Acrostics - "Confessions of a Coward"

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  1. 1. ACROSTICS:“Confessions ofa Coward” Endonila, John Cyril B. BSMT – 2C Humanities 13 – World Classics August 2, 2015 Mr. Jaime Cabrera Centro Escolar University - Manila, Philippines Caring person like you is all I need You are such a treasure indeed Reaching for you is impossible it seems Is dreaming all I could ever do? Love me, can you? Like I do to you Eternal love, I can’t give Nor the stars beyond the sky Do everything I can, so my love for you would live Oh, I hope this feeling won’t pass by No, I’ll still hold on to you even if you don’t know I know this feelings needs to be known Let my love be known to her you say? As if I have the courage to say