A New SEO Strategy SEO Trends for 2016

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  • A New SEO Strategy: SEO Trends for 2016

  • Its 2016.2015 predictions

  • #1

    Site that arent optimised for mobile will fail.

  • #2

    60% increase seen in voice search over 2015**Credit: Local Search Association

  • Image: jeffbullas.com

  • #3

    Structured Data will play a bigger role in search than ever.

  • Google Authorship axed! Google Local 7 pack axed!

  • So, what about 2016?

  • The Year of the Audience.

  • Place your screenshot here

    Google search in the Year 2000.Focuses on links between pages to identify relevancy to a search


  • How to spam the web.


  • Not the search engine we deserve, but the search engine we need.

  • Local pack/Map listings.

    Map block.

    Sort buttons.

  • News Block.

    Twitter Block.

  • Personalised search, or at least, I think it is.

    Because, what does this have to do with this?

  • Mobiles, tablets and the future

  • So, how does the affect the audience?

  • So, what do we, as website owners, focus on? Anything but the audience!

  • Keywords and searches!

  • Hey Joe, whats

    happened to our keyword


  • Now, back to that audience I was telling you about.

  • With that in mind, how does audience behaviour become an SEO issue???

  • *Stat from Experienced



  • User Experience Metrics.

  • Measuring CTRs.

  • Head to Google Search Console and start checking out the CTRs.

  • Long Vs Short Clicks.

  • Lead people into a journey. Deliver clear UX.

  • Avoid! Avoid! Avoid!!

  • We Need More Speed!

    % of visitors who will abandon a site if loading takes longer than 3 seconds!

  • Just 1 second in loading time decreases conversions by 7%.

    Search google page

    speed test

    Page Speed Tests.

  • Content Gap Fulfilment

    Do these fill the

    knowledge gap

    requested by the user?

  • Shouting from the rooftops!

  • How to leverage social.

    Sharing Links on


    Distributing Across


  • Task Completion.

  • Minimalise Design.

  • Mobile Experience.

    Search: google

    mobile friendly

  • Responsive Web Design.

    Mobile sites or responsive design?

    Content over Chrome?

    Long pages and scrolling?

  • Mobile Conversion Optimisation.

  • AMPS Accelerated Mobile Pages.

    Super fast mobile load


    Limited HTML tags!

    Streamlined CSS!

    Minimal JavaScript!

  • Local search.

  • Get yourself a map pin!

  • Shake up the snack pack.

    Snack pack. Yum.

    Not a snack pack.

  • % of searches

    that include

    some element of

    semantic search.

  • Why do we see stars and thumbnails under certain search listings?

  • What type of markup can we get?

  • Appy apps.

  • Where to find information on Structured Data.

    Search: google structured data

  • Markup is not complex and can be tested with the markup helper.

  • Ask a question, get an answer.

  • You might not want to appear for that answer, but what about this one?

  • Knowledge Graph Optimisation.

    Use structured data.

    Find a topic thats relevant to you and that you can provide an

    answer for.

    Structure your content in a user friendly way.

    Use how-to.

    Implement existing SEO such as on-page optimisation and

    cross-linking with relevant themes.

  • How to optimise for voice search?

  • How to optimise for voice search?

  • RankBrain. Is. Skynet.

  • How will it learn to rank results?

    Credit: MOZ

  • We need to continue structuring our data

  • We need to continue providing the best experience for our user.

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