accessibility for all ages and abilities: opportunities for austin

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Accessibility for All Ages and Abilities: Opportunities for Austin. Billy Fields Assistant Professor Political Science. Presentation Overview. All Ages/All Abilities: paradigm c hange Complete streets: tool for culture c hange Building a network for Austin: p reliminary thoughts . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Accessibility for All Ages and Abilities: Opportunities for Austin

Accessibility for All Ages and Abilities: Opportunities for Austin Billy FieldsAssistant Professor Political Science

Presentation OverviewAll Ages/All Abilities: paradigm changeComplete streets: tool for culture change Building a network for Austin: preliminary thoughts All Ages/All Abilities: Paradigm ChangeTransportation access for people of all ages and abilities vital for healthy communitiesCurrent system focused on automobiles for mobility Problem: 30% of overall pop. can not or chooses not to drive (Millar and Sundquist 2012)Need to move from providing for mobility to accessibilityChange involves thinking more broadly about transportation options and land useAll Ages/All Abilities: Paradigm ChangeMovement for change: complete streetsComplete streets designed to provide safe access to destinations for everyone, regardless of age, ability, income, ethnicity or how they travel (Seskin and Gordon-Koven, 2013, p. 1)Movement growingComplete Streets Policy Adoption in the U.S.U.S. Level of GovernmentNumber of Complete Streets PoliciesCity412County39Metropolitan Planning Organization45State29Federal0Total525Source: Snyder (2013)All Ages/All Abilities: Paradigm ChangeWhat would complete streets network look like?System would: Provide a network of sidewalks for local tripsCreate safe crossings to connect sidewalksProvide access to transit for longer tripsCreate a high-comfort network of bicycle facilitiesExample: half of all trips for Dutch and German citizens over 75 by bicycle (Pucher and Dijkstra 2003) Complete Streets: Tool for Culture ChangeDespite progress, complete streets contestedIn studies of Minneapolis and Louisiana common theme: culture change process at DOT/DPW crucial

Respondent Descriptions of LA DOTD Culture Complete Streets: Tool for Culture ChangeResearch findings: overcoming bureaucratic inertia requires coalition building and engagement Matches Innovative DOT findings. Requires:1. Collaborative culture within the organization2. Diverse stakeholders in process3. Breaking down silos4. Focus on where decisions are made within the organization5. Focus on opportunities for reform Millar and Sundquist (2012)

Austin: All Ages Network Framework? Basic All Ages/Abilities Network ComponentsBicycling network:Off-road network of trails and greenwaysNeighborhood greenways (bike boulevards) and cycle tracksWalking network:Sidewalk networkImproved crossingsAccess to transit optionsPreliminary Thoughts on All Ages/Abilities Network for AustinDespite 45.8 miles of greenbelts, Austin lacks a connected transportation greenway networkOpportunities for neighborhood greenways and cycle tracks could create connectionsLack of sidewalks in Austin significant problemExample: walking with my 4 year old on streets without sidewalksCoalition building across sectors vital: public health, age-friendly communities, planners, cyclists and othersThank You! Billy FieldsAssistant Professor Political Science


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