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This silde is about a coutry wedding ceremony. Here we share the best rustic wedding ideas with you. Hope that you like it.


<ul><li> 1. A Minnesota Farm Flower Wedding</li></ul> <p> 2. Thanks to the photographer who took thosegorgeous photos that engraved the historicalmoment. Today the romance are between a newcouple- Steve and Lara. Today let me share thesweet moment with you . The leading roles of ourstory finally decided that it was time for them toconfirm their life-long companionship after theylived in Phuket, Thailand. Like the most girls, thebride was looking forward to a romantic event,so they set the background at a flower farm---Minnesota. 3. When we asked the bride how she could come up with such a greatMinnesota wedding ideas, she replied that before the event , shesat down with the groom at the patio, discussing and make a list ofwhat kind of wedding she would like to have . The wedding ideacame from the new concept when city meets country, whenbustle meets peace---so we settled our ceremony in a peacefulenvironment ----a flower farm in the countryside where it is quiteand romantic. Whats more ,for such a rustic wedding, we preferredto blend those simple and classical elements into it, at the sametime , we wanted to take the chance to show our sincerelygratitude to our friends and family for their help and guide thatmake us to become who we are. Picture Source: http://www.stylesprom.com/prom-dresses-2013-c-2/ 4. We hoped that our event would be organic.Although we do love our co-ops, what we reallymeant by that was that we wanted everythingabout our wedding day to organically unfold andfeel relaxed and natural. Actually, we didnt havea definite theme for the wedding ceremony, butthanks to the efforts of all people, the eventfinally turned out to be a beautiful one. Withflower decorated and other natural sceneryaround us, we finally achieved a totally naturaltone and vision. 5. We choose unique DIYwedding invitations. Theteal crafts were designed byourselves. We draw themaps of wedding occasionson the papers so our guestswould learn the weddingtheme and weddingarrangement at first sight. 6. I picked a floral weddinggown with chapel train. Thegorgeous gown turned outto be a great match to thegreen background andwhite bouquets. 7. The affordable bridesmaiddresses were purchasedfrom an online shopstylesprom where variousitems were provided atdiscount prices. 8. We placed beautiful peoniesat table. Whats more ,in orderto make the occasion better,we adopted the idea of papercranes---which is thought as asymbol of happiness and luckin Oriental areas. We placedthem on an antique yoke. After the ceremony, we set offthe kong ming lattern ,whichentrusted our hope and lovefor the future. 9. To learn more about thisstory, please visithttp://ruffledblog.com/minnesota-flower-farm-wedding/ Related Reading:Affordable Prom Dresses</p>