 1 second Iso 35

    This is the early morning version, but in the

    afternoon, it would be great to have the

    bow of the wreck in sunlight and the stern in

    shadow. Well have to wait and see!

    Photo: Peter Eastway.

  • Adventures in NZ - 2016

    Thursday 9 JuneLow Tide 7.56 a.m.

    Sunrise 7.48 a.m.

    Sunset 5.08 p.m.

    At 6.15 a.m., well leave Collingwood for Wharariki Beach for

    a sunrise photo shoot. Of course, it will be cold because its

    winter, but dress warmly and you will love this!

    From the carpark in the predawn, well walk through some

    shapely rolling hills and down to the amazing Wharariki

    Beach with its beautiful stone arches and flat, flat sands. We

    should capture plenty of amazing reflections and on the

    walk back, there are more opportunities with those exqui-

    site rolling hills and lone trees.

    Although the sun probably never gets too high at this time

    of the year, we will eventually put our cameras away and

    return to Collingwood for lunch, and for a photo workshop

    at the Court House Caf.

    In the afternoon, well drive to Onekaka Beach to photo-

    graph the remnants of an old wooden wharf at sunset.

    And that evening, well book out the Court House Cafe for

    a wonderful home cooked meal and to listen to some of

    Tonys tall stories and Peters true ones.

    Wharariki Beach23mm lens f8 @ 0.5 second Iso 50

    Fingers crossed for an interesting sky, but

    even if overcast, there will be some great

    reflections to play with on the low tide.

    Photo: Peter Eastway.

  • Adventures in NZ - 2016

  • Adventures in NZ - 2016

    Friday 10 JuneLow Tide 9.01 a.m.

    Sunrise 7.48 a.m.

    Yay! We get to sleep in this morning. Well, sort of! Were

    leaving early for a drive across country to Blenheim, but

    well stop off at an old shop for sunrise, and then high tail

    it so we have time to photograph the Pelorus Valley in the


    Theres lots to shoot along the way, so keep your cameras

    out. Time permitting, we may also find some winter views

    of the vineyards in the afternoon.

    And if we choose to visit the vineyards tasting shops, you

    can purchase a bottle or two for the exciting back country

    leg of our tour which starts the following day.

    We overnight in Blenheim at the Aston on Main and Blen-

    heim Spa Motel.

    At 7.00 p.m. well have drinks at Gramados followed by a

    meal. Set menu, cash bar.

    Langfords Store, Bainham55mm lens f10 @ 1/10 second Iso 100

    We may have breakfast here again, although

    with the clock ticking, we may also drive on

    for the Pelorus Valley. Photo: Tony Hewitt.

  • Adventures in NZ - 2016

  • Adventures in NZ - 2016

    Saturday 11 JuneLow Tide 6.31 a.m.

    Sunrise 7.47 a.m.

    Were up early for a 7.00 a.m. drive to the White Bluffs for a

    photo shoot at sunrise. Will has special access to this black

    stony beach and the contrast between the water, the rocks

    and the clilffs is sensational. Lots to photograph.

    From here well drive to Yealands Estate, the most amazing

    vineyard youll ever see. Miles upon miles (kilometres upon

    kilometres) of rollling hills covered with vines. There will be

    lots of opportunities for pattern shots, even if most of the

    leaves have fallen.

    And then we hit the high country!

    Our drive up into the Awatere Valley is along narrow roads

    beside deep ravines and there are some incredible land-

    scapes to shoot as we make our way up into New Zealands

    very special high country.

    Our overnight stay is at Willie and Sue Macdonalds prop-

    erty Middlehurst. Meals at the Macdonalds that night -

    country style!

    White Bluffs23mm lens f8 @ 30 seconds Iso 35

    Next time I want to get even closer to the

    rocks and seaweed on the shore. Really look-

    ing forward to shooting this again.

    Photo: Peter Eastway.

  • Adventures in NZ - 2016

  • Adventures in NZ - 2016

    Sunday 12 JuneSunrise 7.52 a.m.

    Sunset 5.01 p.m.

    Well be up early to explore the farming properties and get

    our bearings.

    Today we have two projects to complete.

    First, with the log fire crackling, well spend part of the day

    with our laptops while Tony and Peter run through their

    post-production and Photoshop techniques. The format

    will be up to the group as we will tailor the Counsel to what

    you require.

    The second project is to do a reccy for where were pho-

    tographing the following morning: a sheep muster up in

    the remote NZ high country. This will be an experience you

    wont find anywhere else.

    The idea behind the reccy is to work out where the sun will

    be, where the sheep will be in relation to the background,

    and take a guess at the weather. See how Tony and Peter

    would develop this as a professional shoot - and have your

    own input too!

    And that evening, another wonderful meal with farm house


    From The Knoll110mm lens f11 @ 1/10 second Iso 35

    Weve found a little hill not far from the road

    with a 360-degree vista for either sunrise or