9 secrets to fast and easy ebooks that sell

Download 9 Secrets to Fast and Easy Ebooks that Sell

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Discover how to set your ebook up for sales success--as well as a quick and painless way to write your ebook content…even if you hate to write!


  • 1. 9 Secrets to Fast & Easy Ebooks that Sell
    Tracy Needham
    Copywriter & Marketing Coach

2. Ebooks Are Staying Alive!
3. Why? Advantages for
4. 5 Benefits of Having an Ebook
Establish Yourself as an Expert
Build Your List
Through Your Own Site
Through Others Giveaways
Upsell to Bigger Ticket Items
Increase the Value of Other Products & Services
Boost Your Income
5. Top 4 Reasons Why Ebooks Fail
Bad Topic
Bad Title
Bad Content
Bad Marketing
6. Secret #1
People Dont Buy Ebooks,
7. Top 3 Reasons People Buy an Ebook
Make Money
Save Money
Save Time
(And since time is money,
it all comes back to money, doesnt it?!)
8. Want Proof?
Visit any major ebook marketplace or
statistics site & see what the top sellers are!

  • ClickBank.com

9. CBTrends.com 10. Paydotcom.com 11. E-Junkie.com